Personizely Review – Best Personalization Tool For E-commerce

Personizely review

In today’s world, info, digitization, and technology are arising as explicit elements to mould the future. Hence the emergence of high-tech machinery and quick communication is building waves beyond our imagination.

Generally, the business world is not yet protected to such phenomenal changes. This has ensued in creations in digital media and software technologies through which we are eligible to cater to end-consumers decently as we boost customer services.

An excellent example of this is the inception of personalization in the Digital and SaaS businesses, I.e. Personizely. Well, let’s see more about the in-depth review.

What Is Personizely?


Personizely is a conversion marketing toolkit utilized to bring about out every website visitor by gathering their contact info, boosting average order value and increasing sales with targeted widgets. 

It makes it easy to build the high-converting popup with its simple to utilize builder which provides you with the full freedom of design.

Whereas utilizing website Personizely tool you can effortlessly alter your website according to visitor’s search history, referral basis, geolocation, device, cart value, order history and many more splitting the website into differences with its on-site optical editor.

By showing different content per visitor, Personizely makes it simple for your websites to pick your visitors’ attention, connect them with relevant and vital content, promotions, and messages that reverberate within them. 

This targeted content marketing technique drives conversion, entrusting visitors to purchase, subscribe, and execute other desired actions, eventually driving incomes and business growth.

Why Should You Use Personizely?

  • Utilising our drag and drop builder, you can create an eye-catching popup. Use one of our multipurpose templates to begun and modify them to your store in seconds.
  • You can personalize your website according to the visitor’s reference or past activity, which builds a feeling of personal approach.
  •  Our platform reduces a broad set of functionality like email popups, exit objective, countdown timer bar, Commodity upsell, cross-sell, related products, complimentary shipping bar, sales motivator bar, and website personalization in one spot, so you don’t have to overpay for multiple tools.
  • Our targeting enables you to segment your visitors very significantly, which can drastically enhance your modification rates.
  • All popups are useful and look nice on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Conversion analytics indicate you how much every widget or campaign assisted you to earn, which provides you with a decent understanding of your ROI.

What Problems Will Personizely Solve?

1. Retain customers

Exit Intent Popups – It assists you to stop missing customers. You can pick the attention of your visitors with a message or outstanding offer right before they plan to quit your store

Loyalty Reward Widgets – Reward customers that gave rise to a certain number of orders with personalised offers (discount or gifts), rising his belief and increasing your sales.

2. Increase the purchase rate

Product Recommendation Widgets – It can assist you in improving the average order value of your e-commerce account.

Limited Time Offer Widgets – You can push forward your visitors towards a buying by developing a sense of necessity with countdown timers.

Cross-sell/Up-sell Popups – Sell more, by providing a related commodity or an upgraded variant when a visitor puts an item to their cart.

Cart Progress Bars – Show how much more a visitor has to pay to earn free shipping or a gift.

3. Enhance your online store

List Building Popups – It boosts you to begin to thrive your email list and utilise it to creating a long-term connection with your potential buyers.

Embedded Widgets – Embed your widgets immediately in your store’s mark-up. Contain products, countdown timers, structures, call to actions and all accessible elements quickly in your pages.

Website Personalization – Personalize the visitor’s knowledge. Treat every visitor separately, showing relevant topic based on order history, location, and other filters.

Personizely Benefits

1. Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

Personizely arrives with a user-friendly drag and drop builder that gives you with the capacity to build professional-looking, very new widgets that bid to visitors, occurring in very high clicks and conversion rate. With its simple to utilise, you can create and deploy widgets within minutes and look as clicks mount up and your income begins to grow.

2. Deep E-commerce Integration

Robust integrations with the most prominent e-commerce platforms enable you to effectively segment your audience and carry out targeted campaigns based on cart contents, commodities page and many more. 

Your visitors can effortlessly add commodities inside the widgets to their cart with only a single click, facilitating the whole buying process and assuring that your visitors have a seamless shopping adventure.

3. Powerful Personalization Elements

Personizely is packed with a mob of personalization tools that enable you to build unique experiences per visitor. You can create and combine unique headers, call to actions, pictures and other content that your buyers can effortlessly associate to. 

With this personalisation functionality, you can offer your buyers with a knowledge that easily entrusts them to execute your desired actions, whether it’s subscribing to your service or buying your products.

Personizely Features

1. Drag and Drop Builder

Personizely provides you with a reasonably simple to work with interface offers you all the versatility you want.

Personalize your website to provide every audience with a unique experience. Create a personal experience with personal variations of content. Visitors feel extremely outstanding when they sense your approach towards them. Personalize your rubrics, CTAs, pictures, and other content to go visitors towards the mark.

Web-Personalization: Create a unique experience with customized changes in content based on advertising and the user’s navigation past.

Email List Building: Boost your subscriber catalogue with many lead generation selections

Engaging Widget: Show the exact content at the right time to the right visitor to go your visitor’s women objective by emphasising, cross-selling, list building, etc

Advanced Targeting – Target by action history, referral source, geo, tool, cart status, order history, and many more.

Multiple Variations – Display many variations of the exact content based on your mark choices.

Predicated on Ad – Use your marketing allowance effectively by fitting your website messaging to the ad’s title.

Predicated on the navigation history – Use Personalization indicating commodities predicated on the navigation past.

Data Placeholders – Use personal data placeholders to make them confident that they should feel your approach. Show visitor data (like name or country) within your website’s volume.

Inline editor – With this inline editor, you can easily edit your revelations rapidly within your website.

Personalize more elements – You may personalize many aspects per deviation in a single campaign.

Combine multiple filters – Combine many filters to have an even further precise targeting of these probable buyers.

