Thrivecart Review: Best Cart for Small Businesses

Thrivecart review

Have you got frustrated with your shopping cart? As I know, shopping cart is one of the most important but still always overlooked by a business’s factors. 

Eventually, it’s true whether you have owned an e-commerce business or if you are selling a digital, physical product online, the very much essential part of selling is sales. 

Most of your customers get stuck at a point where you are just one step away from making the sales. No matter whether you have got a great solid front end and social media campaigns, but it’s the check out page where you get stuck. If you manage to create the checkout page personally, that is surely a simple task and requires no actual coding skills.

For this motive, you can use card Design Tool like Thrivecart,  with all the integral detail that is important for your sales funnel. However, in this review, I will speak out some of the most helpful features that you expect in any shopping card and how Thrivecart will be a perfect solution for your cart shopping.

The most exciting and important fact is that most of your potential customers, around 70% of it, would not get converted into sales because of your page’s poor design.

That’s why I have thought of sharing the Review of Thrivecart in detail to help you get more customers into profitable sales.

What Is Thrivecart?


ThriveCart helps you accept payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and provide assistance to your consumer. But, it’s not just for accepting the payments, though its features go beyond it. 

It is the most vulnerable software for making checkout pages that just skillfully convert more click into sales. Eventually, it dramatically increases your profit by creating up-sells, down-sells, and bumps. 

Apparently, the ThriveCart company has stood so smart in contributing to various email marketing software, payment processors, membership outlets, webinar outlets. It’s essential to know why it is essential for you to use the ThriveCart tool for your business.

Why Do We Need ThriveCart?

It looks like that these days having one piece of software to run all your online marketing campaigns just isn’t enough. We sometimes call this a “stack,” I.e., a suite of tools and platforms for landing pages, emails, taking payments, and delivering products or services to encourage you to achieve your business goals.

ThriveCart provides you the missing link that many faces with their stack (taking payments on high-converting checkout pages) and says you can continue to use your favorite tools without spoiling your checkout success.

Before getting ahead in the review, it’s time to look towards its exclusive features, making this tool unique and making it worthy of its price. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Features of Thrivecart

Well, I have studied every feature of Thrivecart, and here’s what you will like about it.

a) High Converting Checkout Pages

The most essential feature of Thrivecart is to create high rebuilding checkout pages. This Thrivecart has made plenty of effective checkout templates and saves a lot extra in the store. 

The most important stuff I like about its checkout templates is that they are completely customizable. However, You can select the desired checkout whichever is severed into.

  1. One-step checkout
  2. Two-step checkout
  3. Embedded Checkout 
  4. Pop-up checkout

As I have experienced, this checkout page could be better user-friendly if they evolve a drag and drop selection. Still, these templates are portable and highly converting. 

b) A/B Split Testing 

One problem occurs most of the time with the consumers, I.e., What if your sales page does not restore?

For such reason, Thrivecart and different cart management software provide their client with the alternative to examine their cart. However, You can develop an A/B split trial on your checkout page by creating a few minor edits.

As much as I have experienced, Thrivecart is one of the best tools for A/B testing because it would not take plenty of time to create and reviewing the checkout page. 

Let’s assume that you have established a page and urge to perform an A/B test for it. You will definitely copy the page and prepare changes to your other page just by clicking correction. Perhaps You can clearly add a testimonials box, color, or other details element for you the page. 

Finally, you can detect which of the page modifies nicely and link that page to your payment method and other platforms.

c) 1-Click Upsells

Another quite interesting feature of Thrivecart, I.e., Upsells. It is a great way to boost your earnings and increase your ROI. Upsell would encourage your buyers to purchase another product with the product you have bought without putting the payment detail again and again.

Meanwhile, for adding upsell to your checkout page, you just need to go to Upsell settings and put the product details into it. 

