Pathfix Review: Instant OAuth Integrations

Pathfix review

Get quick OAuth communions to any forum without organizing servers, building frameworks, or installing SDK’s. OAuth integrations got simpler with Pathfix, with OAuth elaborateness facilitated through a proxy solution. 

Understand the complexness that appears with OAuth integrations; exhausting right?

You might be expending months on a framework for OAuth token management and conserving servers but with this tool, you can effortlessly govern OAuth Integration, authentication, and appointment for your audience between applications, in minutes.

Pathfix assists you to facilitate the whole OAuth integration technique so that you can give attention to creating your SaaS. No servers to control, no frameworks to make or SDK’s to download; save over 450+ developer hours per integration.

Although, the software provides integration to its potential users and arrives with simple deployment that preserves development time. Pathfix enables a seamless communion between your applications and any provider in only 5 minutes. Presently, you have one connection to govern all integrations

Pathfix deals with end-user approval and communication between applications. A platform that is creative, secure, and the speediest way to hook up and deliver messages to any firm.

What is Pathfix?


Pathfix is a serverless OAuth proxy platform that enables the difficulty of OAuth depend messaging and OAuth token management for its audiences. PathFix offers instant integration to any platform. It gets easily link to multiple service providers with the Pathfix OAuth proxy platform in minutes.

However, this software is equipped with an exact OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 system that deals with method calls, punching API calls, and refresh tokens from the fact the clients click the integration switch on the app. 

The audience is not required to uphold servers and data models to compile their customer id, access tokens, and customer secret as the software stores and organizes them for the users in an encrypted info stock. 

The software offers its users secure messages and communions while maintaining the encryption algorithms adequately in a spot using exacting penetration, as well as susceptibility audits.

This assures that the associations always stay conserved. Users can agree on what messages are to be mailed from their app to the client’s connection.

Pathfix Features

One Connection that oversees all your OAuth integrations: Add your proposal and connect to any provider in a minute without burden.

  • End-user authorization, messages are pushed or pulled from any platform.
  • Rest API established calls to Pathfix.
  • Safe and flexible.
  • Pathfix manages SDK’s, token administration network, and frameworks.

Powerful & Secure OAuth Connections: All OAuth connected safety frameworks and encryptions are holds, core program can now be the point on.

  • Data Encryption At-Rest and In-Transit.
  • Absolute Security Management.
  • Information engine and log monitoring system.

Trusted & Scalable: The whole care and administration of all OAuth provider communions are dealt with by Pathfix as no necessity to install SDK.

  • The annual uptime percentage of 99.5% is insured.
  • Confirmation and message delivery have low latency.
  • Binds to many providers as you like, you don’t need to concern about infrastructure.

What’s the Difference between Pathfix, PieSync, SyncSpider & Zapier?

Sure, just put Zapier, Syncspyder, and Piesync are all workflow automation tools. It is particularly used for inner, you would require an account to way and set up the automation for all your tools. It’s not developed for your end-users. 

However, you can propose the ‘integration’ to Zapier, but your Client will require an account with Zapier to put up the automation.

Pathfix enables you to give born integrations to your customers, immediately from your SaaS. e.g., requesting your user’s integration to Zapier through your program.

What PathFix Offers You?

Connect Without Managing Infrastructure

One link with manage all your OAuth integrations never bothers about upholding servers and data models to stock your customer id, customer secret, and access tokens.

Pathfix stores and governs them for you within an encrypted data store. They have facilitated the whole OAuth complexness with a proxy solution. Add your application and bind it to any provider within quick minutes.

  • Authorize users, push or pull messages from any platform
  • Rest API based calls to Pathfix
  • Completely flexible and secure
  • No SDK’s, token management systems, or frameworks to control

One Solid System That Handles All Requests

A completed OAuth 2.0 and 1.0 technique that deals with the method to calls refresh tickets, and coining API calls from the point your users click on the integration switch on your app.

Pathfix detects all OAuth related safety frameworks and encryptions, enabling you to concentrate on your core program.

  • Data Encryption At-Rest And In-Transit
  • Comprehensive Security Management
  • Log monitoring system and notification engine
  • Reliable, Secure Connections, And Messages

Eventually, encryption algorithms raise with exacting penetration and openness audits, assuring communions are ever secure, which implies you can lay easy.

Pathfix handles the whole maintenance and management of most OAuth provider connections, without ever needing to download SDK.

  • Guaranteed Annual Uptime Percentage of 99.5%
  • Low latency for authorization and message sending
  • Connect to as many providers without worrying about infrastructure

Let See how Pathfix deals with Authorization and Communication seamlessly.

