WebSignals Review (2021) – The easiest way to track your brand’s mentions across the web?

WebSignals review

Nowadays, it’s true that effective branding is one of the most crucial factors for running a profitable business, regardless of the type or size of it. 

A plenty of negative statements or reviews shared about your brand can effectively kill off a massive the chunk of your marketing spends that you have utilised to grow up the brand name and reputation. 

Although, how to track all these opinions of your brand across the massive ocean of the web? Well, that’s what precisely the issue brand monitoring tools assist you to resolve. 

WebSignals is one of the pioneers in this field among SaaS. Although plenty of similar tools have come up recently in the market, websignals stand out in the crowd. So let’s see what makes Websignals differ from other tools. 

What is WebSignals?

WebSignals Review

WebSignals is a premium web monitoring tool for social handling and 360° brand monitoring with robust analytics that essential for a business. You can search your brand opinions in real-time and your opponents’ as well.

With the extensive database of WebSignals, improving your brand’s online status becomes a cakewalk. 

WebSignals is brought to you by the similar folks who created Rankwatch – a prominent SEO tool with features like Site Audit, Rank Tracking, Competitor Analysis, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, and White Label Reporting.

Why Use A Web Monitoring Tool?

In earlier days, when posting on social media was sufficient for brand awareness and attention. However, new technologies have authorised brands to learn useful ideas and build data-driven posts for outstanding engagement and conversions. 

For such type of technologies, web monitoring tools are a blessing in disguise, they have catapulted brands to the next stage of influence brand prestige and attention online.

Here’s why you should opt for a web monitoring tool

  • Know your audience, think about what they like, and then provide it.
  • Monitor mentions across the web and creates action plans accordingly.
  • Specify influencers and ask them for promotion.
  • Find out the potential customers and target them after researching the mentions.
  • Watch over your opponents and target their missed opportunities.
  • Effectively manage customer happiness and assure a positive brand status.
  • Each social media monitoring tool updates the remarks in real-time that’s why the volumes might fluctuate from aggregated mentions.
  • This tool does not give you the total number of remarks for its categories. So, to take out the numbers for each type, you have to send out the report and analyse it accordingly; then, you will discover limited screenshots of this tool in this study.
  • The number of remarks is hyperlinked to the correlated tool’s screenshot.
  • You will not find screenshots of ‘Social Media Mentions’ because it’s a reader of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How Can You Use WebSignals?

No doubt that WebSignals is one of the newer tools that looks to be decent with a pretty good list of features and pricing. Well, how good it is to use? Let’s see it out.

In the beginning, you must complete the primary sign up as the first thing to do is to arrange a keyword and add a project. Keep in mind that you have to add at least one keyword to get ready for a project. 

Once the keywords are added, WebSignals searches and scratches the data for all the mentions across the web for the chosen keywords. And finally, after completing the above steps correctly, you are results will be displayed on your screen.

Where Does Websignals Tool Can Be Helpful?

However, we have performed some few searches for finding out that how does WebSignals tool can be helpful a where. However, we tracked some of the keywords across the web monitoring tools to test its operational capability in different platforms and how does it collect the leads in terms of data.

Based on our research, WebSignals’ database surpassed that various brand like Mention, Brand Mentions, and Awario, with more than 2,60,000 mentions. let’s learn about its performance based on their feature 


1. Social Media

Social media is a trendsetter that can completely control a brand’s online prestige and trust. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the dominating social media platforms with a collective user base of 3.9 billion.

Although, Websignals tool complied the data for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Tracking comments on such platforms makes control and fully developing your online status profitable.

Websignals just not work as a brand monitoring tools which track social media platforms for mentions, but also WebSignals have a massive database for each keyword which simultaneously stand out from it’s competitor.

2. Videos

The rise in popularity of video content has passed through the roof. Assumptions are that video content will sooner surpass textual content; yet, it might be tough to speculate, but the data indicates otherwise. 

Approximated to the 4.4 million blog posts published every day, 300 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube every day, and 5 billion videos are seen per day by the user.

Based on the robust suction received by video content, avoiding video comments is not a choice; thus, every web monitoring tool assures its productive tracking. 

As per our research, WebSignals has an excellent monitoring capability of its competition. However, it can track their day to day success, their content values, remark and many more.

3. News

Receiving a positive response on media websites can provide your brand with a lot of exposure. But if the reaction possesses a negative meaning, your positive brand status can’t help your prestige, and it will mostly dropdown. So it’s best that you must avoid getting negative comments.

Since for getting a better result in the field of News or blog, Websignals is the one who can help you track down a massive number of mentions on the News website.

Yet, this WebSignals still possesses the most detailed data with the monitoring of 83,972 full remarks in the News sector. So if you work on this category, then websignals tool is your key for success.

4. Forums

Forums are the most appropriate way of UGC (User-generated Content), which Google maintains on the pedestal when rating a website. The objective is pretty simple, I.e. forums permit users to express their beliefs about a product or brand. 

Staying on top of forums can earn a faithful following for your brand, but not answering to issues mentioning your brand, can drop your prestige and rankings. 

Reddit and Quora are the extensively main forums where people look for a solution. Thus, you will see that WebSignals tracks the remarks for both the platforms and other forums individually. So, you don’t miss out on any data that crucial for your business and assess it traditionally.

Also, in terms of comfort, WebSignals leads the way. As WebSignals collected more remarks for 3 out of 5 keywords. In the comparison of other tools in the market.

5. Podcast

Podcasts are a developing form of content with over 1 million shows and 30 million episodes. According to a survey by SmallBizGenius, 144 million Americans hear to podcasts vigorously. 