2. Visitor Engagement Tools For Conversion

One of the primary purposes, why you should utilise Personizely, is that it fits out your website with visitor engagement tools that generate in more page views, remarks, stakes, and deals along the way.

Since there is no doubt that visitors’ engagement increases the conversion of the website, let me share how Personizely would assist you to connect your audience. The widget feature gives an engagement toolkit to persuade, engage, and convert visitors.

Not only would you be eligible to create your email list through this tool, but you would moreover redirect your audience to the content that is excellent for them. It increases engagement and brings visitors into the funnel when they are attached through onsite retargeting.

Another tool of visitors’ engagement is website personalisation, which assists you to offer your visitors with a personalised experience. Personizely has state-of-the-art data science that enables its users to instil visitors’ data such as name, region, and other related data through advanced targeting. Not only does this indent visitors, but it also brings in them feel special.

3. Responsive Opt-ins For Better User Experience

Today we cannot think of creating a website, blog, or a landing page that is not responsive for mobile devices and minor screens. According to Statistic, 64% of paid search ad clicks in Google emerged from mobile devices, whereas mobile phones account for 56% of all-around clicks.

Google possesses its website responsiveness testing tool, which tests your website’s mobile-friendliness. There are different tools that you can try out, such as Responsinator and  Responsive structure checker.

Personizely arrives with responsive opt-ins that offer your visitors a decent user experience when they encounter offers or content suggestions or opt-in features on the website.

Whenever you utilise any opt-in forms and popup builder tools, beware for the mobile-responsiveness of those tools. Hence one of the reasons why you should contemplate Personizely is that it helps equally well on mobile devices, which implies, you would not miss any leads and possibilities.

4. E-commerce Solutions To Increase Sales

A significant problem for all e-commerce websites is that they cannot afford to forfeit forthcoming clients who have the intent to purchase but leave the website without buying.

Sometimes, a drawback in the checkout procedure, slow page loading, or other reasons drive buyers away from an e-commerce site. So it is necessary to pay attention to such consumer engagement techniques that not only boost the shopping experience of the buyer but also increase sales.

Personizely gives Shopify users with many e-commerce solutions that raise sales. For example, there is a feature called cart growth widget available for Shopify users. It exhibits the growth of users spending, and how much more the user has to pay to equip for a discount or an offer.

Furthermore, the cross-sell or upsell widget enables the online store to showcase a relevant commodity or a high-end variant that the buyer might be curious in purchasing.

Further, there is another feature associated with e-commerce shopping called product recommendations which indicate relevant products on the shopping cart page. This could furthermore boost conversation because shoppers might find something that attention them right before they finish the purchase.

5. Seamless Integration With Other Tools

Websites and apps integration is crucial to the achievement of any SaaS tool. Personizely has this encircled for its users. Personizely enables you to link many tools and websites to strengthen marketing experience and increase growth tactics.

There are web outlets, email messengers, and email marketing tools that you can attach with Personizely. Many of these tools are WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, Instapage, Squarespace, Weebly, and Mailchimp.

The synergy between Personizely and other prominent online tools is quick and productive. This means you can merge Personizely with additional subscription and online tools within a few seconds.

Seamless integration with the business’s top-rated online tools and SaaS commodities is the testament of any online commodity’s achievement. Further, possessing a list of integration choices gives you a forthcoming customer with an explanation to try out the commodity.

You cannot build a marketing toolkit without integration options; the opponents would chew you alive!

So one of the motives why Personizely is the decent client experience and visitor attention tool is its proficiency in combining with the industry’s best online tools.

6. Affiliate Program To Make Money

Bloggers and affiliate marketers choose these commodities with affiliate programs. The justification is simple: they could make money off their blogs and websites by facilitating the products.

PitchGround has an affiliate policy for Personizely that enables to makes this firm stand out from the crowd. Before we go any further, let me clarify what affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate marketing is an agreements strategy that firms use to sell their commodities through affiliate marketers. When an affiliate sells a commodity, the firm gives a commission to the affiliate. On the other hand, bloggers glance at affiliate marketing as a blog monetisation and money-making move. So if stuff like this can work out for both these sides, it is a win-win circumstance.

7. Campaign Analytics On The Dashboard

One of the motives that make Personizely the promising customer experience personalization tool is analytics availability. The statistics of your movement is shown on the dashboard. You do not need to be a digital marketing ninja to realise what is going on with your movement.

You get to realise the total page views, campaign period, conversion, and more idea about the campaign. Such statistics assist you to appreciate which strategies work for you and which requires a review. 

For example, if an opt-in popup box is not evolving leads when there is traffic on the website, then there is something false with the layout or the copy. You wish to try out several popup boxes with an entirely different concept.

Also, the graphical representation of the statistics is spotted underneath the statistics, which analyses the report data into graphs.

Personizely Pricing 


Personizely offers a simple and adjustable business pricing scheme based on the number of visitors. The Solo plan by Personizely is cost you up to $29/mon and up to $23/mon for annual billing.

  • Starts at 10k visitors
  • Starts at 1 Website
  • Widgets
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Media Elements
  • Text Elements
  • Call to Actions
  • Forms
  • E-commerce
  • Custom HTML
  • Multi-column Layout
  • Targeting
  • Triggers
  • ROI & Analytics
  • Display Options

Final Thoughts

There are often some aspects that infer whether or not we are going to purchase a commodity or subscription. Sometimes, you have to lay your foot down to make a risky decision because the commodity is costly or you would not obtain a commission to promote it.

The reason I am confiding this is if the product is worth utilising and could give an exponential expansion to your business, then one should not bother about a small commission or a short feature.

The objective, which in this case is offering consumers a personalized and fascinating experience on your website, is and should be the priority.

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