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Interest-Explorer review

Do you ever get to know about Interest Explorer before?

You maybe have or have not. Well, if you don’t know about it’s, then not to worry about it, as we are going to cover–up the complete review of the “Interest Explorer” tool in-depth.

By the end of this review you will be going to know everything about Interest Explorer, include its advantage and disadvantages, and then by yourself you can formulate a better outcome of buying this software after reading this blog.

Currently, more and more marketers are running towards Facebook for browsing new sources of audiences these days. However, Facebook Ads has accumulated into one of the most extensive online advertisement programs in the world. 

Facebook is becoming the big hub of publicity on social media which indicates that Facebook Ads are satisfying more and more glamorous. Recently I got to know about Interest Explorer, which is the smartest Facebook marketing tool. 

Many Facebook advertisers are now using this tool, as it helps you to find out more interest on Facebook. So let’s dive into the review of Interest Explorer to get to know how internet explorer works, what are its benefits, its key features.

What is The Interest Explorer?

Interest Explorer is the world’s first most powerful and smartest interests cloud engine that targets your Facebook campaign more precisely. 

If you want to discovers the most beneficial interest on Facebook and you want a high conversation with super targeted visitors, you need Interest Explorer.

Now you might be thinking that there are similar tools like this, and maybe there are but let me tell you the difference between them and Interest Explorer.

For example, If you take a look at Insight Hero which is a useful tool, let’s say we do search for ‘Cat breed’ what you going to get from this result around 40 maximum, it’s going to be limited with core expression of core breed. 

But if I do the same search in with the help of Interest Explorer tool, you will be going to see that the result will be Real Interest Cloud, which is not going to be limited or it’s not going to be limited to the core interest and terminology and you going to get many more results. With this, you won’t be going to miss any fundamental interest which might be profitable for you.

Interest Explorer is a smart application to find out interests that you can target on Facebook since most of it is hidden in the Facebook Ads Manager which only shows around 25 interest suggestions for everyone.

 Apparently, this tool is wonderful to use in disclosing thousands of Facebook interests, even though it perfect for all levels of advertisers. It is best suited for small or big advertisements.

With this, you can do a ton of Interest targeting software whether you promote your local business, eCommerce, or consultancy agency. Using Interest Explorer provides give you with an idea of the same interest to the user without your opponents realizing it. Great, isn’t it?

Which problem does Interest Explorer solve?

Lately, realizing the Facebook interest targeting tool, we can detect the problem that Interest Explorer solves by utilizing Facebook’s API to disclose interests that are protected from maximum advertisers.

Why Facebook interest targeting tools are developed?

Interest Explorer

Because of the increasing competition in Facebook marketing, the ad cost is also increasing day by day. It’s all due to Facebook provides high features targeting abilities integrated with the vast scope to be proficient at lifting winning campaigns, it can’t ever be restored. 

The drawback of the increasing popularity as an eCommerce system is that Facebook had to make sure the interface can not be simulated. That’s why they’ve surrounded a lot of the particular rate of interests that you can target when creating new campaigns.

As you might have known that Facebook Ads Manager just shows just 25 interest recommendations at present. Then they disclose the exact similar 25 ideas to every individual, and every single one among a vast number of marketers gets the actual same interest suggestions. 

Although these 25 interests yet possess huge target markets which implies much more ad profits, but simultaneously with the increase of advertisers bidding, its cost also increases. 

Can you visualize that targeting these 25 interests will empower you the outstanding outcomes for your campaigns? Or do you assume that by targeting them you’ll get in the robust competition?

Advertising on Facebook is becoming a bit congested, ideal?

Today over More than 6 million advertisers are using this platform. And also with outstanding reason, due to the certainty that Facebook allowances highly features targeting abilities to integrated with the huge extent to be qualified to scale winning campaigns.

The downside of the increasing vogue as a marketing system is that Facebook had to build their interface dummy-proof. That’s why, in eternity, they’ve protected plenty of the certain rate of interests that you can target from the rate of interest point of view, that they reveal you when ascertaining new campaigns. Exactly how to use the Facebook Marketing API For Interest Explorer or reveal 1000’s of interests that are protected in the Facebook Advertisements Manager, without desiring to work with an editor. Although 99% of Facebook advertisers are targeting the actual same interest because they don’t realize that there are many more.

