5 Best Teachable Alternatives for Course Creators

Teachable alternative

Undoubtedly teachable has owned the market by providing valuable courses required for the content creators out there. It’s one of the best and legit platforms out there who used to provide valuable courses. Although there are various different factors and terms on which content depends upon, and by taking up this point every single thing you’ll get to learn from the Teachable.

But let me tell you just providing good courses is not enough, as the best platforms should be best in class (I’m every aspect from the buyer’s point of view). And that’s what we’re going to discuss in these posts.

We’re going to have a look upon the top 5 Teachable alternatives which has upgraded features compared to the Teachable. But before just diving deep into it let me explain to you a few more things which need to know.

All About Learning Management Systems

The learning management system is all about serving the online teaching through one’s expertise in a certain stream. Through LMS one can buy or sell their services (courses/ Ebooks). The modern era is all about learning online which leads to huge demand in the field.

It’s a widely arranged field which helps you in certain fields to reach a certain level of expertise.

Features Of LMS

Although LMS helps you in managing the courses and case studies, still there are few features that one needs to know so as to take more advantage of it.

  • It allows you to add, remove, and edit the certain teachings or courses you select. 
  • You can even use LMS to create the course, also you get options for separating the courses as per need.
  • You’re allowed to manage tasks like conducting assignments, certificate issuing, etc. These are the most commonly used tasks.
  • The management aspect allows you to manage the course and the tasks as per need.

All You Need To Know About Teachable


Teachable is an online platform that allows you to manage your businesses and brands and to create online courses. It’s one of the legit platforms out there.

It’s better than Udemy just because you get lots of controls over here compared to the Udemy. You get some advanced features that work super fine in order to learn something creative. Also the course you submit on teachable, it provides you a huge revenue than other platforms out there.

Though there are few things which are been missed in the teachable, and so I’ve shortlisted the list of alternative options that you need to know in order to take advantage of it.

All-time it worth investing in such platforms which provides you great value for money, and so you need to subscribe to it.

Why Teachable Is More Popular? 

Teachable is one of the most popular online learning platforms out there where you can actually learn everything you want about the skills and businesses. It’s known for the trust which is been from the past several years.

Undoubtedly the teachable known for its truthfulness, it helps you to design and provides you the control over its dashboard features. Also, you can use the features of teachable to create beautiful sales pages and to sell your courses.

Through teachable, all your tasks get easier as it helps you to navigate the presets pages. Also, you’re allowed to edit the home page of the course so that it looks more attractive and your students will be able to see the course in the way you supposed to.

Apart from this Teachable allows you to promote your course by fetching directly through your website so that the students will be able to take advantage of it. The great SEO technique works here, as you can adjust all the SEO aspects to ensure that Google will be able to take your course at the top of search results.

As they’re the renowned brand in the industry of course providers, the customer support is quite impressive as you can contact anytime based upon the queries you’re suffering through. In this way, you get well-rounded features through Teachable.

Make sure to visit their official website to know more about it, as they’re the best in class service providers and budget-friendly too.

Can Mobile User Operate Teachable? 

At the very first when Teachable was published it wasn’t that smart in terms of user-friendly experience, but later on, through various updates and requests Teachable team made it user friendly.

You’ll be able to fetch the content you want to see through mobile, tablets, PC, and laptops so that the distraction might lot affect your learnings. The teachable team is an all-rounder just because they have high authority in the industry.

It’s one of the genuine course providers which stand in the top list, so I would highly recommend having a look at it to get started.

How Much Teachable Charge You? 

If you want to maximize your true potential by learning new Skillsets you can always purchase their online Teachable subscription from the following options:-

  • The most basic plan is available at $29/ month also you get an option of annual pay. Here you’re allowed to create 2 admin users.
  • The mid plan i.e. Professional plan available at just $99/ month, as it also gives you an option of annual pay. Here you get access to 5 admin users.
  • The last one is a business plan available at $249/ month, you can pay it on an annual base. Here you get access to 20 admin users which is pretty good.

Now let’s move on directly to the alternatives of Teachable to get more features as there are various options available on the Internet but I’ve shortlisted genuine ones that permit you to get their advantage by subscribing to their learning plans.

