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Slack is one of the leading platforms in the world of conversation and messaging. If you are a creator or an online business owner can you be familiar with it, as it offers various different services depending on your requirement which you can acquire just by heading off to it.

If you are a team manager then this is the must-have platform to get in touch with them via an online network. Slack offers you many more features that are necessary for each team to grow.

Project management is not just a collaboration it’s beyond that. One can perform various tasks using the platform like sharing the file, setting up online meetings and conferences, collaborating with the teams in a certain real-time. It’s 2021 and each year the collaboration platform is booming up day by day and the demand is becoming higher than before. Let’s say it’s been increasing twice per a year and that’s where Slack plays an important role which consists of all those essential features that are required for collaboration.

Apart from this the tool also allows you to use third party applications so as to get your job done if it’s essential for you to add running polls and surveys. But let me tell you that slack is not the only way to communicate with your team or have the team collaboration, as there are various alternative options available out there and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

If you are the one looking for the best alternative options of the slack in 2021 in this post might help you a lot in various different aspects. But before heading off to it let me convey you few things that you need to know about.

Importance Of Slack

Slack is one of the leading platforms for collaboration with the team, but let me tell you there are three big reasons why most of people choose like as the primary source to get in touch with their team and that are Collaboration, communication, and notifications.

It allows you to stay in touch with your team by sharing the documents or a file, chat with the team, use of various integrations, etc.

I have mentioned the three big reason why most of the people like slack and choose it for collaborating with the team, the following are the big reasons:-

1. Hype

According to research, it’s been noticed that the hype of the slack is insanely varied over everything. It doesn’t matter whether they are offering the value for money services or not but most of the CEO and big business owners uses it as a primary source of communication with their teammates, for sharing the files and to get in touch with them via chat. Its integration is one of the major aspects why most people choose it.

2. Integrations

Let me convey to you that there are more than 800 integrations for slack. If you are not very familiar with integrations let me tell you that whenever you integrate other applications with it, the notification pops up. There’s no need for opening a specific application to know about the activities. 

3. Powerful Search

If you are the one who creates lots of messages on a daily basis then it becomes very difficult to search for the specific message that you need. In such a case you can use its search tool which allows you to search for the file or message that you need. You can get access to Google Docs, Drive and Microsoft Office, etc.

So I think that’s where enough to know about this slack now let’s directly jump to the top 5 best alternatives of slack in 2021.

Top 5 Best Alternatives Of Slack In 2021

I have shortlisted the best alternative options which are available out there, the following are the list of them along with the features that they offer you:

1. Flock

5 Best Alternative of Slack 2021

Flock is one of the best in class messaging and team collaboration tool which looks pretty similar to the Microsoft teams and Slack. Also, it provides you the kind of similar features to them which makes it the topmost alternative of slack which I have chosen it.

Let me tell you not all the collaboration application works fine, let’s take an example with slack which is kind of powerful collaboration platform which is widely used all across the world. The features of slack are insanely varied and easy-to-use whereas Microsoft teams provide you the similar features but kind of tough in terms of usage. Flock stands somewhere middle, so even if you are not the consistent user you will never face difficulty while connecting with the other users.


  • One of the best features I like about flock is video conferencing that allows you to get in touch with your team and the clients.
  • Channel messaging and voice notes are a very useful way to communicate.
  • Productivity section includes file sharing, polls, etc that makes the true sense to try out the flock.


Flock comes with 2 paid plans along with that they also provide you one free plan which you can use it for free without paying a single penny to the company for using their services.

Following are the details of paid plans:-

  • Pro plan consists of 10gb for teammate which you can purchase at just $199/ month. 
  • Enterprise plan consists of 20gb for each teammate which you can purchase at just $249/ month.

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2. Twist

The twist is the Doist product which is a kind of isolated platform which comes with various different features that might blow up your mind. The twist is considered as one of the least conventional chat applications available out there. One of the biggest problems most people might face is the timezone problem which gets started with a twist as it allows you to get that real-time option.

It has quite a similar feature to the slack and alternatives but its interface are quite subject to and you might get impressed by it. But the thing is twist is not up to the mark as it does not include the audio and video conferencing option which might hold you. If you are looking for the best messaging app then I will highly recommend you to go with the twist as it provides minimal featured which will not get you confused in certain instances.


