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We’ll know that pandemic has trapped all human beings just because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Hence the opportunities in the offline mode are not pumped up. That’s the reason why most of the professionals are heading towards an online stream. Well, online streaming is an evergreen stream that’ll surely help you to reach higher in your field. 

For all of the working, professionals live streaming is a great choice they could ever make for running their businesses or a brand; undoubtedly, even you’re a student, it’s way essential for you to acquire the live stream platforms like Google meet and Zoom where you can get in touch with your teachers. It means without hesitation, you can continue your learning.

Well, due to the high demand for online streaming applications, most of the platforms are willing to stand top of the market, and that’s where Restream.io lies. It is considered to be one of the best online streaming application that allows you to perform various tasks related to the streaming purposes; the tool consists of multiple features that’ll surely help you in the live game streaming, live conference, broadcasting, etc. But due to the high amount of data consumption and higher pricing, most people might think of alternatives to Restream.io.

To this post, I will be sharing the top 5 best alternatives to Restream.io that you can use to maximize your workflow in terms of live streaming. But before I just head off to the alternatives, it is essential for you to know a few significant aspects of Restream.io. 

What is Restream.io?


The Restream.io is an online platform specifically made for professionals who are willing to maximize their businesses. In case if you are a social media influencer, it’s easier for you to have a live streaming tool that will help you to maximize your workflow. 

From quite sometime before, we have been used restream.io and found to be the best live streaming tool available in the market. You get various options over here to control your live streaming experience.

Why do you need to choose Restream.io alternatives?

Undoubtedly restream.io is the best live streaming platform that is discovered explicitly for entrepreneurs and working professionals to maximize their workflow, as the features are seamless. Still, due to an increase in pricing, most people might think of restream.io alternative.

Even though the features which have been provided by the other alternatives are much more when compared with the restream.io, so if you are eager to know more about the alternative, make sure to stick with the best deal and just because I am going to conclude the best alternatives of restream.io. 

What are the Alternatives to Restream.io?

We have compiled the top 5 best alternatives of restream.io that’s a great value, so here’s the list.

1. StreamYard


Here comes the first in our list, i.e., Streamyard, although it’s an all-new tool available in the market but has owned the Marketplace just because of the intense features which are genuinely unique. It is all in one live streaming application that you can integrate with social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. So if you are conscious about your audience connection, you can build a live streaming connection with Streamyard.

It is termed to be the best alternative of restream.io that usually serves the advanced features that might blow up your mind at any instance, even when it comes to the user interface, it has pretty dope UI so that anyone can use it like a pro. also it is trusted by most of the top influencers as well.

Key features:

To let you know, I have shortlisted some of the key features of the Streamyard, so here are they:

  • The best live streaming tool that will help you in the broadcasting and social media live streaming.
  • It is integrated with various social media platforms.
  • The chrome extension is available, which makes it even more flexible.
  •  It’s pretty much inexpensive compared to the restream.io.
  •  One of the trusted tool which is being highly recommended by the top influencers like Gary Vee.
  •  The free plan is also available that might blow up your mind.

Pricing details:

Along with the free plan, if you want more features than you should subscribe to the premium plans which are mentioned below:

  •  The basic plan is available at just $20/ month; it is best for the small business owners.
  •  The professional plan is available at $39/ month, which is discovered explicitly for the top entrepreneurs to connect with their audiences and teammates. 

2. Castr.io


If you belong to confessionalism, you should go with this tool that will help you to maximize your workflow with the help of live streaming. It is discovered explicitly for the broadcasters, influencers, students, entrepreneurs, solopreneur, etc. So if that’s of great to you, check it out once just because it is the perfect tool for the live streaming.

Through Castr.io, you will get a buffer-free and lag-free experience while getting in touch with your teammates, audience, or employees. Also, the pricing is pretty less compared to the other competitors, and that’s the reason why most people might opt for their services. The freestyle is also available that you can acquire any time you need so that to know about their features. Later on what you can purchase their paid versions as well.

Key features:

The following are some of the key features of Castr.io:

  • All in one live streaming tool.
  •  It is integrated with all of the social media applications and YouTube.
  •  A beginner-friendly user interface might grab your attention.
  •  Mobile screen support is available, so you don’t always ahead of the laptop or computer.
  •  The screen sharing option is available.
  •  The free trial will help you to know about their features.
  •  The pricing is quite affordable and inexpensive.
  •  24/7 customer support is available to sort out any of the technical issues.

