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Zapier alternative

Zapier is an all-rounder American based company which allows user to integrate their workflow so that they would be able to manage all their day to day tasks, basically, its an application which minimizes your efforts. With the help of Zapier, one can manage their daily tasks and events.

It works tremendously well as it allows you to move your data from the Zapier so that you would be able to focus on your work without getting distracted by it. Its way is easier to move your data just due to automation.

For more instance like other applications out there Zapier does not require any coding to manage your workflow, You can manage your work so easily as it time-consuming and allows you to focus more on your work. Undoubtedly Zapier is a time saving and easy to use application out there that can be used by any beginners.

Working Of Zapier

It’s an all-rounder workflow application that you can manage through any application. Once you installed it by visiting Zapier’s official website later on you just need to manage your data.

Let’s consider you want to move?/cop the data from Gmail you just to open that and then open it with Zapier, it’ll automatically copy your data from Gmail to the Dropbox (example) then the user will get all notifications through Slack. It’s just an example you can manage all your workflow as per need. 

Once you get used to it you’ll find it time-saving application out there. 

Features Of Zapier

Although Zapier has many hidden features I’ve shortlisted some of the more useful features which you need to know.

  • Users will be able to create their own workflow with the help of Zapier. The self automation feature in Zapier allows you to set up the workflow as per need, once you get that you can manage all your work accordingly.
  • Zapier is a great tool for marketers to manage their work so that to save time, it is a useful application that usually gets your work done as per the need.
  • Zapier has some of the built-in applications to manage your workflow as smoothly as possible.
  • Its customer support is great as they provide you 24/7 customer service to get sorted any problems you suffer through.
  • It’s a great application for the beginner small businesses as it helps you to save much time rather than just focusing on data entry work.

What’s In The Dashboard?

Zapier’s dashboard is created in such a way that it can be used by any of the beginners out there, its way easier to use. It’s very interactive with users, here you’ll be able to manage all your workflow with different applications. The dashboard consists of the features like creating your own folders and organizing it, edit, delete, rename search history, etc. 

It is responsive in terms of the workflow you manage. 

Pros & Cons Of Zapier

  • You can manage your workflow in a custom way
  • Its integration is so powerful with the applications
  • Its user-friendly dashboard is so responsive and simple to handle the commands
  • It allows you to organize your file and folders in a proper way
  • Smart automation features are a highlight
  • Price usually gets increased as an increase in zaps

How Much Zapier Costs?

Zapier is a premium service-provider application that determines your workflow. The thing I like about Zapier is that you can get it’s 14 days free trial subscription without any debit/credit card details. Later on, you can continue by its premium subscription.

  • Its starter plan is priced at $20/ month where you get up to  zaps 
  • Its professional plan is priced at $50/ month were to get up to 50 zaps and some more additional features.
  • Its professional plus plan is a premium plan available at $125/ month which provides you up to 125 zaps.

I must say that if you want to try its features just get its free subscription which will give you an idea, later on, you can choose the plan you wanted. 

Through Zapier helps you to create and manage your own workflow still it’s way expensive than any f the beginner cannot buy it at the very beginning of their business start-ups. So here I’ve shortlisted some of the alternatives to Zapier which does the same job as the Zapier but is quite inexpensive. 

Although, I’ll be showing you the top 5 Zapier alternatives which are way easier to use, so without any further ado lets get started.

Top 5 Zapier Alternative Options

There might be several options available on the internet but the following are my top 5 recommendations that you can use to maximize your workflow.

1. Integrately


Integrately is of the must use application which allows you to manage all your tasks which you can arrange it likewise. It’s easy to install as you just need to set up an integration without Integrately browser extension which takes less than a minute. As similar to Zapier with the help of Integrately you’ll be able to select 100+ apps so as to integrate it with survey widgets, emails, etc.

In order to get started with Integrately you can always get subscribe to their demo version which is available for free. 

Key Features

  • You get access to 100+ applications which then you can integrate them likewise.
  • You can set up your workflow within a minute, as time consumption is less.
  • Their customer service is so responsive, as you just need to drop a mail then later on they’ll contact you.
  • Various use cases are available for a digital marketer, SaaS founder, product manager, salesperson.
  • You get access to their free demo service which you can use to get an idea about it.


Their plan gets starts from $121/ month where you get unlimited options for managing your workflow accordingly.

Visit Website

2. Integromat


Integromat is the next and most useful Zapier Alternative which you must check out. It is the only app out their which claimed of having advanced automation System. Here you can actually able to manage all of your data manually and automatically. Its way is easier to use in terms of transferring data. 

