5 Best Web Analytics Tools Software For 2021

Best Web Analytics Tools Software For 2021

Web analytics is the process of analyzing how visitors on your side react. There are many methods by which web analytics can be done quickly. Web analytics is the term that is used for the process of gathering data relating to your website performance. Web analytics is designed to provide website owners information about the site’s visibility and what type of relation is between the site and its visitors. 

Why Use Web Analytics Tools?

Web analytics tools are designed in such a way that makes the website analysis easy. The purpose of the web analytics tool is to collect, organize, and present data about your website’s performance to you. 

This data is usually used for customer relationship management in many different ways. Web analytics will also allow you to discover how reasonable are your SCO efforts quickly. For instance, a useful web analytics tool will provide you data about how many viewers on your site have had a specific time period, whether every one of these visitors has seen your site before, or if there any presence of a new visitor. Using a web analytics tool, you will know where your site most of the audience from and which of the pages and products present on your side are the most in-demand. 

The main motive of using a web analytics tool is to make excessing data without going through all of your online sales records, finding out how many times a page has been shared, or getting the number of comments on each post. Moreover, web analytics will provide you with the data in a more accurate format than retrieving it manually. 

For instance, how often is it that you have shared every website page you have ever read? Most of the time, you have only shared a tiny percentage of web pages. It is also possible that you have commented on fewer pages than the actual number of pages you have shared. It’s more common for E-commerce sites than you have not bought every single item you have ever looked at.

This is why web analytics tools don’t only gather the data of shares and comments but also take a keen look at page views, locations, and sources from where the traffic is generated. This is important information as it helps you to which of the SCO tools you are using is best for you and why. 

Top 5 Best Web Analytics Tools

When it comes to analytics tools, people tend to go with google analytics, but Google Analytics has its own flaws, such as: 

  • Google Analytics tool doesn’t work if the visitor does not accept the cookies.
  • Google Analytics tool does not collect all the data if you have a large active site.

Google analytics tools have way too many flaws other than these and can provide you inaccurate data. It has many more spots and doesn’t provide accurate data of your site traffic, and can even get down for one to two days.

 So here are the 5 best analytics tools that are the competitors of google analytics.

Adobe Analytics


Adobe is the leading brand for application software like photoshop, Abode acrobat PDF reader, illustrator, and much other application software connected to the company name. Adobe Analytics is another excellent application software that Adobe creates. When using other analytics tools, the biggest problem that the users face is the managing of custom tags. This process can be complicated and often requires the users to alter the analytics code that exists to allow registered users to get a title. Using Adobe Analytics, you won’t have to do all of this stuff or hire a software expert to set up the dynamic tag management system.

Adobe Analytics also provides real-time data analytics, which is very important if you get some investors and advertisers. You will also get the users’ activity on social media, third-party data integration for your videos, and the users who are visiting your site by using a mobile phone. These, most of the time, are not included by google analytics. The use of a mobile browser is very high and is necessary for optimizing your site according to the users’ requirements visiting your site with the help of mobile.

Features of Adobe Analytics

Here are some features of the Adobe Analytics tool.

  • Session digital analytics
  • Entry and exit pages analysis
  • Tracking of custom events
  • Return
  • Engagement
  • Tracking of standard events
  • Audience retention
  • Conversions
  • Provides real-time reporting
  • Trending segmentation
  • Retroactive reporting
  • Provides custom reports and dashboards

Pricing of the Adobe Analytics 

While Adobe does not confirm Adobe Analytics, you have to contact Adobe customer care service to find the exact pricing adobe analytics tool. You can quickly expect to be around 5,000 $ per month range. While it is the tool that everyone wants to use, adobe analytics is targeted towards an enterprise solution.

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Angelfish Actual Metrics 


Angelfish is designed in such a way to provide you viewing and understanding of the statistics that how a user is interacting with your website easily. Angelfish also provides you with aggregated data within your network confines, providing full data security, making it a great alternative to google analytics. If your business also requires internal and external web-based applications, Angelfish analytics tools will provide you with information on these platforms’ user activity. This is the giant loophole in google analytics and will provide you with a correct understanding of how your platform works. 

Sometimes sites experience a high amount of traffic (spike in traffic), mostly when posting new content or shared social media platforms. Most of the web analytics tools do not work really well at this time of traffic spikes. Google Analytics is very popular for showing such a point and then showing no traffic for a day or even two days. Still, Angelfish provides accurate traffic data during this spike and provides you a feature that is only focused on these occurrences.

