SilFer Bots Review: Best Messenger Marketing Platform

SilFer-Bots review

Are you also been missing your potential customers when they visit your site? Well, it is obvious that it’s not possible for you to online every time to attend your client. However, you might end up losing your potential customers. 

Nowadays, messenger marketing has a huge potential to adapt your potential leads to customers. With accurate methods utilize for your marketing via messenger bots, you can watch the growth in your conversion rate. 

If only there were a manner of operating your business Facebook page on auto-pilot, well yes we have one and, i.e. Silfer Bots. If you don’t know what Silfer Bots is, well it is your one-in-all solution where you can set your business on Autopilot.

Automation has evolved a necessary part of any online experience, whether it be online shopping, customer support, tutoring, online courses, etc. Let see more few essential things about SilFer Bots, which is necessary to understand.

  • Automate your placing order technique or sales funnel with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.
  • Automate your consumer support and your Thousands Plus FAQs with our built-in AI tool.
  • Connect your Facebook Ads to your bot and let your bot allow your guide before your sales dealer.
  • Engage your Shopify, WooCommerce, or create your store with our built-in eCommerce tool.

How Does SilFer Bots work?


  • Let’s crack each factor separately, beginning with the eCommerce module. You will start by expanding products by attaching your Shopify or WooCommerce website, uploading a Google Sheet, or manually expanding each one. 
  • For the final option, all you need to do is enter some product data like pricing, stock, pictures, and searchable tags. Then over in the module settings, you can detect your choices on a firm level.
  • For example, here, you will handle things like store hours, forsaken cart messages, shipping nations, and many more. It’s similarly pretty crucial to prep your payment gateways. Also, SilFer Bots approves payments through Stripe, PayPal, and Razor Pay.
  • Look into this how all appear in Messenger. You will see the bot leads the way to the customer through the full shopping experience, like a personal text message porter, all leading up to the grand finale, a super seamless checkout.
  • Next up is, marketing module! SilFer Bots will quickly come to be your left-hand man when it appears to lead generation and to nurture. And all the mystic occurs in the Flow Builder. You will recognize it’s as simple as clicking blocks.
  • Next is, not only a just text blocks! SilFerBots appears with loads of choices containing conditional blocks, flexible delays, videos, activities, and a whole lot more. And if you hit the plus sign over there, you can put in an email or SMS block to stride your convo outside of the Facebook DMs.
  • However, here you will possibly see quite a limited of your favorites here, involving MailChimp, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign. SilFer Bots similarly engages with all of the go-to email providers.
  • Time to recognize welcome message inactivity. This indicates a lead generation campaign utilized to obtain phone numbers and emails. And only in case your customer occurs any hiccups in the procedure, support is just ever one message out.
  • Though in the Support module, we are getting on to begin with setting up our Frequently Asked Questions. It’s as simple as entering the question and quickly the answer!
  • With everything you infiltrate, your SilFer Bot gets smarter and smarter, increasing the capacity to understand the closest possible answer to the question being inquired. 

SilFer Bots similarly integrates with and Google Dialogflow. After you engage your account in integrations, you will detect the format uses the similar Flow Builder as the marketing module, containing all of the blocks.

  • You can add GIFs to your acknowledgments! And as regularly, let’s inspect a discussion in real-time, so you know what the experience will be like for your users.
  • SilFer Bots assists your business to increase revenue while reducing costs by automating sales, commerce, and assistance on Facebook Messenger. Get your Facebook Messenger game on the latch with SilFer Bots

What Does SilFer Bots Offer?

With SilFer Bots, you can rapidly inaugurate your shop on messenger bots to increase more customers. Let your users utter to the bot and receive their orders fulfilled.

Maximize Your Revenue

Automate your positioning order procedure, or sales funnel with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Save Your Money And Time With Support

Automate your buyer support as well as your thousands plus FAQs with this built-in AI tool.

Possess More Qualified Leads

Engage your Facebook Ads to your bot and allow your bot to permit your lead before your sales agent.

Get Yourself A New Sales Channel

Attach you to Shopify, WooCommerce, or create your store with our built-in eCommerce tool.

