Top 5 Best Zendesk Alternatives

Zendesk alternative

When it comes to the cloud-based software service provider, you cannot miss out the tools like Zendesk, as they offer many valuable resources that’ll enhance the overall UI of the visitors and audience. 

The customer support service providers are an essential aspect that each digital marketer and influencers need to acquire from scratch to serve a better experience to the users who’ve acquired the services. 

There might be tons of tools available in the market, probably serving the best in class and relevant customer support service management features. Still, Zendesk found it to be the best just because I’ve personally used it from the very initial stage of my career. 

But for sole people and digital marketers out there, it might be difficult to acquire the services offered by Zendesk, so we’ve created this post where you’ll get to know about the top 5 best alternatives of Zendesk. But before that, let me quickly introduce you to the Zendesk. 

What is Zendesk?


Zendesk is a cloud-based support service provider that is being widely used all across the globe. Due to the lead source, most digital marketers and Entrepreneurs are about to acquire the services that are truly essential for maintaining the flow. 

It provides the solution like chat, call, and even the live support you can enable on the subsequent WordPress website or the other platforms as per the better commencement. Zendesk also allows you to customize the facilities that are being served to you.

Why do you need to acquire Zendesk alternatives?

Though Zendesk offers you the best in class services, you’ll need to look upon the other alternatives available in the market due to a few of the bugs and higher proving. Well, I’m here to serve you the list of Zendesk alternatives offering the best and valuable list that’ll surely help you to set up the website by offering the best features. 

What are Zendesk alternatives?

Following are the list of top 5 alternatives that you need to know:- 

1. Freshdesk


Here comes the first in our list, i.e., Freshdesk, which is the best alternative to Zendesk that you could opt for acquiring the customer care service that one can enable on various platforms, including the websites. For bloggers and digital marketers, the Freshdesk could be the best option for bettering the services offered. 

The Freshdesk has more than a 40K user base, including the top brands like Panasonic, American Express, and HP, making it kind of most reliable tool kit that one could opt for. You get plan flexibility here, so nothing to worry kuch about the stuff; even if you’re just a beginner out there, it’s the highly recommended tool for the services. 

As they’ve bigger clients, the motto is super clear as they try to manage the stuff by serving the great customer experience effortlessly. It allows their users to set up the automation features, which means the tool will automatically deliver the tickets to the agents linked with the Freshdesk. 

Several other features are included in the Freshdesk that one could enable in their subsequent websites. For the inquiry purpose, you can have the use of it. 

What features do Freshdesk offers?

Though the features of Freshdesk are quite decent and remarkable, we’ve shortlisted a few of the essential features that each one of the users needs to know, so here are they:- 

The collaboration of the customer support service.

The ticketing service is manageable and easy to access.

Field service is available.

The service-based upon self with the knowledge base.

Performance analytics is available.

You’ll be able to customize the portals as per the commencement.

The support for the omnichannel is being served to you.

Best suitable for the small business to enhance the service quality of their organization. 

How much does Freshdesk cost?

Although Freshdesk is me of the renowned customer care service offering organization, it has the free version availability that one could grab, but due to certain limitations, you’ll always need to grasp their premium plans which are mentioned below:- 

The blossom plan is available at just $15/ month.

The garden plan is available at just $35/ month.

The estate plan is available at just $49/ month.

The forest plan is available at just $99/ month.

2. Help Scout


The all-new Help Scout is considered another best alternative of Zendesk to opt for your website or the other services that need to be created based on customer care support. The Helpscout is trusted by over 10,000 businesses, which is a huge thing that also includes companies like Reddit, AlngeList, etc. 

They used to serve the highly qualified features that will surely improve your website authenticity and help you in each stream to boost your business enhancement. As they’re the customer service provider tool, the features you get are top-notch, which means there are no complications made at any instance.

Help Scoutserves the customer services and that it helps you engage your audience with the content you are producing. Whenever they come with the issue, it can get sorted by their awesome email ticket services that one can enable as a pet. In live chat mode, the amount of time required is very less, making sense to provide a better value. 

So without contacting customer service, the user can get it started just within a while using the email; if you are conscious about your business grow its way essential for you to enable the ticket service that has a huge scope in the present scenario. 

What features do Help Scout offers? 

The features of Help Scout might be way more, but though we’ve short-listed a few of the essential features that each one of you needs to know if you are about to grasp the tool for your own website. So here are they:

You can enable an awesome and outstanding customer support system on your website.

The support of in-app messaging is being provided that serves quick responses.

One can enable live chat services.

The real-time reporting option is being served to you for better convenience.

The team collaboration and other services like shared inbox will improve overall usage.

Manage the customer based upon the sales and services.

It is highly integrated with the top brands like Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.

The Help Scout is best suited for companies trying to offer the best and more valuable resources to their audience. 

How much does Help Scout cost?

Apparently, there’s no free version availability, so you’ll have to grasp their paid plans to better your brand. Following are the details of plans which are being served to you:- 

The standard plan is available at just $20/ month.

The plus plan is available at just $35/ month.

For acquiring the company plan, you will have to select the specific features that you need and accordingly pay for it because it is a custom plan. 

