Social Champ Review: Pricing & Software Features 2021

Social-Champ review

In today’s world, Everything revolves around the internet. And it’s never enough for us to incorporate with each and everything thoroughly, It’s very hard 

To maintain a good social engagement with the audience, reader, researcher etc. Thus we will be needing a tool that can control our maintain our social activities. Here I am introducing You to the very effective tool from pitch groud that is SOCIALCHAMP. For posting and 

Give control to your activity on the social platform. It has been developed like that so that you will be getting a greater potential to showcase and reach more people. We can say that also promotes your social activity.  

If you post something once you lose almost 75% of that potential to reach people. And also u can’t sit and post one thing frequently. Here social champ will help you. Your message, Tweet, Post all is posted multiple time as per your timing schedule by you. 

Socialchamp works with multiple platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can post one thing in the same platform at the same time with this tool. Sounds amazing yeah.

This tool is helpful to many people including daily quoted posting to dealing will big business marketer.

What should You Obtain from Social Champ

You can ease the social media presence in many multipurpose ways to save time in many things

You can engage your audience into a very effective way by being in trend with hashtags and mention which will be personalized to you by social champ

This tool helps in reducing the way to see your experience with social media you don’t have to go to multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to see your analytic in each post. 

You can directly view altogether analytic in one simple way that will also show you total progress of your social media presence to the audience or follower

This tool can help you to segment your visitors very significantly which can drastically enhance your social media performance

All the feature are useful and looks like everything gets to sum up with helping you in posting and managing.

As you use this tool daily u start to get more intend on this tool as because it has a very easy interface to deal with your daily posting.

What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a great tool from which is a social media management and scheduler automation software developed to help the user to manage all their social media activity like posting, engaging, handling content,

 It is also suggest suitable content, performance analyser, and mention which all are important for progressing on a social media platform. it provides a single unified solution all the activity related to social media.

With this tool, it gives you the power to handle with comprehensive platforms in which you can facilitate, direct and all the social media efforts very effectively and efficiently. From scheduling content to various platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn simultaneously to reaching out to your follower to engage them in your social media strategies. 

Socialchamp can speed them all at once which can save your time and effort which you use in different important aspect like growing your follower, a subscriber to thinking about more creative.

Overview of Social Champ Benefits

Social Champ gives to ease the management of social media accounts and all processes and tasks related to social media activities. You can manage the content you post to social media channels, schedule posts, edit or edit content, and view and measure the effectiveness of your posts in one place.

With Social Champ, you can create content once and publish content to all accounts with one click. The software works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn and is a popular social media platform where you can market and sell your products, services, brands, advocates, and more.

Publishing old Twitter posts manually may take a while. Especially if you need to go back to your social media account history to download content. Social Champ allows you to automatically repeat your posts. No more digging through old messages to find if you have posted anything similar before.

Also, Social Champ collects an analysis of every click for every iteration so you can gauge the effectiveness of your posted tweets. You can also set up the system so that your favorite blogs are linked to the Social Champ and that links or content are immediately posted to your social media account when new blog posts are posted. 

All you have to do is provide all the data in the template CSV file and load it into the program. The Social Champ can then plan your posts ahead of time so you and your team can better organize and coordinate your campaigns and boost your social media marketing efforts.

What are the Problems with Social Champ

Social Champ allows businesses to post updates, connect to their customer base, and see responses from six popular social networks including Groups, Twitter including Profiles, LinkedIn (including Pages, Profiles and Groups) and Facebook. … And fan sites). Google, Instagram and Pinterest boards on Android, iOS and web systems. 

With Social Champ, you can’t switch between multiple tabs to manage your social media pages and profiles, or schedule posts. Perhaps the main reason you use Social Champ for your business is that you can manage multiple social media accounts. Media in one place. 

You must forget the more annoying password to remember obstacles or visit any website to check all social sites or log in. This is because Social Champ allows you to manage your multiple social media marketing campaigns on this system.

