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QuickBooks alternative

Are you an entrepreneur, digital marketer, individual creator, etc.?

One of the true facts is that you will always need a platform that would help you to personalize your finances so that you will not make you spend all of your earning on useless stuff that isn’t that important. Most of the business owners struggle a lot by several Finances like entering expenses, juggling cash flow, etc.

The accounting program is something that makes it much easier for you to get your job done even if you are much busy in your work field. Most of the business owners take the help of financial tools like QuickBooks which is basically all in one personal finance tool that can help you to personalize accordingly.

But let me convey you to use that for most of the small business owners it becomes a small business QuickBooks as a primary finance tool in such case the alternative options might be a good choice and that’s what we are going to convey over here. 

Just by paying the taxes on time doesn’t mean that you just stand on top of finances. Profit and loss statements are some kinds of essential things that you need to know about if you’re planning to apply for a small business loan. Despite this knowledge about financial help is an important aspect that you need to know about and so for understanding financial health.

Pros and cons of QuickBooks

I have listed out some of the pros and cons of QuickBooks that will give you an idea regarding the tool so that why to use it and why not to, so here we go:-


  • The user interface is quite supportive and impressive in every aspect so that anyone can handle it well.
  •  Transaction records are seamless and in-depth records too.
  • Profitable project. 
  • You get access to as many add-ons along with the plugins too.
  • A mileage tracking feature is also available. 


  • Though the features are seamless but let me convey to you that the cost of the platform is much which might bother you a lot at a certain instance.
  • Online documentation is much poor. 

If you’re in search to get your finance work done I’ll highly recommend you go with the QuickBooks but if your budget is quite low then make sure to choose the alternatives that I’m going to convey to you furthermore.

I’ve shortlisted some of the best in class and most reliable alternatives of all time which you need to know, so without any future ado let’s dive deep into it.

5 Best Alternatives of the QuickBooks 2021

There might be several other options available that might not serve as much value for the money you pay them, and so I’ve haven’t included that in the list. I’ve shortlisted the genuine ones so here’s the list of them:-

1. FreshBooks

One of the major aspects why FreshBooks is booming day by day just because of it’s the easiness that can grab anyone’s attention at any instance. It’s more than a year that FreshBooks is leading the entire industry by providing the go-to online accounting service for the startups and online creators out there.

It belongs to the small and big businesses even with the freelancer too which plays a big role in it. From the last couple of years, FreshBooks has gone under development so various features are been added over there which means that it has become handier to use.

Key Features

I’ve shortlisted some of the key features that make the FreshBooks much impressive:-

  • An effective UI of the FreshBooks is one of the most vital features that makes it much reliable. 
  • The creation of invoices is the best feature that I like the most about FreshBooks.
  • Settings for the context-sensitive.
  • Expenses and contacts are seamlessly well. 
  • Project management tools are so simple to use. 
  • You don’t have to always ahead of to their website as their mobile applications are also available that works seamlessly well.

Pricing of the FreshBooks

You get a free trial along with some of the customer support which is kind of best in class features which I like the most. Along with that provides you the following plans accordingly you can select that suits your choice:-

  • Lite plan is available at just $6/ month where you get access to all of the basic features along with the unlimited and customized invoices and unlimited time tracking.
  • Plus plan is available at just $10/ month where you get access to 50 billable clients and scheduled late fees.
  • The premium plan is available at $20/ month where you get access to 500 billable clients along with all the advanced features too. 
  • A custom plan is priced according to the need, you can even select the features that you want.

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2. Xero

The Xero is the best in class cloud-based accounting platform that allows you to host yourself into it. Xero is basically a New Zealand based company serving its essential services since 2006. The main reason behind the success is serving high-quality services that truly add value to one’s life.

It’s the best and most reliable accounting solution platform that provides you some of the basic features like ample reports, 800+ integrations, etc that makes the true sense of considering it. The platform has more than 2,000,00 active users that make the Xero much profitable. Along with that, the accounting firm is above 16000. The project management feature is seamlessly well which is kind of the best feature which might bother you a lot.

Though the expense claims are lower truly the benefits are tremendous.

Key features

I’ve shortlisted some of the basic and most essential features that you need to know about, following are the key features of Xero:-

  • The dashboard of the Xero is customizable so that you can choose the entities accordingly. 
  • The sales overview page shows you a graph related to the expenses.
  • Though Xero provides you a single invoicing template that works tremendously well. 
  • The client portal is well managed in various different aspects.
  • Xero has some of the best contact management services.
  • The expense tracking feature works in a proper manner. 

Pricing of Xero

How long we get her two days of free time the Xero provides you the following plans that make the true sense:-

  • The early plan is available at $9/ month where you get access to some of the basic features that make the true sense.
  • The growth plan is available at $30/ month which is the medium plan available out there. 
  • The established and is available at $60 per month where you get access to all of the essential services.

