SEO Tester Online Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

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Living in the digital era is a gift for most of us, particularly for small businesses as it helps us to survive in this uptight competitive business. Nowadays, each and every business requires to have a website, but sadly not every business has one also. However, a business which avoids the digital flow is slowly missing out of the business.

Websites are virtual products, existing in digital space, unseen by the open eye as you roam in the streets or shop in a mall. As such, if you don’t create it and neglect it, then honestly, your website will not have an ample amount of traffic.

The fastest and simplest way is to put out ads, there are a lot of options available, beginning from search engine ads such as Google Ads to advertisements on social media such as Facebook Ads. But budgets becomes a big issue, and it is always limited for any business, what more if you are a small business thriving in today’s economy.

That’s why I have found out the long term method which is much more economical and will go on to bring results for you long after your ad budget runs out. Perhaps today I’ll be going to introduce you to an SEO Tool which is apt to assist you in achieving organic traffic.

So, this tool is an SEO Tester Online (STO). Now let’s dive into the complete review of SEO Tester Online review.

What is SEO Tester online?

SEO Tester Online Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features

SEO Tester Online is the solution acquainted SEO web-suite builds to assist bloggers, firms, digital experts and Web agencies in optimising sites and content for search engines, helping them to boost the volume of organic traffic by climbing the SERP.

SEO Tester Online marketing suite that assists marketers, e-commerce and web agencies in 25 different countries around the world to speculate and increase organic visibility.”

SEO Tester Online is the all-in-one search engine marketing program utilised by over 600.000 SMEs, marketing media, and digital advisers every year.

With one subscription, you can utilise the power of 10 different SEO tools developed to assist you in the analysis, monitoring, and optimisation methods of a website on the search engines.

With this tool, you will be apt to build leads, work on the technical optimisation of a website, search and arrange keyword lists and generate SEO-friendly articles in no time. However, it merely helps you to do On-page and Off-page SEO.

SEO on-page

On-page SEO strives to optimise a single web page, increase its positioning, and excite additional traffic volumes.

The optimisation of a web page relates not merely its content but also the research and the optimisation of its reference code.

On the one hand, you can efficiently work on elements like headers, inner linking, and other content characteristics. On the other hand, you may look for fundamental problems in HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes.

Test if your webpage is correctly optimised for Search Engines with our SEO Checker.

SEO off-site

Finally, off-page SEO contains the actions that do not instantly include the website but still involve its ranking.

Off-page SEO has always been similar to link building. Link building is the bundle of methods that strived at obtaining backlinks. Backlinks are links in other websites that direct to yours. They can boost the traffic of your website in the eyes of search engines.

However, it would be inaccurate to limit off-page SEO to link building. We can include all type of off-page SEO activities, I.e. related to public relations and social media management, which impact on our website and its visibility.

SEO Tester Online Functions and Features

  1. Dashboard
  2. SEO Checker
  3. SEO Spider
  4. Keyword Explorer
  5. SEO Editor
  6. Copy Metrics

1. Dashboard

After signing in into SEO Tester Online, you are welcomed with the Dashboard. This page outlines the tools available to you as well as the number of credits you have remaining for the month.

As SEO Tester Online operates on a credit system, every SEO Spider deployed will use up the number of pages and exports you in total. A popular element in SEO Tester Online is the White Label reports, where you can offer them an SEO Audit Reports to customers and prospects using your branding.

At the end of the page are four boxes which elaborate about the purposes of each tool in the SEO Tester Online toolset. So this is all about the Dashboard, it’s appropriate and easy to understand, utilisation of colours are fascinating and makes the UI look modern.

2. SEO Checker

Test SEO of your website, Analyze the vital structure, content, and loading speed & attract your webpages to the top.

Every page of your site wants a comprehensive analysis to be optimised to the whole. With, SEO Checker, you can simply find out how to take care of every essential factor, from the heading tags to this content, up to the loading speed of your webpages. Follow the direction and solutions developed mainly for you to bring every parameter to 100%.


Further, we will be looking at the results pages for the SEO Checker tool. Here we include the overview page which displays an overall SEO score as how STO examines it. The SEO score comprises of 5 central regions, i.e. Basic, Content, Web Performance, Mobile Performance and Social.

There is further a rendering of the checked page in both desktop and mobile views to make sure you have the appropriate page checked. You may even opt to download the report as a PDF document.