Social Champ Features

  • Scheduled Posting – When you are posting any content with the social champ. You get an option to schedule your post at a particular timing as you set 
  • Team Management – By this feature, You can manage multiple works at  a particular time.
  • Bulk Content Uploading – You can upload as many contents as you want at the same time. This is the key feature in this tool that can ease the stress from your head to post any content at a particular time.
  • Auto Post Content From RSS & Repeat – If you enable this it will post your content as repeated as the time it doesn’t reach your goal. It can boost the performance of your content and help you reach out to more people.
  • Repost content – Any mention you got from others and which help boost your presence is also been reposted to your account.
  • Recycled Content – Any important content which you repost now can be suggested to you. 
  • Repeat Posts – Posting the same content to a various new platform for the sake of boosting your performance.
  • Video Uploader – A simple yet effective feature for people who upload video directly to there account and also want they should be uploaded at the same time
  • Extract Image From Any Website – This feature can use to ease you save image for you.
  • Analytics For Your Posts – With this feature, you can see how your post has worked well in a while any media and this show what you can do more to boost your content
  • Image Editing – A direct image editor in build to use easily.
  • Drag and Drop Custom Scheduling – selecting a dropping your post in a way that it will be scheduled as per you want directly from your pointer
  • Auto Suggest Twitter Handles – This help selecting best handles for your post
  • Group Similar Social Profiles – each of the profile which is similarly existing on your multiple are been grouped for you select.
  • Chrome Browser Extension – Extension helps you way easy to add in the chrome browser that can help to open this tool easily
  • Mobile Apps iOS + Android – A dedicated app in the play store and AppStore so that You can use this tool in your smartphones.

How Much Does Social Champ Cost?

Social Champ

1. Social Champ Pricing Plans

Free Trial – It has a limited feature available. This plan just for the people who want to see how social champ work and if they want they purchase will the plan as they want.

  • 15 Social Media Profiles
  • Link Shortening and Tracking
  • Top Content Suggestions
  • Calendar
  • Video Uploader
  • Extract Image From Any Website
  • Analytics For Your Posts
  • Image Editing
  • Drag and Drop Custom Scheduling
  • AutoSuggest Twitter Handles
  • Group Similar Social Profiles
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Mobile Apps iOS + Android

2. Professional

This plan has almost most of the feature from the tool. This is for the person with limited profile to work with and has a limited thing to post daily can buy this plan ($10/month)

  • 15 Social Media Profiles
  • 300 Scheduled Posts per Social Account
  • Repeat Posts
  • Website RSS Integration
  • Setup Custom Schedule
  • Export Analytics
  • Link Shortening and Tracking
  • Top Content Suggestions
  • Calendar
  • Video Uploader
  • Extract Image From Any Website
  • Analytics For Your Posts
  • Image Editing
  • Drag and Drop Custom Scheduling
  • AutoSuggest Twitter Handles
  • Group Similar Social Profiles
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Mobile Apps iOS + Android

2. Champion

This plan has almost most of the feature from the tool. This is for the team of people with little more profiles to work with and has a bulk thing to post daily can buy this plan ($29/month)

  • All Professional Features
  • 25 Social Media Profiles
  • 1,000 Scheduled Posts per Social Account
  • Auto Post Content From RSS & Repeat
  • Repost content
  • Recycled Content

3. Business Champion

This plan has almost most of the feature from the champion plan. This is for the company who promotes there stuff on a large scale. ($99/month)

  • All Champion Features
  • 50 Social Media Profiles
  • 1,500 Scheduled Posts per Social Account
  • Team Management (5)

4. Agency Champion

This plan has almost all the feature from social champs. This is for the people with the same project working on who promotes there stuff on a large $199/month

  • All Business Champion Features
  • 100 Social Media Profiles
  • 2,000 Scheduled Posts per Social Account
  • Team Management (10)

Pros of Social Champ

  • Simple and directly collective software which is helpful for a beginner.
  • AA superfast customizable interface that is alert to completely devices, apps for Android & iPhone and decisively provides extensions for chrome and Firefox also
  • Easy system to manage and sort profiles and Artificial intelligence choosing abilities too.
  • Ability to almost upload all the task and media content, scheduling options, and an uncomplicated to view calendar mode.
  • Auto suggestions creation with title, description, and URLs.
  • RSS nourish monitoring with automobile RSS post.
  • Shortening with network shortener and UTM cheer on with analytics.
  • (Upcoming) public-inbox with the quality to rejoin to messages, comments, and reviews from one place effectively

Cons of Social Champ and Suggestion

Help Spintax redesign your content. Instead of posting duplicate content, you can also post using the counter version. 

There are the most effective keyword-based social media posts. You can also enable filters for 24 hours, last month, year, etc. 

Ability to upload your photos and videos over a web connection. The analysis includes charts and graphs for a more graphical presentation that can be presented to your clients. 

It is also possible to export to PDF.

Final Verdict

Whether it’s good or not it all depends on how you need this tool to work for you, This tool has all the feature you need, you can say more of that. As an aspect, you should first know about the criteria of work so that you can choose a plan.

 As per the pricing, it’s high for this tool but You are into a business and this tool almost benefits you more than a price of the plan you should go for it.

So this was all about social champ review I hope you have got every tiny detail that you are looking through this post. If you still have any queries or doubt regarding this article you can ask us in the comments section below will be happy to help you out

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