Swing2App Review: Best No-Code App Development Platform

Swing2App review

The current covid times have made mankind all around the world realize the importance and need of online services. For months amid the lockdown, only businesses working were online, from groceries to medicines we installed all the fancy apps in our mobile phones instead of stepping out and buying from the nearest store.

Many small businesses also went online and created their own apps to keep themselves going, many brick and mortar system organizations closed. But this strange time revealed one the greatest industries out there.

Yes, app development industry. Outsourcing your app development to an agency might cost you great fortunes but worry not. Let me introduce you to one of the best apps for app development that is affordable, doesn’t require any scary coding and gets your work done efficiently like a boss.

What Is Swing2App?

It is a software company that provides no-code app development software known as Swing2App. Its aim is to offer exemplary services to enable everyone to create apps in few easy steps. Swing2app takes care of the backend and frontend to give its user great experience. 

Swing2App has created all its features and tools keeping in mind that its users are from different industries and not all have IT knowledge thus making its service easy to use irrespective of knowledge or background. So, in just only four easy steps you can create your own app in no time. 

We believe necessity is the mother of inventions and creative apps are need of the hour, so this is what Swing2App provides, just use your creativity and get the best app that you require for your company. 

With Swing2App, You Can Easily

  1. Create apps without coding.
  2. Get users’ activity insight.
  3. Modify and update apps anytime.
  4. Check app creation in real-time.
  5. Integrate chat box feature and more.
  6. Download apk or preview online for free.
  7. Create surveys and check results in real-time.
  8. Send or set a reservation for push-notification.
  9. Attach membership form & set apps’ policy.
  10. Give or take access permission to users.
  11. Customize your app by using various UI styles & templates.
  12. Create a calendar and schedule important events.
  13. Create blog and customize it by adding various things like audio file, video/gif, text etc.
  14. Manage your app’s operation anytime, anywhere.

Check Out Various UI Style Of Swing2App:


Best thing about Swing2App UI style is that it’s so simple and easy to customize that you’ll be able to create your own app within 5 minutes. Like if you want to create a web app, you just need to input your domain address in Web-View only or Push-Only prototype and that’s it. You’ll get your web app developed within 5 minutes.

And for Android/iOS app production, Swing2App offers 5 different types of UI design. Each design is unique, you can select any design and customize it as per your requirements.  

What Swing2App Do For You?

  1. Security is key: With Amazon’s AWS based cloud infra system we do daily database backups. Apps and all communications are HTTPs built giving you extra secured experience. 
  2. Coding? We don’t do it here: From app development to integrating features like sliding-drawer, navigation bar, home-screen all is done without coding. 
  3. Take your important step with us: We will give you smooth app publishing experience by publishing app on store on your behalf. 
  4. Frontend & backend is our work: We take care of all frontend & backend work, so you don’t need to worry about that. 

Why Invest In Swing2App?

Looking at current situations and future contingencies, going online is the best gift you can give to your business. Businesses with their own apps are earning extra benefits and increasing rate of growth in no time. Having apps for your service is a must to grow customer engagement. 

Now if you’ve decided to get an app for our service, you’re left with two choices, either hire an agency, spend a lot of money & time and get your app or simply invest in swing2app and easily create your app at an affordable price and time saving journey. 

Investing in swing2app is best to swing your way inside the app industry at affordable rate and high benefit. 

Swing2App Key Features:

