Top 5 Best Online Form Builder Software In 2021


Form builder software is an application that creates job-specific and customizable forms for all the departments and units need. Form builder software helps business people and companies to record, edit maintain, and adjust the forms. They modify and update their forms depending upon the need and specifications of the user. Form builder software helps us to create forms flexibly with drag and drop interface. These are tools that help make different files, including surveys, questionnaires, different forms, quizzes, etc. They help the companies in creating the desired forms as they want in whatever customization they want.

Why should you adopt form builder software in 2021?

Form builder software is essential for businessman and companies as it helps in many ways:

Simple To Create

With the help of a form builder tool, we can create a customizable and the desired form. For this, we don’t need to know any coding or computer language.

Form Builder Tool

There are many forms of builder tools available. Some have subscriptions that mean charges and some are freely available.

Safe Data Collection

Online forms provide high security as they do not leak out your details. It provides transparency and safety to your data.

Increased Credibility

the online form should be designed properly as it becomes the credibility of your business. It should be designed properly so that the visitors who visit the page get attracted towards it.

Boosts Conversions

Online transactions can cause issues from both ends but the online form if design properly definitely calls for action.

Optimize Management

When your form is created in the desired way as you want, it becomes easy to manage.

Top 5 Best Online Form Builder Software In 2021


Formget is an easy tool to drag and drop contact form building software. You have to add up on the tools you want to select in the form, and then your desired form will be ready. It helps its customers in creating analyzing the form properly. They help its customers create the desired forms, including quizzes service and all customizable forms.


  • They are easy in adding, editing, and re-submitting the forms.
  • We can add customizable options on the form.
  • It allows adding JPG to PNG zip-type format on their form.
  • Contact forms are very responsive that it easily works with mobile devices, be it android or iPhones, desktop, etc.
  • One time you can create multiple customizable contact forms.
  • It is fast to work, faster to load, and fastest to integrate.
  • It also provides with multi-language styles.


Formget offers you a prepaid plan with excellent features that help you in creating beautiful customize form. Here is the list of a prepaid plan.

  • Starter–  Starter plan is available at $7 per month.
  • Pro– Pro plan is available at $79 per month and offers you unlimited form, 15 payment accounts, 7GB file uploads and, many more features.
  • Rookie– It is available at $35 per month with this plan you get 25 forms, 5 payment account, 2GB file uploads, and 5 users.
  • Advance– The advance plan is available at $99 per month with this form you get unlimited forms, unlimited submission, 20 payment account,10 GB file upload, and unlimited users.

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Wufoo is an online application tool which helps the users in creating the desired forms. When we design a form in Wufoo, it builds the database, backends the forms and the scripts needed to collect and understand your data in an easy, fast and fun way. There is no coding required while filling the form. Wufoo was acquired by SurveyMonkey, the leader in web-based survey solutions, to help complement their growing suite of services to offer amazing data collections tools to their customers.


  • Analytics and Reporting- It helps find out how the customers are reporting and responding to the forms.
  • Customer support provides easy support to its customers when they face any issue while filling up the form.
  • Mobiles- you can use this tool on your mobile phone’s desktop any devices. All the reports, templates, and entries are easily accessible.
  • Social sharing- It enables social sharing in all the applications. You can easily share your forms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. Copy and paste code snippets will help you in embedding your software into website, blogpost etc. It provides tools which easily help to drag and drop the form.


Wufoo also offers a free plan, but you can create only 3 forms in the free plan. The paid plan of the Wufoo offers you unlimited form and unlimited entries.

  • Starter– The starter plan is available at $14 per month, and you can get features like confirmation email, customize branding.
  • Professional– The cost of a professional plan is $29 per month you can get features like collect payment, secure your form, additional users, and unlimited form
  • Advance– The advance plan is available at $74 per month, and it offers you file storage, API request, and increase your mac entries.
  • Unlimited– Unlimited form is available at 180 $3 per month under this you get exciting advance features.

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Zoho Form

Zoho form is excellent form builder software; it helps you create an online form and share them online. It simplifies the complexity of data collection and storing. It supports both ios and android app, and it also supports WordPress plugin. Zoho form helps you to build a unique customize form. For easy access to data, Zoho forms use a cloud computing system for storing data. The topmost purity of Zoho forms is to create an easy user interface. Zoho form software solves all your business problems as it handles all your problems smoothly.