Key Features of SilFer Bots Pro

  • Send Sponsored Messages – Create and deliver Sponsored Messages inside our program. Sponsored Messages allow you to send promotions at any time to your subscribers and obtain more results for your business.
  • Accurate Targeting with Facebook Ads – Build a Facebook Custom Audience from your subscribers’ list inside our forum.
  • Dynamic add user to FB C. Audiences – Bot can at any minute add or remove a member from Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Facebook auto comment tool – Send an automatic private message to everyone who opinions on any post on your Facebook page.
  • Shopify or WooCommerce products sync – Once you attach wth your Shopify or Woocommerce shop, all your stocks will keep up always sync. Your time is essential.
  • Track conversions with Facebook Pixel – Optimize your Facebook ads, obtain ROI of your campaigns, and build retargeting audiences by tracing conversions with Facebook Pixel.
  • Full order management system – If you don’t possess a Shopify or WooCommerce shop, you can handle everything on our platform. You can create products, vouchers, and manage orders.
  • Payment inside or outside of bot – To allow your customers to spend inside the bot, you attach a Stripe account. This is excellent for a business like restaurants. For Shopify or WooCommerce, your customers are shifted to your checkout page.
  • Sell more with abandoned cart recovery – your bot automatically sends a notification to consumers who add products to their cart and leave without finalizing an order.
  • Understand voice messages – Bots can filter voice messages like text messages, contact us if you like to allow voice messages to your bot. You can assess it now by sending a voice message to SilFer Bots bot.
  • Live chat via Facebook Page Inbox – You, your buyers, or your bot can halt the bot and route the discussion to an actual person at any time. Our platform works faultlessly with Facebook Page Inbox.
  • API and Webhook – Integrate your system with SilFer Bots. Integrate your system with SilFer Bots and save prices in utilizing other aids to swap data between your system and SilFer Bots.
  • Automate your customer support – Built-in AI tool that enables you to educate your bot to react to any user’s messages associated with your business with 100% belief.
  • Order updates notification for Shopify – Customers can agree to order updates in Messenger and automatically included in your user’s catalog for future promotions.
  • Unlimited broadcast messages – Broadcasts are messages that you deliver to various customers at once. For instance, you can mail or schedule a message to thousands of clients with only one click.
  • Unlimited coupon codes – You can build any sort of coupon code effortlessly and endless with the exact flexibility of top eCommerce platform like Shopify. Our forum aliases everything for you.
  • Facebook Ads JSON Tool – Businesses can utilize ads that click to Messenger to begin conversations at scale. Our platform allows you to configure a JSON Structured Message that you can use in Facebook Ads that fetches customers to your bot.
  • Unlimited tags and custom fields – Tags enable you to segment your users based on activities they take inside the bot. Custom spaces also let you do the same things that tags do, but extensively more, you can save any user’s data like phone and email. You can mail broadcast based on tags and custom fields.
  • Multilingual bot – Sell globally. Your shop will boost nine different languages by default such as  English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Romanian, and Bulgarian. If you wish another language, amuse contact us.
  • Admins roles and permissions – We create our strategy with the focus in business companies also. Each task that an admin can execute in our platform expects that the admin has the authority to conduct that action. Roles to organize situations, ebbs, admins your audience, training words, broadcast messages, and understandings.
  • Bot ownership protection – After a Facebook page is attached to our outlet, no other admin of the Facebook page can reconnect the actual page furthermore to obtain permits to the bot contents. However, if they are not an admin of the bot on Silfer Bots.

Dashboard & User Interface

The primary set up procedure is relatively simple and easy to connect to your Facebook account and then with the Facebook page. 

The dashboard looks heavily excited by Manychat, which is a useful thing as it will be intuitive and straightforward for users changing over from Manychat.

Eventually, the main dashboard offers you a comprehensive overview of the number of all-around users, recent users subscribed, active users, revenue, the break of messages that are recognized by AI and which not recognized by AI, and fragmentation of users based on gender, dialect and basis they subscribed from.

It is a vast array of instructive and valuable data available right on the main dashboard to maintain a detailed overview if your messenger campaigns. 

The built-in AI engine in SilFer Bots is robust to learn based on the answer you arrange for each predefined question. It prioritizes the replies by itself depending on the vogue of the solution, meaning if one of the answers is elected more than others, it flinches the list to be the initial option.

However, the user from Manychat or any other chatbot tool can be quickly received to SilFer Boys. 


This is an area where SilFer Bots truly shines with so several born integrations to select from.


  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Email marketing

  • MailChimp
  • Active Campaign
  • GetResponse
  • Klaviyo
  • Moosend


  • Pipedrive
  • Platformly


  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Google sheets
  • Google speech

Payment Processing

  • Stripe

With an exceptionally broad range of born integrations and extra being added, connecting SilFer Bots with any other third-party app should not be a difference.

PayPal is a notable absence, but when asked, I was explained by the support team that it is under works and will be published soon.


One of the best features of Chatfuel is the comprehensive library of templates accessible for several business types.

SilFer Bots too has a reasonable span of free templates and gushes that can be effortlessly received and utilized in your messenger campaigns.

Pricing Of SilFer Bots


Free Plan

SilFer Bots has an undoubtedly good free plan that encloses up to 100 users, 50 products, ten tags, and sales up to $300. However, two significant drawbacks would be the SilFer Bots branding in the free plan and the mandatory 3% income sharing. 

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Total Tags/Custom Fields
  • Facebook Comment Tool
  • 0% Revenue Sharing
  • No integrations
  • Basic Features
  • SilFer Bots Branding

Pro Plan

The range of the pro plan begins from $9 per month up to 500 users and $14 per month up to 1000 users. Each paid plans contain unlimited products, no barriers to the sales, infinite tags, the capacity to add teammates, and no provision for revenue sharing. 

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Unlimited Tags/Custom Fields
  • Facebook Comment Tool
  • 0% Revenue Sharing
  • All built-in Integrations
  • Collect user data (Email, phone…)
  • Connect the bot to Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Features
  • Sponsored Messages
  • PayPal/Stripe/
  • No Branding


I must say that I am overwhelmed with the Live chat support of SilFer. However, they are available 24×7, and the support team is reasonably responsive and beneficial to solve out any problems or in want of any help. 

There is also an exclusive Facebook group where various advice on how to execute messenger bots in numerous business types are shared.

Similarly, there is an extremely decent and substantial knowledge base and video tutorials enclosing all the features in case you require an immediate reference before reaching out to the support team. 


If you want to convert your customers into a potential client, then I suggest you use the SilFer Bots. However, this tool is knowledgeable and improved with most of the messenger bot features filled in and a decent support team.

The templates and the vast arrangement of native integrations that are continuously added is a promising sign that the team is always working hard on enhancing the product.

I would advise you to initially to try the free plan and test if it suits your use case if you are already a Manychat, Chatfuel, or any other messenger bot platform user.

Extremely if you are operating an e-commerce business, SilFer Boys will be an excellent option with native integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce. So this was all about SilFer, if you still have any query return in the comment section below, I will be delighted to help you out.

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