Step 1 – Person Authorization

Add the OAuth switch and authorize your end-users to hook up and approve the application form to any program of their selection.

Hook Up To Any Platform – Pathfix Person approval allows you to give your users to bind to any platform without inscribing any additional code. Set the Pathfix to connect code and give the button to your users in only a few seconds.

Step 2 – Communication

Send messages, haul data, or drive data in the norm of your SaaS and a drive and the verge user’s platform instantly.

Discuss To Any Platform – Once ratified by the verge user so you can directly push or drag messages between your SaaS platform and the firm. Choose the codebase on your opinion and add the code to your program to authorize the message immediately.

Hook Up To Any Provider, Quickly

Pathfix is the easiest manner that you can propose and govern permission for your users between applications.

  • Standard strategy – Across providers. One acknowledgment to them all.
  • Pass-through server – Data never dwells with Pathfix
  • 99.5% uptime – Guaranteed SLA’s
  • No SDK’s to govern – just click-to-connect procedure
  • Scales along – Scalable and credible performance
  • Low Latency – Quick connections

How Does It Work?

  • Choose the company – Click to select a company and connect.
  • Add client ID & client secret _ Enter and save the client ID, and client secret obtained from the provider.
  • Set code for your SaaS – Add the Pathfix created code to your SaaS application and quickly give the connect button.

Security And Monitoring

At Pathfix, protection is significant and of the largely valuable to provide a secure OAuth solution.

Application Level Firewall – Pathfix allows application-level firewall environments. The settings enable plans created from certain IP addresses or requests from restricted domains as JavaScript Origin to be permitted.

IP Firewall – Configurable firewall settings across platforms so that any contact tries from the web must ratify through the firewall before they are accepted onto the service provider.

Whenever a computer attempts to make server-side API proposals from the net, the firewall initially inspects the originating Ip of the proposal oppositely to the set IP firewall regulations.

JavaScript Origins Firewall – Configurable safety setting that enacts you to build authorized JavaScript inceptions of the applications or the domains that utilize JavaScript to make authorized OAuth requests. 

 The origins recognize the domains that your users deliver requests. When origin endeavors to generate requests, the firewall will early check the organization of the request resistant to the cluster JavaScript origins.

  • Firewall laws are fixed applies to all integrations in the Pathfix application
  • In any circumstance the address or origin is determined in the firewall rules, the bond is permitted.
  • If the address or origin isn’t determined in practically any of the firewall rules, the connection request declines.

Data Encryption At-Rest And In-Transit

All Access Tokens and Refresh Tokens correlated with user statements are encrypted and stored on clump servers that prepared to avoid brute-force raids just in case there is a breaking.

Data at ease and in-motion are encrypted with developed encryption norm, which makes it not only substandard to human eyes but also untouchable from any outbreak.

Security Management – Pathfix servers and encryption algorithms begin through severe penetration, and exposure audits, making specific our servers and data are constantly secured.

Monitoring Logs – Additional layer of safety is enlarged using data purge. All action monitoring lists, transactional data, are automatically erased from the system in thirty days.

Get rid of the upheaval of sharing with OAuth token managing and OAuth depend on messaging with a credible and safe OAuth drop-in opportunity for your integration needs.



Add any Provider on your SaaS with the Pathfix, though you can hook up to any OAuth provider in minutes. The free and valuable platform deals with all the complexness of OAuth connectivity and provides you govern to acquire any functionality to your SaaS.

  • DocuSign
  • Firebase
  • GitHub
  • Google Calendar, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Mail, Google Analytics
  • Jira SD
  • Zoho
  • Trello
  • Mailchimp
  • Drift
  • Intercom
  • Hubspot
  • Zero
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Basecamp
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Microsoft
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Instamojo
  • Stripe
  • Zoom

Pathfix Pricing



  • 5 Integrations
  • 2,000 Calls/mo
  • 50 End Users
  • OAuth User Authorization
  • OAuth Communication
  • OAuth Token Management

Starter ($24)

  • 50 Integrations
  • 5000 calls per month
  • 1000 End Users
  • OAuth User Authorization
  • OAuth Communication
  • OAuth Token Management

Pro ($129)

  • Unlimited Integrations
  • 35000 calls per month 
  • Unlimited End Users
  • OAuth User Authorization
  • OAuth Communication
  • OAuth Token Management

Final Verdict 

As we have seen the complete review of Pathfix. Whether if you looking for a simpler integration then I must say PathFix is the one which you should go for. With its several features that involve security management,  trusted and scalable, and many more.

As you can see above the have several plans for their different client depending upon their requirements.  So this was all about the path is a review, if you have any doubt or query you can ask us in the comment section will be happy to help you out.

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