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RelayThat review

Every day most of the new Graphic design tools come and go in the market for the newbies. And everyone claims their self a game-changer tool for automating your social media image posts.

Indeed, if you are reading this post, then you might be familiar with the terminology, I.e. Canva, Yes! Perhaps, similar to this tool, there is a one standout tool which made its presence remarkable in the list of graphic design tool, I.e.RelayThat”.

RelayThat is identical to Canva but has a few features that make it stand out. Whereas the old lets you design from scrape, RelayThat uses templates to assist you to produce graphic design images instantly. 

As we know, everyone is not a specialist. What we want is easy to use UI. And that’s what they give you. However, initially, you will build a great social media post in 15 minutes straight. And after that, you’ll create next in 10 min, and after some time you will be only a style and colour scheme in the next 30 seconds.

Well, now lets heads towards the more explicit detailed review of RelayThat, to get to know more about this outstanding tool, firstly we will see, what is that RelayThat?

What is RelayThat?

RelayThat is a tool that allows you to create high-level images for several channels skillfully. You can simply build more than 20 different sizes of images by only adding a few entities & outlining brand colors. Being uniform with your brand on social media is essential. 

Being told, making new images for every social media with a brand in mind can be challenging, here where RelayThat’s comes into play, as it’s mission is to assist you in solving this problem. They don’t want people to waste hundreds of dollars on agencies for achieving their images done.

RelayThat provides you with the power to switch the entire layout library to a unique brand in just one click! Designs are tried out continuously for engagement and traffic conversion on every channel so that only the nicest ones make it into the ever-evolving library of over 350K images, icons, and curated settings.

Why use RelayThat for Graphics Design

In today’s world, images has a special place in our life, as it plays an essential role in our lives. Everyone is so attached to visual content instead of text format. Social media platforms like Instagram hand Pinterest have become famous because of their visual appearance.

In the community of blogging, graphics have become a crucial part of content creation and eCommerce. It is relatively essential to pair up your content with pictures.

So when pictures become essential, and you need to make the process effortless, the gloomy you need to have a software like RelayThat. It brings the whole process into one desk, which will become fast, and you are apt to build a number of pictures in one go. The text overlay can be utilised to convey your information.

Even if you have been doing your graphics work, you have to elucidate your design projects to your designer, but with RelayThat, you can be the designer. And you can express yourself entirely through your graphics. 

Who is RelayThat for?

RelayThat is excellent for bloggers, newly startups owners & social media executives. It’s perfect for anyone who wishes to obtain good quality images effortlessly & instantly without falling the brand consistency.

Mostly, RelayThat comes forward to help Blogger to solve their biggest problems, I.e. If you are a blogger, you might know that every post requires lots of images to be designed.  For example, you need quality images to post on Facebook or Instagram & at least five Pinterest pin image to promote your post. 

 If you are promoting your post with Facebook ads or a YouTube Channel, you require even better picture sizes. But this can carry plenty of time to resize your pictures and make them look decent on each.

Therefore, RelayThat was developed to create many image sizes. There are ‘Sixteen’ of the theme to select from. Just create a picture for one social media channel, and RelayThat will transfer the text, photos, and sketches for all of the other image sizes in the app automatically.

An Easy To Use Design Package

RelayThat is one of the simplest to use graphic design software because of the features that distinguish it from the crowd. The pre-designed templates make it simple to build professional looking designs within one click.

You can alter font and pictures sizes and make tons of other adjustments, but the bottom setup of each template is more or less fixed. Sounds restrictive, but once you get familiar to it, this restrictions will assist you in creating graphics super fast.

With a few clicks, RelayThat allows you to create hundreds of varieties of your original design.  For example, If you wish to add an image into Pinterest, then just simply Select the big image size and build excellent Pinterest images that will get you clicks. 

Features Of RelayThat

In this RelayThat review, we won’t go into every single feature of the app. It’s quite widespread. But I’ll provide you with an overview of the features so that you can inquire further. Believe me, when I say that it’s powerful, means it is much. 

Well, I bought the app a few months ago and ignored it for a few time before I recognised my mistake. There’s a bunch of hidden thing behind a seemingly simple tool.

1. Images For EBelievehing

It has more than 3 Million images. You might probably be thinking that you have seen them all, as multiple design apps use similar image databases.

Although, there are a lot of new and unique images, icons, and designs here you can utilise to stand out in the crowd. However, icons and pictures are effortlessly searchable and load superbly quick.

2. Custom Fonts

Upload your own fonts type. This feature you won’t get quickly in other graphic design packages.

3. Font Pairing

Like an excellent wine and a delicious cheese, it all falls to the perfect combination. This is an incredible feature for the non-designers in the room (like me). The team at RelayThat understand their thing, and they’ve done the challenging work for you.