Thrivecart provides you a downsell option, where you can give away a deal on the upsell product when the buyer indicates no such interest in purchasing. Unless, in the end, you can put up a Thank You page for the customers.

d) 1-Click Bumps  

This one is my special favorite feature,  although the Bump order suggests an additional order for a minimum amount that the consumer might receive with the product; likewise, If you have any software to sell, then you can add customer service as a blow in trade for a small amount. 

Most people usually utilize these Bump offers to earn more clients and, ultimately, extra sales. Who doesn’t want to buy email templates with the email marketing tools?

This what Thrivecart usually does. Your buyers would not be prepared to avoid the lucrative bump offer with the product.

e) Embedded and Pop-Up Cart

While you are utilizing the Thrivecart of WordPress, sometimes it becomes straightforward to organize your check out pages. However, you can initiate the plugin on your WordPress site, and you are acceptable to take off. 

Eventually, If your CMS outlet is WordPress, though, you can employ the Thrivecart plugin and entrench it into your site. Hopefully, the plugins are purely specified to WordPress. This Thrivecart can be utilized with other CMS outlets as well. 

So you can easily buy the service for the page and have built and pasted that code to your site. So in this way, the checkout page will emerge in the shape of pop up to your customers.

f) Affiliate Management Platform

Most people think that Thrivecart is just a cart management software, but that not true. It also acquires the ability of an affiliate management tool. Well, it has a customized and strong account for the affiliates.

However, this is inbuilt affiliate trade software that appears with many different features. But particularly as the affiliate tracking ID, so that you can explore the exchanges brought by each affiliate. 

Whenever you log into the Thrivecart companion software, you can customize the output commissions, the associates’ expense plan, and commission types. The most admiring thing about Thrivecart is that it gives unusual affiliate tracking IDs to the associates for different outlets. In quick, you can trace any of the sales of your associates.

g) Auto-Follow Up Your Customers

Follow up is the necessary thing to make your prospects into the sales. If you wish to make twice as much of your sales, you have to follow-up with your selected clients. Begin with the Small to large-sized employment follow up with their customer for decent sales. 

Although this Thrivecart sometimes gets automatically tags people and arranges customized information to follow up with your consumers. Though You can create the regulations for follow up founded on consumer behavior. 

However, if you want, you can put them all on the list, tag them, or deliver webinars to pursue up.

h) Customer Support

However, If you are new to the Thrivecart, you might get some problems while arranging up the pages. Meanwhile, this Thrivecart has a highly engaging Facebook community group page where you can receive sharp results.

Perhaps there is similarly a knowledge core for the consumers, and there you can easily deliver the receipt in case of any complaints. It includes an informed blog page for your assistance. 

Who Should Use Thrivecart?

Thrivecart is not clear for everyone. It is developed mainly for specific users. Like…

a) Physical Products Seller

If you are trading physical commodities online, Thrivecart checkout software can be of enormous benefit to you. 

You can’t just use Thrivecart to sell the commodities online, but it also can seamlessly merge with several E-commerce outlets such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Although you can also raise your commodities to Thrivecart, you will be prepared to search your sales efficiently. 

Thrivecart also combines nicely with the online forum Lulu, an excellent online self-publishing outlet. 

b) Subscription-Based Seller

Well, if you are a paid subscription-based seller, you can arrange the expenditure for your commodities on your Thrivecart dashboard. However, you can easily select the preference in that dashboard if you need to arrange a one-time fee, pay per pricing, or subscription expenses for the consumer.

One of the most adorable characteristics is that you can select any price alternatives without being charged for anything. 

c) Digital Course and E-Books Seller

From my point of view, I have found Thrivecart as decent software for the membership platforms. 

Meanwhile, this Thrivecart merges seamlessly with any online course structure forum or membership forum. Though You can easily put up and customize these checkout pages, particularly that they can simply compile as broadly data as they wish to do. You must remember to provide a GDPR approval checkbox for correct and incorrect options for such type. 