Zoho form offers you excellent features, and they are as follow:

  • You can create beautiful customized form according to your need in Zoho form by using customizable themes.
  • It collects all the data and helps you embed forms on your website, and it shares a link on Facebook, email campaign, and target public.
  • It notifies you about all emails, SMS, and a new record on your online form.
  • It views all the updates on your online form and properly analyzes them and then export it to you.
  • It allows you to create online and offline forms and solve all the graphical problems and statistics like conversion rate and error scores.
  • It integrates with the google calendars, Quickbooks, outlook and CRM.
  • Zoho sites, Zoho Survey, Zoho mail, Zoho Docs, and Zoho campaign, etc. all are the product of Zoho.


Zoho form offer paid subscription to you at affordable rates and also offer you a free trial. Here is a list of all the paid plans of Zoho form.

  • Basic–  For this plan, you have to spend rupees 480 per month. It offers amazing features like 1 user, 500 MB storage, built-in and custom themes, unlimited reports, unlimited forms, 10000 submit and payment integration.
  • Standard–  for this plan you have to spend rupees 1200 per month and get amazing features like 10 users, unlimited reports, 2 GB storage, 25000 submissions/month, payment integration, unlimited forms, and built-in and custom themes, and task.
  • Professional– This plan is available at 2400 rupees per month. It gets exciting features like 25 users, unlimited forms, unlimited reports, 5 GB storage, 75000 submissions/ month, built-in and custom themes, and payment integration.
  • Premium– You can get the premium plan at rupees 4800 per month and get features live 100 users, unlimited report unlimited form, 10 GB storage 15000 submission month, building and custom themes, payment integration and approval.

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Jotform is one of the best form builder software. It is 100% mobile-friendly software. It offers more than 10000 templates and 40 themes and allows user to build free customize online form without coding. B2B SaaS tools of Jotform allow all the companies to automate all the paperwork online. Jotform is faster form builder software than Google form and Wufoo. It also helps add a logo and offer you various widgets like validating email, collect signature, progress bar, and many more.


JotForm integrates with cloud storage CRM and email marketing list. It also allows you to integrate with dozens of form which you use.

  • It offers you advanced features like a variety of widget, sends confirmation emails, and schedule calendar event.
  • It uses 256- bit SSL encrypted connection to secure your data.
  • It offers you 24/7 customers service to solve all your queries.
  • It provides you Paypal, and much more payment gateway to simplify your payment process.


The pricing policy of JotForm. It offers a free plan and paid plan at reasonable rates.

  • Starter– Starter plan is available at free of cost. With this form, you get 5 forms of 100 monthly submissions and 100 MB available space.
  • Bronze– For bronze plan, you have to spend $24 per month and you will get25 form, 1000 monthly submission 10 GB available space.
  • Silver– You have to pay $29 per month for this form, and you will get 100 forms, 10,000 monthly submissions, 100 GB.
  • Gold–  For gold plan, you have to pay $79 per month and get unlimited forms, 100000 monthly submissions, and 1TB space.

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Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is one of the leading online form builder software that helps you create different types of unlimited forms without coding the data. Forms like registration form, survey form, and payment form. For making easy interface, it integrates with the Stripe and Zapier. Cognito form offers amazing features like conditional logic, repeating section, plus process payments, and file upload, etc.


It offers you amazing features that help you in solving all your business problem. Problem likes graphical analysis and statistics.

  • Easy user interface.
  • Cognito form is mobile-friendly software, and it is easy in use. You can easily create a form without coding.
  • Helps in collecting electronic signatures.
  • Create a customized form by using thousands of template and theme. It helps you in creating a beautiful form that attracts the general public.
  • It uses data encryption to protect the data of your form and keep your data secure.
  • It integrates with the Microsoft power automate, Zapier, Stripe, and many more to access all the app you are using.
  • It helps in publishing customize forms on your blogs, and it also helps in sharing your form on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and the general public.


Cognito form offers you both free, and subscription plan with amazing features and they are as follows.

  • Individual– The cost of an individual plan is free. It is available for one user and 500 entries/month.
  • Pro– The cost of the pro plan is $10 per month. It is available for two users, and 2000 entries/month.
  • Team– The cost of the team plan is just $24 per month. It is available for 5 users, and 10000 entry per month.
  • Enterprise– The enterprise plan cost is only $99 per month; it is available for 50 users and unlimited entries.

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Final Words

As we find a wide range of form-building software is available in the market, and each of them is unique in itself. To save your energy, time, and effort, we have listed the best 5 online form building software after testing many online form builder software. We provide you with all the details information about the best online form builder software’s features and pricing. You can choose any of the software that suits your need and help. But before buying, it is important to check the features of online form builder software and visit the company website and read the reviews of customer that will help you choose the best online form builder software.


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