Top 5 Teachable Alternatives 

No doubt teachable provides you a great value but still some of the Features are missing which then can be fulfilled by the other providers. If you’re looking for the genuine ones then you can always go through following options available

1. Skillshare


As the name is concerned, Skillshare is all in one platform out there which allows you to examine your expertise by submitting the skills or by Purchasing it through certain subscriptions. If you’re good at something you can actually convert it into a format so that users will get the advantage of it and you will earn a few amounts of bucks.

The best part I like about skillshare is that you don’t have to purchase and individual course. Just get a subscription and you can access all of the courses available on skillshare.com. I love you to subscribe for a monthly basis so that you can take advantage of the courses.

The revenue system depends upon the number of students subscribed to your course. The revenue system is around as per the specific time do visitors days on your course,  and you’ll get paid on a monthly basis. Although there are no fixed figures you can earn up to $5 per hour depending on the time spent on your course.

Skillshare is the best and well-known brand in the industry which allows its students to get 3 months of a free trial. You can always submit your course here just within a minute, so get in touch with it by visiting their official website.

Visit Website

2. Udemy


You might be very familiar with Udemy as it’s one of the best in class course providers in the industry, no doubt their courses are effective to the users as they gain more skills with the help of courses available out there. You can reach up to the pro level once you gain expertise in certain Skillsets.

One best thing I like about Udemy is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for uploading your course, just hold the camera record the way you want and just upload it on Udemy. Though it’s best in class here users need to purchase the specific course which lacks the service providing system. 

Once you submit the course as per your skill expertise, if any user gets its subscription Udemy takes a commission of about 50% of your revenue generated. Apart from this if anyone purchases your course it gets lowers and you’re paid up 97% of the revenue earned by you.

Though the support system is awesome as you are allowed to stay connected with their service provides 24/7 which is a great thing about Udemy.  Just visit the official website and submit your course for free.

Visit Website

3. Thinkific


Thinkific is the earliest platform available out there which is performing pretty well in the industry which makes creators look after it. It comes up with the services which most of the creators out there are loved to use.

Although it might be difficult for some people to completely depend upon the Thinkific as it’s not that old, so here I would recommend you to just get their trial plan subscription to get in touch with it. It’ll allow you to know more about it and its features.

You can submit the courses you want and also the best thing is it also allows you to set up your own affiliate program to get earning with it. Its algorithm depends upon the way you launch your courses, so make sure to make a perfect launch so that maximum students will get connect with you.

Through its affiliate program, you can maximize your earning which is a good thing about Thinkific. Although it’s best in customization and design teachable is best in class in terms of marketing and sales which is the point which you should notice before getting involved in it.

Visit Website



WPLMS is the best alternative available out there which suits all students, schools, universities, etc. Here user can access to all those necessary courses which make the WordPress website looks better in terms of every aspect. Here you’ll find best in class online teachings about WordPress.

You’re also allowed to sell your experience with WordPress. Though there are various courses available through your creativity, you can always create the best you need. Using your creativity you can also invite the other course creators so that to sell their courses too.

The dashboard of WPLMS is pretty impressive as you get the handles over here to take control of your course so that you can create the best course out there. Just visit the website and get started with selling your courses.

Visit Website

5. Podia 


Podia is the best and value for money platform available out there which allows you to create and sell the services you want. It’s one of the best alternative options for the Teachable which provides you several controls. 

The simplicity and authentic features make the user’s attraction towards it. As it’s one of the best platforms for the creators out there. Podia share quite similar features as that of the Teachable does, but additionally, there are a lot more things that are updated in the Podia.

Podia focuses on the absolute basics of the course and allows you for creating and selling the best in the class course according to your skills. Although the video player of Podia is pretty impressive in terms of its minimalistic overview which attracts the users.

No charges the Podia takes from you for submitting your courses all the revenue you earns are yours which is a good thing about Podia.

Visit Website

Final Verdict 

All the above options fulfill all your need according to the usage. There might be few of the other platforms available out there which claim of providing the best services but literally not each one of them has their words. The above are the top 5 best alternatives for the Teachable which allows you to create and submit the courses accordingly. You don’t need to worry much about ranking, as you’ll get used to it you’ll find it easier and user-friendly experience with the above ones.

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