For example, Thrivecart combines with any online membership sites such as Kajabi, Thinkfic or Teachable, and several others on the list. 

d) Online Consultants

This works with Online trainers or advisers who can utilize Thrivecart efficiently to authorize their consumers to the sales page. 

For example, while you Send a PayPal statement to your customers may look satisfactory. ThriveCart incorporates with your PayPal account to organize your consumers to the checkout page and trace your sales. 

However, Thrivecart can be a valuable portion of your sales funnel as you can arrange pages for each of your assistance and mail the consumers through PayPal. 

Moreover, Thrivecart can help efficiently for:

  1. Software business
  2. Local business
  3. Digital Agencies
  4. Virtual Events

Thrivecart Integrations

No question about how adequately, Thrivecart has been organized for its integration with many tools and software online. 

Thrivecart seamlessly incorporates with your email dealing program. Income processor gateways, membership platforms, and WordPress CMS platforms. 

Let’s see the Thrivecart integrations:

a) Email Marketing Platform Integrations

  1. AWeber
  2. Active Campaign
  3. CovertKit
  4. Drip
  5. Ontraport
  6. MailChimp
  7. Infusionsoft
  8. GetResponse
  9. HubSpot
  10. MailerLite

b) Membership Integrations

  1. Thinkfic
  2. Digital Access Pass
  3. MemberMouse
  4. Teachable
  5. MemberPress
  6. OptimizeMember
  7. Everlesson
  8. MasterClass Plugin
  9. Membersonic

c) Payment Gateway Processors

It incorporates several outlets for a seamless event for billing. 

  1. Stripe
  2. Apple Pay
  3. PayPal
  4. Google Pay

Like this, all integration is quite effective for marketers trading digital classes and e-Books online. You can combine with Kajabi, Podia, Plus Membership Pro, and numerous webinar programs such as Demo and Webinar Ninja. 

How To Make A Product In Thrivecart?

I tested and strived the design strategy for the Thrivecart, and there’s no additional idea that the method is a reflexive one. However, this Thrivecart has a prominent dashboard to the entrance and develops everything. You can trace the sales and manage affiliates as well. 

However, the dashboard of Thrivecart maintains four tabs; Product, Fulfilment, Checkout, and Behaviour. 

Setting Up Product

  • Start with Clicking On ‘Create Product’ and start enlarging your product.
  • After some time, You will again be shifted to the product page. Add the product name, descriptive text, product URLs. As when You can select the commodity rate as Disabled, Testing Mode, or Live. 
  • Second, in the cashing tab, you can arrange the money for your commodity. There are over 50 money alternatives for Thrivecart. 
  • Meanwhile, You can arrange the pricing per commodity or many products to be shown on the checkout page. While raising the expense, select the pricing category as a subscription, one-time fee, or monthly based. 
  • Under, they occur plenty of options to add the price gateway selections to your cart. 
  • After associating Next, you can raise the email page. Though just Add the link to the email and the link to the success page. 
  • Though Again, setup the Bump offer for your commodity in the Bump caption. So You can put in the phony commodity name, pricing, Intro text, and then explanatory text. Then Fill in the pricing for your blow, and you are done. 

Thrivecart Lifetime Deal Pricing

Thrivecart has explained that it will quickly publish the monthly payments for the customers.

Although Thrivecart possesses the Lifetime Deal costs just $495. Seriously, I would have anyway wanted to pay for a one-time license for Thrivecart. However, there is also a Thrivecart Standard + Pro plan, which costs $690. However, You can put the Thrivecart pro in your cart, which will cost $195. 

