5 Best Alternatives to Zoom App for Video Conferences 2021

Zoom alternative

No doubt that zoom is one of the best video conferencing applications out there which allows you to get in touch with your colleagues, teammates, Employees, etc. It’s the fastest reliable application that provides you several features that makes your work from home task way easier. But few of the reports show that it is not that secure in terms of personal info which we provide.

Also, few drawbacks need to be resolved. If you’re the one who is looking for the best other Zoom App alternatives, nothing to worry much as here we’re going to discuss the top 5 best alternatives to Zoom App. We’ve shortlisted a few of the other apps which are kind of similar to the Zoom but are more reliable in terms of security and other aspects. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the Zoom App alternatives.

Best Alternatives to Zoom App

1. Skype Meet Now


Skype is identical to most of the people out there which is a great source of video conferencing, this is the kind of application that provides you the similar features as zoom but its advanced compared to the zoom. Since 2003 the Skype was the go-to platform for one on one conversation out there, thanks to its beta version which provides the meet now feature that has some of the great advantages like you can create your meeting through Skype website. There is no need to download the application and register on it.

This can be a great alternative source for you if you’re looking for the best video conferencing sources that allow you to record your voice and video in high quality. You just need to tap on the Meet Now button on the left side of the app which allows you to create the free video meeting without signing up. According to Skype, the number of participants may vary depending upon the platform and the device you use for the calling purpose. 

This is one of the best alternative options of the Zoom App in every aspect, even though you can have high definition video calls through it. 

Key Features

  • It can blur the background if you use the Skype application
  • It stores your recording for 30 days
  • You can share the presentation
  • No need to register on the Skype website

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2. Microsoft Teams


Microsoft is one of the renowned and the trusted brand which provides various software out there, here comes the alternative of Zoom i.e. Microsoft Teams comes with various features which attracts the user to get used to it. Firstly its minimalistic interface is so attractive and provides less but best features which are essential. It comes with messaging and video conferences which allows you to deal with the meeting you arrange accordingly. I highly recommend you to look upon the Microsoft Teams tool which performs way better than any other out there. 

It supports up to 250 participants which is a great thing if you are about to arrange a conference meeting from your home. You just need to get registered. Although it has all of the essential features out there such as screen sharing, recording meetings, and instant messaging. Apart from this you also get access to document sharing which is a positive advantage of the Microsoft teams. Apart from this Microsoft also has some of the plans which allow you to get access to its applications such a Microsoft Office application, 1 TB of OneDrive storage space where you can save your data. It’s one of the useful things which need to be added in the list of Microsoft Teams features. 

Microsoft provides you some of the other best features which you can use to enhance the user quality of the meetings and conferences. If you’re the one looking for the best and budget-friendly Zoom app alternative then you must have a look at the Microsoft Team. 

Key Features 

  • Pocket Friendly (Starts from just $5/month which is negligible)
  • Get access to other Microsoft services out there. 
  • Reliable and safe in terms of security and services.
  • User-friendly interface

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3. Google Meet


 Google is a great product from Google itself which is a great alternative to the Zoom app which consumes higher data put provides lower output. But here Google Meet gets you sorted with all those problems, as it consumes very few data and provides the best output to the users. Not only that here you can even start chatting with your teammates, as this is one of the most features which need to be added into the other conferencing applications out there. Google was inspired by other rivals like Facebook and zoom which allows the user to get in touch with each other.

Google also states that the use the services of Google Meet until September 30 (one can stay for no limit time). Later on, the same services will last just for an hour and later on, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium to conduct longer meetings. Also, there are few other additional features too which you can use to enhance your work enthusiasm. Google allows you to do video conferences at high-quality videos and audios, also you can store the meetings as per need to take benefit in the future.

Still without upgrading to its premium version Google allows you to get access to its most beneficial features like screen sharing, grid layout like Zoom, and lot more which you can use to make your meeting more enthusiastic. I think it’s one of the trusted and secured video conference alternative of Zoom which. Due to its easy to access user-friendly interface any of the beginners can use it accordingly. So make sure to have a look upon the Google Meet which is a great source to manage your meetings and conferences from home. 

Key Features

  • Secure
  • Latest features available like zoom

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4. Talky


Talky is one of the most useful alternatives for the Zoom app. Talky doesn’t even ask you for the registration, you just need to share the link of a video call with your teammates or friends to manage the meeting. It’s one of my favorite application which as some of the advances features which makes it good in terms of video calling. I’m quite used to Talky as I mostly use it to take the meetings which get my work done at no cost. Also, its screen sharing option helps to connect with others too.

If you’re looking for the alternative option of the Zoom application I would highly recommend you to get in touch with the Talky which is quite impressive in terms of security and various other aspects. Its interface makes you feel like a video call which is quite similar to Google’s Deo which is seamless with a decent interface. Its way is easier to get in touch with your teammates with the help of Talky. But the only drawback is that It only allows 6 people to get connects which holds it back. But then also I would like to recommend it because the quality of the call you get is insane.

If you’re the one wanted to get in touch with multiple colleagues once then I would highly recommend having a look at the Talky. It doesn’t even take a single penny from you to get connected which is a positive part of it. 

Key Features

  • Its way easier to set up
  • Allows up to 6 participants
  • No, any registration required to get connected with others

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5. Vidthere


Vidthere 100% browser-based platform which allows you to conducts team meetings, webinars, conferences through a video connection. Apart from this, you can also get in touch without even downloading applications (Its full browser-based system). Vidthere is one of my favorite Alternative sources for the Zoom app which makes the sense if you want a group video chat. Although there are several other options available some of the features make Vidthere different from them.

Though its fully browser-based platform it allows you the video chat at the highest resolution which gives you better video quality and sound quality which is a good thing. Although its main highlight is its free live stream option which is again an advantage of the Vidhere. 

You can get started with Vidthere for free but it only allows you the 3 participants and for more to be added you can always upgrade to its premium version which is also pocket friendly. For more information, I suggest you get started with its demo where you get access to necessary and various features.

Key Features

  • Browser-based platform
  • 24/7 user customer care services

So these are some of the alternatives for the Zoom app that helps you to get in touch with your colleagues and teammates without hanging you up. So do check them out.

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Though the Zoom app is one of the popular video conferencing source that allows you to get in touch with your teammates. All the mentioned above alternatives are the best in class undoubtedly so I recommend you to get used to them to get your work done. 

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