However, thus the Facebook Ads Manager suggests just 25 rates of interest suggestions to audiences. Do not operate these because you will endure the huge competition as well as large CPC’s. Although, we have brought you the best Marketing tool to target your interest audience, with the help of Facebook Advertising and marketing API to disclose all the interest pointers that Facebook Advertisements Manager control. However, that target will provide you with extra benefits than the regular advertiser.

What can you do with Interest Explorer?

With the help of Interest Explorer, you can discover the hidden interests, Fasten up your research, and optimize the workflow. Meanwhile, you will be an odd man out by using this Interest Explorer, and You can willingly take pleasure in the following specific advantage of this tool.

You can easily search for a hidden interest in a general topic. You can obtain the search bar for analyzing this topic. In only a second, this tool will manipulate the Facebook marketing API and reveal to you all the identical interests that you can target with ads.

 You can find out the super appropriate interest in terms of the size of the customer. Therefore you can use the search button to unlock another tab with a search on FB or Google.

 You may choose the best recommendation that you can target your audience. Simply copy the contents to the clipboard and keep it or send it out to a CSV file so you can download it for overdue use.

 Categorize and save the plan so you can proceed to add later. You possibly can build ongoing projects.

Although English is the extensive interest recommendations, you can furthermore pick the terminology that you like to localize.

You can analyze the statistic importance, as the Facebook ad manager, allows you to observe the campaign statistics.

What do you get from the purchase of Interest Explorer?

If you buy an Interest Explorer license, you will receive the following:

You will have authority over a thousand hidden Facebook Interests that your opponents cannot find without hours of research. It even means that using this software will protect you so much time.  You will see that the interests revealed did not appear in your mind.

Spend a lesser on the interests testing since the analytics tool provides you with unseen statistics in each interest even they are all piled in one ad set. Say goodbye to the guessing jobs that you have lately done. Of course, say goodbye to spending your fund on the split tests.

With the Chrome Extension that brings out the targetable interests, you will be apt to put the ideas on steroids. You don’t need to spend your time copy-pasting to conclude if the interest can become targeted since you can rapidly see it.

Another good thing about purchasing its license is receiving future updates, and you don’t have to spend more on this.

What is Checked on The Interest Explorer?

The career sectors evaluated on the Internet Explorer.

  • Pets and also Plants.
  • Arts.
  • Company Providers.
  • Computer Technology.
  • Client Services.
  • Educational and Social Solutions.
  • Engineering Innovation.
  • Legal Provider.
  • Management as well as Administration.
  • Mechanical as well as Craft Technology.
  • Medical Sciences.
  • Physical and also Life Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Safety Services.
  • Sales.

What are the Features Of Interest Explore?

1. Find hidden interests

Facebook ads manager proposes you only 25 interest recommendations and Facebook audience insights exhibit your interests that most eternally can’t be targeted with ads. Interest Explorer reveals you extra hidden interests that can easily be targeted.

It enables you to search for a hidden interest in a broad topic. However, you can use the search bar in examining this topic. This tool will utilize the Facebook marketing API and disclose to you the relevant interest that you can target with ads.

2.Speed up your research

You can find out the relevant interest search in terms of the extent of the customer. Then you can operate the search button to open another option with a search on Google search engine or Facebook. By utilizing this, you can save the time of manual research and pick interests you haven’t form before.

3.Optimize your workflow

When you possess such targeting interests, you can just copy-paste these directly into your Facebook campaigns. You can furthermore save interests to reusing in different projects or send out the interests to a downloadable CSV file.

Why is Interest Explorer the best?

If you see it everywhere, there are plenty of Facebook interest tools available in the market. In reality, I have looked at all of them and used plenty of it just to compare and difference all of them, and this is why I can finally say that Interest Explorer is yet the best.

Interest Explorer is combined with Facebook Marketing API that attaches with every suggestion. Unlike other identical software, however, this tool does not hoard interest data on its database. 

Meanwhile, they forever render a real-time application, which says that you will simply have entry to the private interests that you can target at a period. Facebook changes over the period, Interest Explorer varies in real-time. Unlike various software that display the aged interests which cannot be targeted further.

 Facebook does not enable everyone to utilize its Ads API because it relates straightly to the Ad accounts of the users. Although it is valuable to the creator, you must acquire permission and to get authorization, and you only have to seek clearance from Facebook after you deliver plenty of documents. 

Interest Explorer is merged with Facebook API. It is something that this tool can show off. After its creators plunged through the hoops, it was accepted.