Meanwhile, With Thrivecart Pro, you will be going to fetch each feature, such as a Powerful affiliate center, Intelligent Business Projections, Advanced user management, and client method procedures. Perhaps there is no such free trial for the Thrivecart though you can predict a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • For the Huge Converting Checkout pages
  • Beneficial Consumer Service
  • Lesser expensive Alternative In The Market
  • Offers a Stunning Affiliate System
  • Fast Set-Up Of Products
  • Voucher aspect of decreasing the cost of products
  • Explicit Product summaries and stats
  • Easily Incorporate with Multiple Platforms
  • Easy Responsive and Active Facebook Community
  • Variants of Checkout templates
  • Every cart pages are mobile-friendly
  • Incorporates Seamlessly with email autoresponders
  • Form Up Digital Tax Sales
  • Auto-Retry Feature
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Two-Step cart
  • Thrivecart Lifetime Deal
  • You can trace your decline expenses, and consumers can remake their coupon information, but there must be support for declined payments
  • There are No Drag and Drop selections for the checkout pages.
  • There must be better templates for building the checkout pages

Best ThriveCart Alternatives

However, If you are not yet assured about how adequately is Thrivecart, let’s address some of its alternatives. Although you might know there are multiple alternatives to Thrivecart, it’s noticeable that they vary in usability, pricing, and features. 

Let’s distinguish between Thrivecart vs. its competitors:

a) Thrivecart vs. Samcart

These two have a neck to neck competition in their field., I must say. Samcart is one of the acceptable alternatives to Thrivecart. Both of the tools approximate so much similar in features. Though If we say about the resemblances, both of them possess one-click upsells, as they have funnels, and both of them enable the bump order. 

Although both the tools are lenient to use and do not need any coding at all, moreover, it seems quite enjoying it when it’s come to designing with Thrivecart more as setting up the product was simpler here. Eventually, you keep extra control over your pages in Thrivecart equipped with the micro features. 

Pricing Comparison

For the one-time fee payment of a Thrivecart, it is just  $495, unless compared to the monthly charge of Samcart is $199. Though you can see, Samcart is quite costly here in comparison with Thrivecart.

It gives a tariff checkout platform for $99 per month and a 14-day free trial. However, With the Thrivecart, you would not be going to get a free trial but a 30-day money return guarantee. 

Pros and Cons of Samcart

  • It has Drag and Drops Editor
  • Built-In Dunning System
  • Possess they Advanced Stats and reports
  • Various Payment Models
  • 14-Days Free Trial without any subscription 
  • No Digital Tax Calculator
  • Affiliate Systems don’t have tracking IDs

b) Thrivecart vs. Clickfunnels

Well, from scratch, you can create sales funnel with the help of Clickfunnels. In quick, it is a complete package of developing sales funnel with eCommerce characteristics. I have seen that Thrivecart is the best cart management software as cooperative with Clickfunnels.

Apparently, ClickFunnels is a perfect drag and drop builder tool that puts up with all of your eCommerce necessities. Perhaps for such drag and drop features, Thrivecart lacks behind with Clickfunnels. 

The biggest difference between the both is that Clickfunnels directs your sales to funnel from modeling to direct capturing. In the Thrivecart, you want to take the organic or compensated business on your own. 

Pricing Comparison

I have seen a major variation between both these tools. However, the monthly subscription of a ClickFunnel is $97, with access to 20 funnels each month. I think that would be enough for a month. 

However, If you are looking for unlimited funnels access, the number of pages, and guests with unlimited custom domains, though you require to pay $297 per month, perhaps you will get a ClickFunnels 14-day free trial with both the plans. 

Here, the Thrivecart, on the different side, offers you lifetime access. Thrivecart Lifetime Deal will cost just $497 with unlimited access to all the features they offer. Through my experience and knowledge, Thrivecart is a decent cart management software with numerous templates, and it is the vastly accessible altering checkout software. Well, here, You would not be going to get any free trial but a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Auto Email responder
  • Share Sales Funnel
  • Unlimited Number of Pages
  • Easily Create a membership site in minutes.
  • Easy Data Tracking
  • Bit Costly
  • No blog functionality

c) Thrivecart vs. Paykickstart

Yet another alternative for Thrivecart is PaykickStart. Well, it has delicate abilities related to the Thrivecart. Although Thrivecart includes 4 customizable characteristics, the Paykickstart contains several templates to offer with the different API. Both the Thrivecart and Paykickstart propose an active Facebook community as well as great customer support. 