  • Basic
  • In another page, you will see the Basic area of the analysis. The primary items analysed here are:
  • Google Snippet
  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • H1
  • H2
  • URL Keywords
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Meta Robots
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap

There is advice for each item which clarifies in-depth what’s their purpose, best methods and how to increase and add any lost item to your web page. Scores are provided depending on a total of 100 points.

  • Content
  • Next, we have Content, which examines the content on your page. The analysed things are as below:
  • Unique Keywords
  • Title Coherence
  • H1 Coherence
  • Text/Code Ratio
  • Page Size
  • Image Missing Alt
  • Title on tag A
  • Microdata

This column even reveals you the number of words you have on the page. Also, there are thorough justifications and advice on how you can resolve the problems remarked in this area of the SEO analysis.


The next area in the stated is Speed. How quick is your website? Why does it become slow? What’s the reason? You can find out from this area of the report where a number of speed sows are summarized as below:

  • Reduce render-blocking Javascript
  • Optimise CSS Delivery
  • Decrease server response time
  • Optimise pictures
  • Prioritise noticeable content
  • Influence browser caching
  • Prevent landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify Javascript

As we can recognise, some conventional suspects such as minification and reduction are present. If you are going on with a WordPress website, then most of these things can be repaired by installing an obscuring plugin.

As there are so many free caching plugins for WordPress, chose your option as we are personally begun with WP Fastest Cache, Cache Enabler and Autoptimize.


The last section, in summary, is Social. We all understand the significance of social media in marketing today, as such you would like to make certain pages shared on social media are defined accurately.

You can do that by infiltrating the data and pictures you wish to appear when anyone shares your link on social media. For doing this, there are two things you need to take note of here

Twitter Card

The report even checks if you possess a social plugin installed, probably to make it simpler for strangers to share your pages and even a Facebook popularity score. So these are all four regions in the report, that you go through each segment entirely and very soon, your website will begin to rank on your targeted keywords.

3. SEO Spider

Detailed SEO scanning for the website, Scan a huge number of pages with this fantastic online crawler & optimise every factor of a whole website.

Examine all the pages of your site at one time and a shocking speed because of their crawling algorithms and produce a thorough, straightforward, and spontaneous report concentrated on every appropriate SEO aspect.

Apart from them there you will see Tag heading, taxonomies, status code, and much more available for a user experience never recognised before.

4. Keyword Explorer

The next tool that we are going to look at is the Keyword Explorer. A strong tool which you can be utilised to test the relevancy of your engaged keyword. However, you can find out the new keywords ideas, related to your keywords and review similar keywords & Speaks the terminology of your customers.

Discover which keywords have more importance for your business, intercept search volumes, CPC, and search objective of your target and recognise a significant work of long-tail keywords that are impressive for your content marketing techniques.

Eventually, You will be competent to correlate keywords, develop a massive option of suggestions, and discover new ones associated with your articles as the number of keywords you can distinguish is simultaneously relying on the plan you have, which goes from 3 to 5.

5. SEO Editor

A fascinating addition to the toolset of STO is the SEO Editor. It’s much like a souped-up word processor which searches SEO relevant aspects such as your Title captions, the regularity of keywords utilised in the copy.

Create optimised articles, Be guided by an editorial assistant always with you & Follow the principles of SEO copywriting.

Bring your articles to a new level with an SEO-oriented editorial assistant by your side. Choose the keywords for your optimisation; let yourself be guided by the automated checks on the text and highlight every important aspect for social sharing. Free the potential of your copywriting.

SEO editor arrives with all the basic word processing tasks as well as a right panel which shows the number of words, keywords, auxiliary keywords etc. This will help you when you are writing content for your website or blog.

The drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t authorise you to save numerous articles, and you can hardly keep the latest copy you are working on. Once it’s finished, you can elect to export it as a Word or PDF document. You can yet receive copies to the tool or utilise the medium which will lead you through.

Though not as developed as a reliable SEO Editing software such as WebTextTool, it is an elegant addition for learners in SEO.

6. Copy Metrics

The best and last tool on the list is Copy Metrics. A too new device to the STO suite, you can assess any webpage’s content. It’s very simple to use, the only key in the page which you seek to evaluate its copy or if you include the text you can opt to paste the text in the Text tab instantly.