Let me tell you each of the above and provide you 15 days of free trial to get familiar with their features. So definitely check them out. 

3. Groove


The next up in our list is Groove, which helps you enable the customer service support ok your website for better convenience and user ability. On can have complete control over it just because they offer you some of the essential features; with that, you can enable the customer care service on various platforms, including social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Apart from this, you’re free to acquire their service by enabling it through live chat support, text messaging, and phone calls, which are the best option available. Groove is the all-in-one platform that allows you to enable the widget using various UI to enhance its user ability, which plays a crucial role in the doesn’t scenario. 

The Groove allows their user to enable the knowledge-based customer service support that offers the better services, which makes sense even if you’re just a beginner and figuring out which one will worm best in your brand. The overall user interface of Groove is quite minimal, so no room remains for confusion. 

What features do Groove offer? 

The features served by the Groove are seamless, but though we’ve shortlisted a few of the major features that each one of the users needs to know following are they:- 

The facility is the shared inbox is being served to you for better convenience.

The mobile app support option is available that one can enable.

The ticketing and tagging will serve the best possible support.

Reporting will help to manage the stuff.

It’s being integrated by a ton of different features.

Support automation feature is beings served to you for the other convenience.

Integrated with various applications like Slack, Stripe, Facebook, etc.

It’s best suitable for small businesses to set up services on websites. 

How much does Groove Cost?

There is no free plan available, so you will always lead to grasping their paid subscription. Following are the paid plans that are being served to you:- 

The starter plan is available at just $9/ month.

The plus plan is available at just $19/ month.

The pro plan is available at just $29/ month.

For the enterprise plan, you’ll have to select the specific features that you need. 

4. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is one of the most trusted solutions for larger businesses to set up the customer care service, which is a huge thing for the company that makes sense. It’s linked with some top companies like NASCAR, Forbes, and the university of southern California, too, which means the support system offered to you is top-notch.

They serve you an opportunity to enable values-based services that support the services like live chat, call center, email ticket, etc. So if you’re supposed to grasp the value-added and knowledge base services, then one should definitely opt for the services served by the LiveAgent, which is super cool. 

One of the USPs of LiveAgent is that they offer the flexibility of customer care services like email, live chat, telephone, etc. So even if you’re just a newbie blog owner and service manager, the portal offers you good features with a better user experience that never lets your branding goes down at any instance. So definitely check it out once. 

What features do LiveAgent Offers?

The LiveAgent is one of the renowned toolkits for the business that’s about to grasp the feature added customer care services. Well, the features served to you are seamless, but we’ve shortlisted a few of the essential features that each one of the users needs to know about:-

The ticketing feature will help you maximize the authenticity of the workflow.

Universal inbox is being served to you.

The time tracking feature allows you to know how your customer support performs even you can grasp the email through these features.

The real-time chat and other features are being served to you, including the phone support and social site.

It is integrated with some top brands like slack, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The best service that one should definitely acquire for the business is supposed to maximize its overall authenticity. 

How much does LiveAgent Offers?

Along with the free plan, the LiveAgent serve you some of the then paid plans too, amongst which you can opt for the one that fulfills your need, so here are they:- 

The ticket plan is available at just $15/ month.

The ticket+chat plan is available at just $29/ month.

The all-inclusive plan is available at just $39/ month.

With each of the above-mentioned plans, the free trial option is available to opt for better convenience. 

5. Front


And here comes the last in our list, i.e., Front, which is considered the most convenient platform to acquire the Front’s services. Strong communications can be served to you for maximizing The authenticity of your business. The services like ticket options, personal support, etc. That will help you to resolve several issues in just a few minutes, which is a huge thing.

For the chatbots, you can enable your website to maximize authenticity and build up your own brand. You will be able to set up your own email templates and the effective solutions that will increase your brand value and that the consistent answers are being served to you for better convenience.

The pre-written responses will help you grasp the audience’s format just because most people like to grab the services, which is a good thing that’ll surely help you build up a good brand value amongst all. 

What features does Front offer?

The features offered by front a seamless, but we have short-listed a few of the features that each one of you needs to know about, so here are they:- 

It is a full-featured mobile application that serves you a better value.

Real-time analytics help you a lot to discover where is different aspects and to know about the audience base as well.

It has a collaborative workspace that you can customize accordingly.

The auto-reminders allows you to grab more features. 

How much does Front costs?

There is no free plan available out there, but the paid plans serve you a better value. So following are the plans that are being sold to you by front:- 

The startup plan is available at just $9/ month.

The plus plan is available at just $24/ month.

The prime plan is available at just $49/ month.

The enterprise plan is available at just $79/ month. 

The 7 days of free trial is being served to you for better convenience that you can grasp to get connected with their features. So definitely check it out. 

Final Verdict

Zendesk is considered the top-notch customer service provider that you can enable on your website for better convenience; if you are the one who is about to build an authentic brand on the market its essential for you to grasp some application that will get your job done and provide a great value to the audience by getting their issues sorted just within a while.

But there might be some bugs in Zendesk that can be fulfilled by other applications and tools that I have shared through this detailed post. If you are quite interested, make sure to check them out substantially by visiting their official website.

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