 However, Thrivecart has endless functionalities for lifetime authorization. Perhaps the only nicest thing about Paykickstart in comparison to Thrivecart is that it possesses an adjustable pricing plan. 

 Pricing Comparison

However, this Paykickstart offers a monthly subscription with a 14-day free trial. Paykickstart offers a Basic plan at the cost of $29 per month with an absence of features such as an Affiliate center, bump offers, only 5 products. Although If you need to access these features, you need to subscribe to their premium or professional plan. 

Paykickstart usually offers three plans: Basic, Professional, and Premium, for a monthly and annual subscription. Compared with Thrivecart, it has a reasonable pricing pact for only $497 for a lifetime and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Pros and Cons of Paykickstart

  • Easy Setup
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Various Checkout pages templates
  • Active Facebook Community
  • 14-day free trial
  • No Lifetime Pricing
  • No Cryptocurrency payment options
  • Poor User Interface

d) Thrivecart vs. Kartra

Kartra is like a whole in one package platform for the sales funnel. It is relatively reasonable and fairly a generous alternative to Clickfunnels. But Thrivecart is a checkout cart tool, although the Kartra is an exact suite for establishing your sales funnel from scratch. 

Kartra offers many templates in comparison to Thrivecart with four templates to offer. However, the Thrivecart templates can be implanted into any site by obtaining the code with CMS friendly and WordPress plugin. Eventually, Kartra lacks in this feature with Thrivecart.

Pricing Comparison

Kartra offers 4 different pricing choices to choose from the Starter, silver, gold, and platinum, where else the Thrivecart has a one-time fee. Apparently, You can easily get access to a 14-day trial for Kartra before spending the subscription.  

In my opinion, Still, Thrivecart is the largely reasonable cart management software.

Pros and Cons of Kartra

  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Explanatory Videos
  • Helpdesk with Tracking System
  • 14-day trial
  • Affiliate Centre
  • Awesome Membership Platform
  • Fewer Integration options
  • Limited Features in all plans
  • Expensive plans

e) Thrivecart vs. Sendowl

Another alternative for Thrivecart is Sendowl, a cart management software, and a good competitor of Thrivecart. It is only a platform for the learners and is not endorsed for the professionals. Well, it possesses limited capabilities and rare integration alternatives when differed to Thrivecart. I have used and sampled the interface for both. Sendowl looked more tricky and less intuitive.

However, we can see how Sendowl still lacks plenty of functions here. It has specified checkout page functionalities, less upsell design, and impoverished customer support.

Pricing Comparison

Well, Sendowl charges a monthly recurring payment of $9/month with a 30-day free trial. Sendowl has 4 different business plans to select from with a fee of $9, $15, $24, $30/month. 

There is no doubt about this that Thrivecart is clearly a cheaper option and extra user-friendly with a lifetime deal of $497 and a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Pros and Cons of Sendowl

  • Easy to use interface
  • 29 currencies supported
  • Solid Integrations with Email Platforms
  • A/B Split testing
  • Checkout page customization is limited
  • Poor customer service
  • Confusing pricing plans

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, the features of the trivet and its functioning. Even though we had compared with its alternatives, we have found no comparison of Thrivecart. Although we can easily say that Thrivecart is a clear winner here. As I already mention that the Thrivecart is one of the decent cart management software in the market with strong features and a great user-interface. 

Well, If you’re staring for a reasonable checkout management tool. Then, in my opinion, Thrivecart is the most vulnerable preference with a lifetime deal of just $495. For every digital or physical product, or the membership sites. Even though it also guarantees you a 30-day money-back return policy. I am going to recommend Thrivecart for establishing the checkout pages definitely. 

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