Pricing details:

Along with the seven days of free trial for 3 minutes each, you can purchase their paid plans as well from the following:

  •  The broadcast plan is available at $9.99/ month.
  •  Broadcast X2 plan is available at $14.99/ month.
  •  The broadcast Infinity plan is available at $39.99/ month.
  •  The business plan is available at $109.99/ month.
  •  For acquiring the enterprise when you will have to select the specific feature and individually pay for it. 

3. Onestream.live


Onestream.live  integrate live streaming tool out there that you can opt to boost up your live streaming experience on across the social media platforms that include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. in case if you want to build a relationship between you and your audience, you need to go through the live session,  there might be tons of different tools available but when it comes to you easiness one stream.live stands on the top. 

You can also increase your engagement by performing the live stream session; even the tool allows you to record the live streaming to be easier for you to post somewhere else. Let’s see if you are doing the live streaming on YouTube, you can save it down and post in your channel that will be openly accessible by the audience anytime they need.  it is a cloud-based tool, so you don’t have to worry much about the performance, which will be top-notch.

Key features:

To let you know, I have shortlisted some of the key features of Onestream.live, so here are they:

  •  the easiness of the tool is the best form factor that you should know about.
  •  You can perform Live stations for about 40+  social media platforms, which give you flexibility.
  •  You can schedule your live streaming using the tool.
  •  It is integrated with cloud storage; this will give you a faster experience.
  •  The customization will allow you to make your live stream even more impressive.
  •  For any technical support, you can go through the customer care.
  •  The analytical report will be provided for the specific live streaming session.

Pricing details:

Along with the free plan, the one stream.live used to serve the following paid plans too amongst which you can opt:

  •  The basic plan is available at just $10/ month.
  •  The standard is available at $45/ month.
  •  The effective and is available at $99/ month. 

4. Switchboard.live


Another great live streaming tool, i.e., Switchboard.live, allows you to perform live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously, which means even if you have a significant amount of and following on numerous social media platforms, you can engage them using the live streaming. It’s essential for each one of the influences to go through the live streaming session to engage your audience. 

The tool allows you to add the logos and watermark to your live stream so that to qualify your brand to maximize the value of it. Also, without any hassle, you can schedule the live streaming so that visitors will get an idea for live streaming. The tool inbuilt has most of the customization features that you can use to maximize your efforts and online Businesses.

Key features:

Switchboard.live used to serve the following key features amongst which you can opt:

  • The UI of the tool is quite impressive.
  •  You can perform live streaming on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.
  •  It is integrated with turns off social media platforms along with YouTube.
  •  You will be able to schedule the live stream in real-time.
  •  The analytical report of the live stream will be shown to you.
  •  A video monetization feature is available.
  •  You can record your phone broadcast. 

Pricing details:

Along with the free trial the switchboard. live used to serve the following paid plans too amongst which you can opt:

  • The Indie plan is available at $35/ month.
  • The pro plan is available at $99/ month.
  • The business plan is available at $350/ month.

According to your requirement, you can opt from the above plans.

5. StreamShark.io


And last but not least, streamshark.io  is an excellent tool for video conferencing and live chat. It’s because when it comes to reliability, it is pretty much inexpensive and even more scalable compared to the competition, and that’s what makes it even more impressive and budget-friendly. In case if you are an influencer who usually goes through the live chat session, it would be an excellent option for you that comes with some extra cool features.

The research states that it has a pretty much cool feature, which is added in each one of the live featuring tools; you can customize your live streaming to showcase your brand by adding some sort of logo and watermark on it. Even if you want to do some kind of broadcasting, you are free to do so just because of the easiness of the tool. They have multiple social media platforms integrated with it, so you will be able to do the live chat simultaneously on each platform subsequently.

Key features:

 to give you a quick review, I have produced at some of the key features which are being provided by Streamshark.io:

  •  get the support of various social media platforms where you can perform live streaming simultaneously.
  •  The customer support team will be there to sort out the technical issue.
  • A detailed live-streaming analytics report will be shown to you.
  •  Inexpensive compared to the competition.

Pricing details:

Along with the free trial streamshark.io, YouTube Sirf following paid plans to amount which you can opt:

  • The lite plan is available at just $50/ month.
  • The pro plan is available at $100/ month.
  • The biz plan is available at $250/ month. 

 So accordingly, we can opt for the plan according to the requirement. 

Final Verdict

You might get familiar with the live streaming and supposed to perform so. Hence there are tons of different live streaming tools available in the market place amongst which you can opt. Restream.io  is one of them consider to be the popular live streaming application where can perform live streaming simultaneously on different social media platforms. Still, due to some sort of limitations, you have to look upon the alternatives.

This post has shaded the top 5 best alternatives of Restream.io amount, which you can opt according to the requirement. So make sure to visit their official website to know more about the specific tool.

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