  • The way of communication is super simple through chat and message which allows you to get in touch with your team members.
  • Twist claims of providing the 100% support to email and messaging service which means a lot if you’re looking for a legit platform. Despite this, it won’t include the video conferencing which might not bother you.
  • You get full control over the notifications so that you can control all the necessary tasks accordingly.
  • You are also allowed to collaborate with the guests a good thing.
  • Twist allows you to set the language according to your choice so that your communication becomes easy.


When it comes to pricing twist won’t provide you watch room to select amongst. It has only one premium plan for which you have to pay just $5/ month each user, where you will get access to all of the essential services provided by the twist. Along with that, you can also get subscribe to their free plan which you can get subscribe to for no charge.

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3. Chanty

Chanty is the modern era communication application and the best alternative of slack which allows you to focus on the task instead of chat. So if you want to become more productive then I will highly recommend you to go with the chanty that provides you the true value for money that you pay. It provides you the source through which you can communicate with your clients or the teammates about your company growth..

The free service includes very minimum features whereas paid version provides you many features. Picking the right platform has become tough nowadays and most of the people out there are just stuck into their home itself, so if you’re amongst them and wanted the solution for it then Chanty is the right platform available out there.

You might get various notifications from social media, apps, etc. This shuffles your mind in such case Chanty plays a lead role and makes you focus on the tasks that you need to do.


  • The overall interface of the chanty is damn good compared to the slack, also it makes you focus on the tasks instead of chat.
  • Chanty provides you full AI support that offers you various gestures and features which work seamlessly.
  • Though it does not support chat features you can manage it using the conferencing option. 


Chanty comes with non-confusing plans along with the free plan which might not offer you that mich features.

Following are the paid plans:-

  • The business plan offers you minimal features at $3/ month per user. 
  • The second plan is selected based upon the users, more the users will be the pricing will be more.

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4. Fleep

Fleep is one of the best and reliable alternatives to slack which comes with some of the innovative features. If you are like me who requires very minimal features to be added in the communicative applications then I will highly recommend you to go with Fleep. When it comes to storing pricing, it offers you way less costing compares to the other alternatives which make it pocket friendly in each aspect.

The best thing is you get what you pay for and that’s the unique thing provided by the Fleep which makes the true sense of using it. If you’re the owner of a larger company and wanted to collab with the other clients or the team, you can always keep your eye upon fleep. The interface of the Fleep is quite different than the slack so if you’re more likely to know you can get into it.


  • Simplicity is what fleep provides you. It comes with minimalistic interface do no room for confusion remains over there.
  • You can add someone who’s not even included in your organization also you can take the help of an email.
  • Though there isn’t the video chat option all the other conversation features works finely so you might not bother that much.


As their currency works differently in euro so following are the plans accordingly you can select:-

  • A business plan is available at €5/ month which consists of very minimal features.
  • The custom plan depends on your choice accordingly when select.
  • Last but not least the basic plan which is available for free on the features is very less so you might not get top-notch experience.

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5. Rocket.Chat

Last but not least here is the Rocket.Chat is the best and reliable communication alternative to slack which you can use in 2021 for having a conversation with your teammate. It offers various features for the free version but if you want more than that you will need to get their premium subscription. Though the application works specifically on the browser you’re allowed to download its server which can be handled separately.

The great thing is that it runs on each OS like windows, Mac, and Android so you can fetch it from any devices depending on your choice. It offers you a smooth experience that might blow up your mind while using it.


  • The interface is quite responsive and much more similar to the other alternatives.
  • The best thing is that it supports video conferencing so you don’t have to just ahead of the chat all the time.


Its free version is available but I might not suggest you go with that one because it lacks so many features which is essential for you to get connected with your teammates so instead you can purchase their premium subscription available from just $3/ user to $30/ user.

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Final Verdict

Video conferencing in today’s era has become one of the major sources to interact with their teammates and declines and that’s where the slack and alternative options take place. We have covered the top 5 best alternatives to slack which you can use get connect with your teammates. There might be other options available but I have listed only those who offer with the true value for money services so check them out.

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