Internet Explorer chrome an extension is hugely an outstanding tool that brings out the targetable interests. In reality, there is no other option solution for this but manual copy-pasting, and you can evade it via Interest Explorer.

Pricing and Plans of Interest Explorer?

The best stuff about Interest Explorer is that you can grab the advantage of the huge services at a small price. Interest Explorer keeps a less price as compared with an identical tool in the market, but you cannot dominate the incredible stuff that it can give you. Interest Explorer offers three for buying the service, I.e. Individual, Team, and Agency. Let’s find out its various plan and pricing.

1. Individual Plan

For the individual plan, it cost you just$99 for a lifetime, moreover, in this little cost you will be able to access all the unlimited features of individual plans such as Unlimited internet search, Unlimited saved projects, Unlimited CSV data exports, interest analytic and Chrome extension. The best thing about this plan is that all future update is involved and it has a 30-day free risk guarantee.

2. Team Plan

Yet another option is the Team plan at the cost of just $149 for a lifetime, However in this cost, you will be eligible to enrol all the unlimited features of Team plans such as Unlimited internet search, Unlimited saved projects, Unlimited CSV data exports, Unlimited Team Members, Interest analytic and Chrome extension. The most incredible thing about this plan is that all possibility updates are entailed, and it has a 30-day free risk guarantee.

3. Agency Plan

Agency Plan is the last choice at the cost of $199, which contains lifetime access. Though in this cost you will be capable of enrolling all the unlimited features of Agency plans such as Unlimited internet search, Unlimited saved projects, Unlimited CSV data exports, Unlimited Team Members, Includes 10 Client Accounts, Interest analytic and Chrome extension. The best thing about this plan is that all Future update is involved and it has a 30-day free risk guarantee.

What the advantages of using Interest Explorer?


1. Internet Explorer is merged with Facebook Marketing API.

Internet Explorer is merged with Facebook Marketing API that relates to every suggestion. Although this tool does not maintain interest data on its database, they make a real-time request, and that implies you will just have entry to the hidden interests that you can target at a period. Meanwhile, Facebook shifts over time, Interest Explorer modifies in a real-time.

2. Internet Explorer chrome extension

Internet Explorer Chrome extension is a tool that brings out the targetable interests. So you can simply utilize it to prevent manual topography.

3.Lifetime deal available

As the necessary costs are just $99 for particular and it’s a lifetime agreement. With this cost, you will be eligible to get internet search, fetched projects,  CSV data exports, and chrome extension. In this program, all forthcoming updates are comprised, and it possesses a 30-day risk-free guarantee. However, the price is $ 149 for the team and $ 199 for the company.

What the disadvantages of using Interest Explorer?

Interest Explorer

1.No category of interest list

Interest Explorer can get a relevant interest list by reviewing keywords, but this tool does not offer an interest list alone. This may problem the audience who expect to target customers by businesses or other sectors. 

2.No audience analysis function

Interest Explorer does not maintain an individual audience assessment procedure. After advertisers obtain search outcomes in search interest, Interest Explorer only reveals the digit of customers for each interest which can not benefit advertisers to analyze customers adequately and select the most relevant interest simultaneously.

3.No interest compare function

Interest Explorer does not include a free comparison technique of interest. And it will be a problem if advertisers are flinched about selecting interests among many picks. Advertisers only desire to pass into another interest keyword when they withdraw, and they will recognize a user comparison of the two interests. 

4. Not convenient for use

Interest Explorer has two means to utilize the web page and the chrome extension. You have to launch the chrome extension to operate when building a Facebook audience, and that is not useful for practice to some degree.

5. Not cost-effective

Interest Explorer does not cost-effective for those, who don’t wish to utilize it very always and the price is yet a little bit costlier for some customers.


In this in-depth Interest Explorer review, as I have put down approximately everything I understand about the tool. I believe it’s a genuine review highlighting it’s  Features, Uses, Plan and Pricing, Advantages and Disadvantages of this software. 

Well, now you have all the data, which tool is better applicable for you and make your own decision by recalling each point of interest Explorer with others. Although it’s will be more precise if you focus on transforming the ad campaign and stop spending your valuable time and money in search of the significant interest target audience.

It is best to go with the interest Explorer tool to help you achieve and find out the organic audience. Last but not least, interest Explorer allows you to Grab the lifetime license of your choice, and also if you like to upgrade it later then you just have to pay the difference of it.

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