It has become a prominent medium where people discuss on issues, discuss politics, pictures, and brands as well; thus, a web monitoring tool cannot give the raw shoulder to tracking mentions on podcasts. Although WebSignals can track the comments on podcasts, quite simply.

6. Offline Media

Is tracking comments on social media, videos, news, forums, podcasts, and enough? Well, for sure not.

A massive majority of people yet get content through TV and radio. So, tracing mentions on such arenas will give you a 360° solution in creating a positive brand status and developing your business.

However, websignals go beyond their online boundaries to trace offline media streams like TV and radio for mentions WebSignals tracks to comment on these platforms in its free trial. You must capitalise in a high-end plan of websignals to trace your brand mentions on offline media rapidly.

Tracking mentions on TV and radio is fast and helpful through WebSignals. Click on the comment to add it, and you will find that WebSignals has mentioned a suggested clip on TV and radio. The recommended clip includes the keyword that you are searching.

Websignals Integration

One of the most excellent characteristics of WebSignals is how it classifies all the mentions and shows them in an intuitive way where you can effortlessly choose different sources. The data sources that WebSignals scrapes contains,

  • Twitter,
  • Facebook, 
  • YouTube,
  • Quora,
  • Reddit,
  • Instagram,
  • Podcasts,
  • News media,
  • Television,
  • Radio.

That’s a totally good variety and a right combination of sources. TY & Radio are incredibly fascinating as it is not something that is proposed in identical tools unless you are willing to pay plenty of money for a product that can pull in those data. 

How to Set Up Your Project?

Step 1:- Once you log in to your WebSignals account, you will be requested to add your ‘Project Name’ and ‘Keywords’.

Step 2:-  If you have entered a project and keyword already and want to add a new one, go to the left-side menu and tap onto the ‘+’ icon just next to the project where you like to add the keyword.

Step 3:- After entering your project name and keywords for comment monitoring. Click on to the ‘enter’ after prescribing each keyword to add it to the project. You have to add at least one keyword to enter into a project.

Step 4:- Directly, switch to ‘Advanced’ settings to define the sources on which you like to trace the comments for each keyword.

*Note (By default, all the sources are assigned. You can de-select the ones that you don’t like WebSignals to monitor.) 

Step 5:- Tap onto the ‘Save’ to submit your personalisation. Well, when you are done taping on ‘Save’, you will be shifted to your dashboard where WebSignals will just list your selected sources for mention monitoring.

Benefit Of Using Websignals

  • Get Real-Time Web Alerts – Explore your target audience’s requires through real-time web alerts and provide them.
  • Automate Web Monitoring Easily – Through continual, round-the-clock web monitoring, discover and connect with websites that have mentioned you but did not connect back.
  • Excel at Social Listening – Before planning your social techniques, listen to what your audience is whispering through real-time social media monitoring.
  • Beating Competitors with Ease – From radio to social comments, find what people are speaking about your opponents online and plan killer competitive methods to win against them.
  • Research Your Market – Explore what’s trending in your business and build data-driven marketing procedures that reproduce high results.


Before purchasing any tool or service, it’s best to know about it’s support. How does it help for your business.

Websignals have live chat support on the primary website, and the support & help docs are very substantial as well as that covers most of the essential features.

Yet, you will get to know more about the watches as some how-to video tutorials are available on setting up and using the tool to its ultimate potential. 


In the Websignals, you will going to find out three different plans ranging from $29 to $249 per month with the main differences in the number of keywords mentions tracked, and many more things. Well, let’s see more about its different plan and features.

1. Basic Plan 

It is the Basic Plan of Websignals as you can merely 5 keywords for just and $29/month.  Let’s see what more you get into this Basic plan.

  • 5 Keywords 
  • 50000 mentioned in a month 
  • 1 Team member

2. Premium Plan 

It is the premium Plan of Websignals as you can get only 25 keywords for just and $99/month.  Let’s see what more you get into this Premium plan.

  • 25 Keywords 
  • 200000 mentioned in a month 
  • 5 Team member
  • Data Export 
  • Shareable Report 

3. Enterprise Plan 

It is the Enterprise Plan of Websignals as you can simply get 100 keywords for just and $249/month.  Let’s see what more you get into this Enterprise plan.

  • 100 Keywords 
  • 600000 mentioned in a month 
  • 20 Team member
  • Data Export 
  • Shareable Report 
  • White-Label Reports 
  • Account Manager 

WebSignals is offering a lifetime deal on this Black Friday 2021, click to get the lifetime deal in just $59 and use the product forever (for a limited time only). and Use this code “DIGITALTHINK” and get additonal 20% discount.

Get Lifetime Deal!

Is this Tool Worth Value For Money?

Well, there is no doubt about the worth of WebSignals. I would definitely advise you to merge this tool into your business to help you grow. It’s because the tool has a vast database and offers better insights about your mentions under cheaper rates.

However, if you are still confused about this tool, I will say that you should go for a free trial version of websignals as it is available for everyone. So use it to determine how this tool is best for your business.

Final Verdict 

If you like to know more about business status by tracking out their response by your actual customers and also to keep an eye on your competitor’s businesses then I would say that this Websignals is going to be one of your decent investments this year for sure. 

WebSignals is relatively a good and feature-rich brand monitoring tool. I feel that more wonderful things are waiting for you ahead.

So this was all about my Websignals review though if you still have any queries or doubt regarding this post, you can ask us in the comment section below we will be happy to help you out.

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