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ZeroBounce alternative

For running an authentic business, you will always need an email marketing tool that will help you in all of the automation and management purposes. Well, there are tons of tools available among which ZeroBounce.net is the one that you can opt, as the hype of the tool is much that’s the reason why most of the entrepreneurs, digital marketers, bloggers use it widely.

But the thing is it won’t detect the spammy addresses often, which might bother you a lot in case if you’re bit serious of running a successful online business, so to get your job done, I’ll be sharing the best 5 alternatives of ZeroBounce.net that’ll surely help you from the scratch to build a strong community in the email marketing aspect. If that sounds great, make sure to stay with the post.

But before I just head off to the ZeroBounce alternatives, it’s quite essential for you to know more about the ZeroBounce. So let’s dive deep into it. 

What is ZeroBounce.net?


ZeroBounce.net is an email automation platform that helps you generate more leads and maximize your business value with email marketing. If you are not well familiar with the email marketing like whatever you got, one of the grade promotion models will surely help you in each step of your business growth. 

Also, the tool has the inbuilt detection feature that’ll remove the spammy or invaluable emails from your list. The ZeroBounce ensures that invalid email addresses will surely get removed entirely from your profile, so no room remains for the spammy attacks. In case if you are an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, it’s essential for you to generate more leads and to gain more sales, and that’s the reason why most of the professionals use it to get their job done just within a while. 

Why you need ZeroBounce alternatives?

Undoubtedly the ZeroBunce is a great email marketing and leads generating tool that’ll keep all of the hour emails safe by verifying it in that term. Still, it has some of the major drawbacks that might bother you, and that’s what makes you look upon the ZeroBounce alternatives. 

But unfortunately most of the time, the ZeroBounce does not detect spammy emails, which are essential for brand growth. Along with that, the pricing is relatively higher, whereas most of the other similar tools are serving many impressive features at a low price. If you’re entirely subjective and eager to know about ZeroBounce alternatives, here we borough the list amongst which you can opt as owe the choice. 

What are the ZeroBounce alternatives?

You might have noticed tons of different email marketing and automation platforms available on the internet that you can opt for. Still, it’s essential to focus on the legitimate tool and the perfect one. Hence through a couple of researches, we came across the top 5 alternatives of ZeroBounce that you need to know, so here’s the list:-

1. Clearout


Clearout stands on the top when it comes to the email automation and clearing the spam emails from your list. It is essential to use the email to clarify your email box more often in real-time so that you will get an exact look while accessing it for random work purposes. 

The erroneous and duplicate emails are being deleted at that moment so that you’ll get an incredible experience of managing your pieces of stuff related to email marketing. The services which are being served to you are beneficial just because it showcases all of the open rates of an email. In the end, you will be able to signify whether the email is delivering to your audience or not; by doing so, you’ll also be able to maximize your workflow. 

Key features:

I’ve shortlisted some of the useful features which are being served by the Clearout, so here are they:

  • The tool will automatically remove a sub address of a Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • You get the support of role-based verification so your admin panel will remain safe all the time.
  • Domain confirmation is available, which will let you know that you’re on the right server or not.
  • The auto-suggestion will help you in case if you type the wrong email address. 
  • The UI of the tool is much simple than the ZeroBounce and each one of the features is well organized. 

Pricing details:

The clearout allows you to pay in two modes either one time or every month. The basic plan costs you around $20/ month, where you’ll get 5000 credits monthly. So do check it out once to know more about it. 

In case if you want credits more than 5000, you’ll have to opt for another plan which is available at a very affordable price. 

2. TrueMail


If you are the one who is dealing with an undeliverable content via Email, then you should have a look upon TrueMail; this is not just any email marketing platform but also helps you to all of the processes like serving more accurate info to the users at affordable pricing, detects the spammy email, etc., so you’ll be able to focus on workflow. 

TureMail checks the user domain individually, so no room remains for undeliverable email; for maintaining the brand value, you will always need to use such kind of tool that will get your job done email automation just within a while; additionally, it’ll also detect the accessibility of the email as well. 

The Chrome extension is also available that will help you in all of the ways even if you’re just a small business owner, instant results will be shown to you so 

that you’ll be able to focus on your email automation. 

Key features:

Following are some of the key features which are being provided by TrueMail:

  • Individual email authentication is available so that to check whether your email address is doing well or not.
  • You can even verify the email address in bulk; this will save much of your time.
  • The Chrome extension will help you directly get in touch with the tool without always heading off to the landing page.
  • The email verification is being done individually. 