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3. Sage 50 Cloud

Since 1980 the sage 50 clouds are serving their services to all entrepreneurs and the creator out there, enter the biggest reason why most of people use to trust on the platform that provides you the true value for money. Along with that let me tell you that it is one of the best in class QuickBooks alternatives that come with some of the best features.

Sage 50cloud is the best accounting software out there that serves services like traditional accounting, a high degree of customizability, cash flow manager, etc. It’s more than a decade that sage 50 clouds haven’t included some of the features that make the true sense, that’s the reason why most of the people used to know it but the strength of sage 50 clouds are tremendous so you cannot ignore it in the top five alternatives of QuickBooks.

Key Features

Though the features of sage 50 cloud are seamless but I have listed out some of the key features that you need to know about:-

  • The customizable dashboard of sage 50 cloud works tremendously well in every aspect so you can maximize the user support accordingly.
  • You get a single accessed virtual invoicing feature along with the single template. 
  • Content management and estimates are seamless.
  • The expense tracking feature is one of the best features I like the most personally. 
  • Tike tracking is essentially well. 

Pricing of Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 59 cloud provides you the following plans accordingly you can select:-

  • Pro accounting plan is available at $50.58/ month which is a kind of basic plan available out there.
  • Premium accounting plan is available at $78.21/ month which is a mid-range plan available out there.
  • Quantum plan is available at $197.55/ month where you get access to all of the essential features.

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4. ZohoBooks

If you are a small business owner then I would highly recommend you to go with the ZohoBooks which is a great accounting platform out there which does an exceptionally good job at each instance. All you need from a finance platform is accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking along with the inventory which is all Provided by the ZohoBooks. Make sure to visit their official website that will surely help you a lot in various different aspects, it’s called to be the go-to accounting tool out there.

Surely if you’re running a small business essential at any instance you’ll always need a simple and minimal tool just like ZohoBokks that will get your work sorted. And moreover it’s easy to use. 

Key features

Thought the features are more, I’ve shortlisted some of the best features that you need to know about, Following are the same:-

  • You can Schedule reminder so that you can signify the multiple messages at single time. 
  • Once you connect your account with the invoice you get.
  • Reports can be scheduled accordingly so that you can select it according to the month, date, time, etc.
  • You don’t have to always head off to their website so make sure to download their application on your iOS or Android device accordingly.
  • You can customise the keyboard shortcuts accordingly so that your task get much easier. 

Pricing of the ZohoBooks

The pricing details of the platform are mentioned below accordingly you can select that suits your choices and needs:-

  • The basic plan is available at $9 for a month where you get access to all of the essential features that you need.
  • The standard plan is available at $19/ month which is mid-range plan out there.
  • The professional can cost you $29 per month were to get access to an unlimited number of contacts.

Along with the above three plans, the ZohoBooks provides you the customizable features for which you have to pay a certain amount of money which is the great thing about the platform.

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5. Wave

Unlike most of the Other accounting platforms wave is a free platform unless and until you want to be subject to their premium plans available out there which we will be talking furthermore in this post. Along with that company is still producing the update so that you would get a great experience while using the platform. It doesn’t matter which service you are going to use but exceptional features are necessary for you to know about.

It’s been a couple of years that wave has improved a much feature that makes it much impressive and that’s the main reason why I have added it in the list of top 5 best alternatives of QuickBooks. Along with that, the wave supports all extensions accordingly so that makes your work much easier.

Key features

I’ve shortlisted some of the basic features that you need to know about:-

  • The dashboard is pretty impressive that consists of various inside that will help you to track all of your details in a graph.
  • Though there are the only three waves invoice templates that will help you a lot to maximize your true potential.
  • Estimates are the main reason why you need to choose the Wave as a primary accounting platform of all.
  • Wave also provides you client portal that will help you a lot in various different aspects.

Pricing of the wave

Along with the free plan, wave provides you some of the paid plans too late, mentioned below are the details about the paid plans offered by the wave:-

  • For payroll, you’ll have to pay $35/ month. 
  • The wave advisor services begin with $79 per month accordingly you can select which service you want.

So these were some of the best 5 alternatives of QuickBooks which you can use in 2021, there might be other options available out there but I haven’t included them into the list just because they might be not offering the true value for the money you pay for getting your job done.

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Final verdict

It doesn’t matter which business is you are running or even if you are a working professional you will always need a finance application that will get your job done by helping you to get through all of your accounting details that are essential for you to know about. Moreover, the above five platforms do seamlessly bale to calculate your accountancy so as to get focused on your business in certain instances. So make sure to check them out accordingly.

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