It’s crafted in such a way that you’ll be able to robust the integration. It has strength which makes it supportable to each and every application and services out there. 

Key Features

  • Its simplicity and easy to access programs help to transfer data. 
  • Functions are easier and families to excel in the function, find out aggregate and percentage, etc. 
  • Watch how automation helps in real life & how it flow between different application and services. 
  • It allows you to choose the starting point that allows you to share the data. 
  • It helps you to get detailed information about the workflow. 
  • It’s built-in features like templates, live execution, etc. It helps you to manage your data. 


Although Integromat provides you the free trial version where you get up to 100 operations with 15 minutes of interval time. 

Apart from this, there are various plans distributed accordingly:

  • The basic plan is available at just $9/month which is negligible. Here you get access to 10,000 operations & just 5 minutes of interval time. 
  • The standard plan is available at just $29/month where you get access to 40,000 operations & just 1 minute of interval time. 
  • The business plan is available at just $99/month where you get access to 150,000 operations & just 1 minute of interval time. 
  • The platinum plan is available at just $299/month where you get access to 800,000 operations & just 1 minute of interval time. 

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3. Syncspider


Syncspider is the next Zapier alternative which you should look for. It’s the one that allows you to synchronize your web app data across 100s of channels. synchronize your data like contacts, support systems, etc. You can manage all of your data with Syncspider. 

You can always go with its free trial available for 30 days which will give you an idea, later on, you can get its premium subscription. Here you can actually sync all of your data very easily in a short period of time. 

Key Features

  • 30 days of free trial allows you to get a demo, where you’ll get an idea about Syncspider. 
  • It takes very little time to get managed.
  • Over 100s of channels are connected with it. 
  • It’s one of the lost legit platforms on which you can rely on to manage your data. 


You get 30 days of free trial over here,  after that, you can select from the following plans to enhance your usage

  • Black window plan is the most basic plan available at just $29/month where you get upto 10 integrations and the time span is just 15 minutes. 
  • Tarantula plan is the next midrange plan available at just $59/month, where you get unlimited integrations and timespan, is just 5 minutes. 
  • Huntsman plan is the next most premium plan available at just $99/month where you get unlimited integrations and the time span is just one minute. 

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When it comes to the versatile application that allows you to integrate your data, is the next app which you should look for. As it’s trusted by more than 10,000 organizations, and create complex workflows using multiple applications. It’s way simple to use and versatile too.

I would say that it supports approximately all of the applications which you need to integrate your web data. Minimal interface if gives a clean and user-friendly experience.

Key Features

  • Simple to use because of its minimalistic user-friendly interface.
  • Visually connects and allows you to drag and drop the mapping in a very short time.
  • Safe and most versatile application out there.
  • Price is very low as anyone can make the purchase.
  • As per the choices applications are available.


Their plans are pretty impressive as they provide you plans on monthly and yearly based as per the choice. Although their free plan is quite versatile though if you want a bit upgrade in timing I would suggest you choose from the following:

  • The most basic plan is the Startup plan which is available at just $49/month that allows you for 10,000 actions & just 2 minutes of time.
  • The next plan which is a Growth plan available at just $99/month that allows you for 30,000 actions and just 2 minutes of time.
  • Next, plan i.e. Business plan available at just $199/month consists of 100,000 actions and takes just 1 minute of time.
  • And finally, the Enterprise plan is available at $399/month consists of 500,000 actions and takes just 1 minute of time.

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5. Pabbly Connect 


Pabbly Connect is the all in one platform that allows you to automate all your integrations. With the help of Pabbly, you can create the workflows and share them with the applications as per requirements. It allows you to have your manual control over it.

It just takes less than 5 minutes to actually to Pabbly connect. It’s too easy to configure.

Key Features

  • One of the versatile and easy to access application out there.
  • You just need to pay them one time so that you can get access lifetime.
  • It’s multi-step calling Features is very useful.
  • Easy to set up your workflows as per need.


Pabbly Connect comes with a single lifetime plan i.e. available at just $79 where you get access to all the applications you need and it takes less than 5 minutes of interval time which is acceptable.

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So here we have discussed all of the Zapier alternatives which you can use in order to manage your web data. Although there are various other applications available but the above mentioned 5 are the topmost and legit ones which you should definitely check out. Zapier is too expensive and has Limited features but you get fulfilled by the above ones. 

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