TrueMail used to serve a wide variety of plans amongst which can opt. When it comes to pricing, it is pretty much affordable compared to the other competitors. Even if you are a newbie and willing to get started with it, you’re free to use it from scratch.

Their plan begins from $7/ month, where you’ll get 1000 email verifications and go up to $2499/ month, where you’ll get access to 2M email verifications.

3. Bouncer


The bouncer is designed explicitly for email automation, which rearranges the email addresses depending upon their key factors. So if you are a bit concerned about your business, you should opt for their services when it comes to the user interface of the tool bouncer stands on the top just because of a much authentic interface.

Most of the time, it happens that you have to verify the emails in bulk, which takes too much time and effort, and that’s the reason why you should look up To bouncer, which will get your job done to find out this penny and invaluable email addresses. 

You also get an email verification API; it will help you create most out of email automation that you can opt accordingly. So make sure to check it out.

Key Features:

Following are some of the key features which are being served to you:

  • The user interface of the bouncer is pretty minimal, as anyone can acquire their services from scratch.
  • Best email automation and recycler in the complete stream.
  • It is integrated with various tools that will minimize your effort.
  • You are allowed to upload email address in bulk.
  • The pricing is quite affordable compared to the other competitors out there.

Pricing detail:

When it comes to the pricing, they have a wide variety of plans listed on the website so that you can opt according to your choice. Usually, their program begins from $0.0025/ 1000 emails, and you can purchase for as many email addresses. 

So here, you get complete flexibility to acquire their plan according to the need. People can purchase their custom plan where you have to select the specific numbers of emails and pay for it.

4. MillionVerifier 


Millionverifier is another email solution for entrepreneurs who want to create a successful brand. It’s always good to go with the Millionverifier because it has a pretty dope interface that’ll grab your attention if you’re not an existing email automation user even though it’ll be much easier for you to set up your one profile on it.

Millionverifier authenticates all of the email lists you have captured in your hit list to sort out the unwanted ones. It’ll help you to get enrolled in those emails only that are specifically converting the leads. You will also get the support of spam detection, So room remains for spammers. You’re also allowed to upload the emails in bulk, which makes your job done just within a while.

Key features:

Following are some of the key features which are being served by Millionverifier:

  • The user interface of the tool is pretty impressive and beginner-friendly.
  • The support of bulk email verification is available.
  • Check the domain so that to acquire the useful emails.
  • It automatically detects the spammy emails so that to maintain your workflow effectively.
  • The free trial is available, which is excellent for the beginners to get started with.

Pricing details:

Along with the free trial, the Millionverifier used to serve the paid plans to opt. The plans are divided explicitly into categories. Let’s say if you are willing to acquire the 50,000 email verification, then you’ll have to pay $59/ month for it. The pricing gets increased with an increase in the emails. 

Even you get an option to select the plan in custom mode, So do check out. 

5. MyEmailVerifier 


Last but not least, MyEmailVerifier is a great tool to access all of the emails going under your email. It will automatically detect it accordingly and throws it away, so even if you are just a beginner out there, it will be much easier for you to acquire their services. It’s because the user interface of the tool is pretty minimal.

We have been the long time user of MyEmailVerifier and concluded that it detects around 97℅ of accurate email addresses and verifies the bulk email addresses. The API integrations are available that can be used subsequently to manage the email pieces of stuff more efficiently. In case if you suffer through any of the spammy email addresses, make sure to check the MyEmailVerifier that’ll surely help you to get rid of that. 

Key features:

Following are the shortlisted vital features of a MyEmailVerifier:

  • The UI of the tool is quite simple and minimalistic. 
  • Even beginners can handle it like a pro.
  • Bulk verification is available.
  • 97℅ of accuracy on verifying the email addresses.
  • Customer support is much beneficial. 
  • Various integrations are available that you can acquire. 
  • The plans are affordable. 

Pricing details:

When it comes to the pricing, just like the other competitors out there, similarly, they used to serve the plans depending upon the number of emails you acquire. Let’s say if you’re just a beginner, you can acquire 500 email verifications for which you’ll have to pay $1.44/ month. It goes up to $1800/ month; accordingly, you can opt. 

Final Verdict

Email automation is a necessary process that you cannot ignore at any cost, so even if you’re just a beginner, you will always need to sort out the spam emails which are populating on your email list. ZeroBounce.net  is great to down there, but the accuracy is not that great, which makes you look upon the alternatives. 

Through this post, I have shared the top 5 best alternatives of ZeroBounce.net that genuinely serve you a great value and are much worthy as well. So do check them out to acquire their services. 

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