Specify the country you like the tool to evaluate for, click analyse, and the results will be shown in a bit of time. Eventually, here we have got some example of how the outcomes look like.

The Metrics tab reflects the overview of data such as text difficulty, which is a distribution weighted with the importance of keywords used. Monthly Impressions, Buy the purpose of some stats, which includes Reading Time, Bounce back rate, Average CPC and Total Words.

The tool even lists out the vital topic, which nearly tells you what topic this article is most likely going to be associated to by search engines based on the keywords used.

The Topic headline exhibits a list of Keywords, Search Volume, CPC, Keyword Density in the article and Keyword Difficulty scores. There are moreover hasty links you can utilise to assess any keyword with the Keyword Explorer and open an inquiry page in Google.

Why SEO Tester Online?

  • Blogger: Seek out the exact keyword, write optimised content, and increase visits to your site.
  • Freelance: Boost the visibility of your professional site and create new opportunities.
  • Consultant: Manage your customers’ SEO actions with clarity and persuasiveness.
  • Startup: Boast up the first page on SE’s and reach clients free.
  • Agency: Release all the endurance of SEO Tester Online and get your clients’ site to the top.
  • Corporate: the excellent tool to boost your corporate website or your e-commerce

Plan And Pricing Of SEO Tester Online Tool

1. Basic Plan

This Basic Plan Is Perfectly suited for a blogger who does the personal branding as the features as sufficient for them in this plan. However, the price of this plan is €49,90/ month. With this, you get an opportunity to test this plan for three days. Although let’s see what you get into this plan.

  • Two Projects
  • Get up to 25 Audits per day
  • You can Crawl 2500 credits per month
  • N° of Keyword Lists up to 5
  • Simply searches 25 per day
  • It can Track 100 Keywords
  • It takes 7 Update Frequency
  • Audit per day– 25
  • At least 2 Campaigns
  • Pay to unlock Report PDF
  • Export CSV/xlsx per
  • Solo User can be Included
  • Call, Email and Chat
  • Priority Support 

2. Professional Plan

This Professional Plan is the best choice for the professional who is looking for driving their big website and higher demand market.  So to fulfil those needs their professional plan has got some great features is much more sufficient for them in this plan. However, the price of this plan is €69,90/ month. With this, you get an opportunity to test this plan for three days. Although let’s see what you get into this plan.

  • Five Projects
  • Get up to 100 Audits per day
  • You can Crawl 10,000 credits per month
  • N° of Keyword Lists up to 15
  • Simply searches 100 per day
  • It can Track 250 Keywords
  • It takes 5 Update Frequency
  • Audit per day– 100
  • At least 5 Campaigns
  • 25 Report PDF per month
  • Export CSV/xlsx per
  • Single Users can be Included
  • Call, Email and Chat
  • Priority Support 

3. Businesses Plan

This Businesses Plan Is Perhaps fitted for a business owner who does have a prominent branding as the features are much more sufficient for them in this plan. However, the price of this plan is €129,90/ month. With this, you get an opportunity to test this plan for three days. Although let’s see what you get into this plan.

  • Ten Projects
  • Get up to 200 Audits per day
  • You can Crawl 20,000 credits per month
  • N° of Keyword Lists up to 30
  • Simply searches 200 per day
  • It can Track 500 Keywords
  • It takes 3 Update Frequency
  • Audit per day– 200
  • At least 10 Campaigns
  • 50 Report PDF per month
  • Export CSV/xlsx per
  • 7 Users can be Included
  • Call, Email and Chat
  • Priority Support 


  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • Highly required features are arriving soon
  • Appreciating the report and data export process.
  • Lifetime Deal
  • A fantastic lead generation tool
  • Appalling support and founder.


  • Keyword Research tool is straightforward.
  • Suggested keywords exhibit significantly rarer results.
  • No export specific purposes of the tool.
  • It just primarily focuses on on-page SEO and not off-page SEO.

Final Verdict

For everyone who is intending to look for a best and inexpensive SEO tool for your website, then for sure, you should go with this SEO Tester Online Tool. Apart from all, this tool comes with the extraordinary features which help your website to boost up your rank in the search page of Google.

However, if you are looking to buy this tool, then I would like to suggest you go with the professional plan, it has an exclusive feature which will be sufficient for your website. Before purchasing any plan, I may advise you to go through its free 3-day free trial plan.

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