 You can simply change the fonts type to utilised in a project, but I find that, in general, they are great enough.

4. Inbuilt Photos Library.

When blogging, you have to pay detailed attention to the images you utilise in your blog. I have listened to so many stories of people getting in problem for utilising the photos they were not approved to use.

With RelayThat, you can utilise any pictures from its library of hundreds of photos. That was a big plus for me too inclined towards RelayThat.

5. Magic Import

One of the promising features of RelayThat is the Magic Import tool. This is a unique feature from the RelayThat team, and it’s a game-changer.

The tool allows you to import colours, pictures and logos from any URL to be utilised as assets in your project. The time saved on downloading, uploading, getting at, naming, and choosing assets for your project is worth the access price to the software alone.

  • Select any URL: homepage, blog post, or sales page.
  • Add the URL into the Magic Import field.
  • Tap to Load.

RelayThat automagically plucks everything it can discover from the page that might function as a graphic design picture. You can pick and select images before you tap on the last Import button.

  1. Wish to change the colours? Simple, select the color1 and color2 pulldown menus to grab better ones.
  2. Wish to utilise a new logo? Choose the logo icon and select one of your preference.

Once you’ve received all assets, building a new social media post, blog post heading, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram story, book cover, LinkedIn profile, or Facebook cover is as simple as  assigning the exact size and then choosing your desired template

6. Quickly change the color scheme

Unless you have bought a design eye (and only if you have), color matching can be challenging. Color wheels can assist, but in biggest graphics apps you though require to add the colors in a time-consuming manner. 

RelayThat allows you to swap out color pre-sets that function nicely together in one click.

7.  Save and Collect

For designs you are particularly fond of, keep the bunch of aids by taping on Collect in the top bar. This will save all pictures, logos, and colors related to a project. 

I like this because I can effortlessly get back to generating distinct variations of a picture without having to undo, hide or wipe out layers, as you do in software such as Photoshop.

If there’s a design you like, tap on the Heart icon below the picture project window to keep it. 

8. Image SEO

When you tap to Download to save your complete picture, the filename will include the keywords. This also assists you with Pinterest SEO as saved pins will automatically receive the filename from utilising as keywords if no ALT tags or explanations are available.

Picture filenames are crucial for SEO. Classifying out keyword-rich, illustrative titles carries time. We’re all occupied. So RelayThat keep it simple to reuse filename keywords. 

Here are a few additional advantages of using RelayThat

RelayThat Review

1. Create multiple designs in one go:

Maintain your brand entire by building pictures for many channels. As you can just create with a few clicks, I was able to produce similarly themed images for numerous social media forum.

2. Automatic dimensions set up for the images.

You can generate pictures in several dimensions. So, you don’t want to look for the exact size for different social media banners or posts. I was able to develop images for my beloved platforms within quick minutes.

3. Font and Color Combinations.

Establishing different font combinations and color blends was a little challenging for me when beginning from scratch. I was delighted to see that covered in RelayThat.

 I still try various font mixtures to watch what might look decent, but generally, I go with the predesigned templates.

4. Different Font Combinations.

If you are a non-designer, you will understand this cool feature. Fonts are already paired with their most superior combinations. I generally don’t fix the ones that appear in a template. You can experiment and try several variations.

5. Different Color Palettes.

The templates that appear for your pictures that can be altered by using different color palettes accessible in the “colors” tab. Thoroughly choose the palette you want to use, and the graphics picture will convert the whole theme as per your color palette selection.

How to Set up RelayThat

You can use RelayThat by creating a free account. The onboarding begins with an in-app tour to nicely understand the benefit of each tab and section.

 There’s a watermark for every picture in the free edition. Therefore, you can’t take benefit of the tool for free, and you need to buy the paid edition. The beginning is relatively easy. You have first to upload 4 photos 

1. A regular photo
2. Logo of your website
3. Icon
4. Backdrop

However, you will also require to enter things like title, button text, definition etc. That’s it, and you’re done.

Now you’ll observe all the designs in various sizes relying on your aspects. It’s also simple to select brand colours so that RelayThat would be apt to approve you the best design possible.

Pricing Plan

The price of RelayThat is relatively cheaper then it’s competitor’s price. As you can get access to it’s Pro Plan only at $25 for one month. Given below thing will be included in this plan

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Image Downloads
  • 2000+ Smart Layouts
  • One-Click Resize or Remix for any layout
  • 350,000+ Copyright-Free Photos and Icons
  • Custom Font upload

Final Verdict 

RelayThat is an excellent graphics designing app for non-designers. Through my personal experience, it is best suited for non-designers, so need to panic about that. However, it’s the interface is quite simple and easy for you.

When you buy this great piece of software you get entrance to thousands of wonderful images, fonts library and templates that you can alter.

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