You will also provide data of hidden visitors by angelfish analytics tool that is a thing that googles analytics does not even try to provide you. You will also be able to find the track the click path of your visitors and find out the right backlinks and ads generating most of the traffics.


Here are some of the key features of angelfish:

  • Analytics of traffic spikes
  • Provides details of all the visitors
  • Nested segment
  • Mobile reports
  • Error and bandwidth
  • Hidden visitor traffic

Pricing of the Angelfish Web Analytics Tool 

The angelfish web analytics tool starts at 1295 $ a year for standard packages and 6,000$ for grand deal packages ideal. This tool is a cheaper alternative to adobe, an analytics tool.

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AT Internet Web Analytics Tools


If you find a web analytics tool that provides you easy access to view, analyze, and work on your data, an AT Internet Web analytics tool is the best fit according to your needs. The features provided by AT Internet analytics tool are data inside navigation, reports of traffic, sources of visitors by which the users have reached your website, what type of device they are using, and the geographic location there. You will also be able to find out how your site viewers are using rich media content. 

Your site performance and uptime are also keeping track of by AT web analytics tool; it also provides a complete breakdown of how your online marketing strategies are doing. AT Internet provides you with behavioral analysis that is well suited to your site and helps you define your targeted audience, and provides you marketing and content strategies accordingly.

While we are looking toward online marketing, email complaints are among the most popular online marketing methods. Google Analytics does not provide you the feature to track and analyze the site traffic initiated by these online marketing companies. Still, AT internets web analytics tool provides you with a feature that helps you keep track of these marketing strategies.

Features of AT Internet Analytics Tool 

Here are some key features of AT Internet:

  • Analysis of digital marketing companies
  • Site performance and uptime monitoring
  • Data on site navigation
  • Traffic reports
  • Sources of the visitors

Pricing of the AT Internet Analytics Tool

To get an accurate AT Internet Web analytics tool accurate price, you will have to contact AT Internet requesting Demo and finalize the price.

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AW Stats 


It is considering a great web analytics tool that is available online. AW Stats defines the users according to their browser type and the IP address of the user. This means that the only visitors that are real persons are counted, and boats like google boats are not included as a visitor. This is very important if you want a 100 percent up to the mark and real results in which website crawlers and other boats are not used, then AW Stats are incredible for you.

AWstats is a great Website analyzer tool. If you are looking for accurate data and information about your audience, which you are obviously trying to find, then Aw stats are the best tool you can use to get proper traffic data that doesn’t include bots.

Features of AWStats:

Here are Some of the key features of AWStats:

  • Analyzes HTTP log files
  • Analyzes FTP server
  • Analyze streaming media
  • User-friendly output
  • Provides accurate sources of traffic
  • The statistics page is updated daily.

Pricing of AWStats

AW Stats has not provided information just like the above you will have to reach out to the company to get the accurate pricing of the web tool. 

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The web developer describes it as a web counter. BBC loan is indeed a great alternative to google analytics, which is free. This web analytics tool is well suited for collecting in-depth data on the visitors on the site, providing an output with its operating system.

BBC Lone is a great free-to-use web analytics tool that provides almost the same features as the premium ones, and it is significant to set up and use as it is targeted to an audience that is not a technical expert.

Features of BBC Lone Web Analytics Tool

Here are Some of the Key Features of the BBC Web analytics tool:

  • Gathers in-depth data
  • Collects IP address
  • Tell the browser of users.
  • Exactly which pages audience vested
  • What search query they used
  • Who the users?
  • What the audience wanted
  • Interaction of audience to your site
  • Provides types of backlinks
  • Provides you focused keywords.

Pricing of BBC Lone:

As I have already mentioned above, the BBC Lone is a free-to-use web analytics tool. It is a great free alternative to google analytics, which provides many more options to use and provides the best results.

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In the end, all of the mentioned Web analytics tools is the best and targeted towards a wide range of audience for instance, if you can afford to pay more than you should try to buy adobe analytics tool and if you wanted a free replacement of google analytics than you can go with BBC Lone. You can easily find the best web analytics tool best suited for you and provide you the best value for your money. These are better than google analytics in many ways, while most of them are paid, and the BBC Lone is free to use.

Best Web Analytics Tools Software For 2021

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