  1. Free apk file: You can check the app directly on your phone by downloading the APK file you created.
  2. Chat box feature: Manager and user 1: 1 chat service and group chat service with multiple users.
  3. Push message feature: You’ll get unlimited push notification service. 
  4. Notice board: Various board styles are provided – you can create posts and add images, videos attachments and receive comments, Likes etc.
  5. Pop-up notification: You can access unlimited pop-up service. Effectively promote events and announcements.
  6. Real time update: After app production you can edit and update app content and designs in real time anytime, anywhere.
  7. Social media sharing: Apps can be shared with regular sites in addition to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc.
  8. Location register: Map board (Google map) is provided. Register the desired location to link the map to the app.
  9. Shopping mall app: You can build a shopping mall mobile app in Swing2App. ‘Providing an easy creation method.’
  10. Membership management: By setting permissions for each member registered in the app, operating and managing apps gets easier.
  11. Register Stamp offer: With stamp function you can easily register and manage the coupon in the mobile app.
  12. Calendar feature: Share schedules and important notification with your users.
  13. Integrate notification: You can receive and send web, app, email and SMS notification.
  14. User creation tool: With app production you’ll get a web template, image page, editor page tool to customize your app. 
  15. Link wizard: You can link multiple things to your app like website, email & contact, swing functions and more. 
  16. Register Coupon offer: Mobile coupons can be created and sent to app users.
  17. Check app usage statistics: Easily check app membership, page views, post views, and more with statistics.

Check Out Some Of The Features Of Swing2App 

These images are showcase of how swing2apps’ feature will appear on your mobile app.

Plan & Pricing Of Swing2App

Swing2App provides two types of packages ie. Free and paid packages. First let’s discuss the free package.

1. Free version: Apart from accessing Swing2App features for free you will get

  • 100 MB storage capacity 
  • Publish unlimited post 
  • APK available for download
  • Access 30 bulletin board 
  • Integrate 1 Chat room

2. Free commercial version: It is same as free version package with some additional features:

  • Access 300 bulletin boards 
  • Upload app on Android store

Now in paid package, Swing2App provide 3 different packages:

1. Basic version ($33/month): This package is best for small size businesses. It includes 

  • 2GB storage capacity
  • Publish unlimited posts
  • Access 100 bulletin boards 
  • Integrate 5 Chat rooms
  • Upload on Android and iPhone store
  • Link 1 payment gateway service 

2. Expandable version ($55/month): This package is best for small-medium size business. It includes 

  1. 100GB storage capacity
  2. Publish unlimited posts
  3. Access 300 bulletin boards 
  4. Integrate 10 Chat rooms
  5. Upload on Android and iPhone store
  6. Link with multiple payment gateway service 
  7. Get eligible for Paid customization service

3. Premium version ($100/month): Best for medium to large size businesses. It includes 

  • 500GB storage capacity.
  • Publish unlimited posts.
  • Access unlimited bulletin boards. 
  • Upload on Android and iPhone store.
  • Link with multiple payment gateway services. 
  • Get eligible for Paid customization service.
  • Get eligible for free store registration service.

Along with these free and paid versions, Swing2App also provides different vouchers and tickets like:

  1. Budget Package
  2. Plug-in with Google AdMob
  3. WebView lifetime paid app
  4. Push only lifetime paid app
  5. Extra storage & SMS package

Also, to upload your app on store it’s essential to pay a one-time store ticket. For Play Store you need to pay $5 and for App store and web registration you must pay $20. 

Products & Services Of The Swing2App

Swing2App believes that to create an app you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time & definitely no coding at all. All you need is your unique app idea and creativity rest leave on swing2app. 

On the Swing2App website you can create apps and check them in real-time using a virtual screen, you can use manager tools like sending push notifications to users or checking users’ data, you can also access after app development services like updating or online preview of apps. In addition to that, purchase packages and publish your app on store via the swing2app website. 

On swing2app blog and support website you can check detailed manuals about swing2app and multiple use cases that will help you with your app creation. 

Swing2App also has an app which is great means to check how swing2app UI style and boards look in your created app and you can also preview it by scanning code via app. 

Get Lifetime Deal!

Final Verdicts

Looking at the pocket friendly price range and various features and tools provided by swing2app, I can conclude that Swing2App is a win-win deal for anyone who wants to create an app. Swing2App not only lets you access its all features for free but also lets you experiment with your app without setting any limited trial duration. 

Swing2app consists of many free & paid products, like free commercial publishing app on store to monetizing your app with Ad word. Explore and select the package which suits you the best and if not satisfied ask for a refund anytime. 

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