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Kirim review

No doubt, when it’s about digital marketing, Email is “the King”. 

All type of business knows about the importance of email marketing. But did you know that 98.5% of consumers check their email on a regular basis.

As we can observe, there is plenty of email platform nowadays to fulfill the need of users, but I haven’t seen any of them can solve the most challenging problem of using email. 

In general, what I want to convey is our email will get into the spam box anyway. It’s getting much harder for promotional emails to drop in the customer’s inboxes because of more bold spam filters, and plenty of all email marketing can be costly if you’re not maintaining it suitably.

For looking out towards the cost and urgency of genuine and reasonable email marketing tool, I found out a new email platform that I think will lower all the other email services, I have utilized before to use this new one. is the email marketing tool that is serving for more than 5 years and has become the most prominent email marketing service in Indonesia. However, it will enable you to get better results with your email campaigns.

To find out more about it, please continue reading the rest of my Review. As below you will be going to get a more lucrative offer and feature by for its customers. So stay tuned with us for a while.

What is the Kirim Email Marketing Tool?

Kirim Email Marketing tool is a transparent and honest email marketing service. It was established in Indonesia, and the service is now available to many Asian markets. Presently, more than 18,000 firms have utilised Kirim.Email and found it incredibly useful.

It is the only email marketing services with built-in email verification & automatic list cleaner. Stop spending money for broken emails and created a relationship with actual people on your email list.

No doubt that Kirim.Email is a world-class web-based email marketing tool for creating your email list, automating work, improving engagement, verifying emails, sending endless emails based on the plan you select and much more.

Absolutely, KIRIM.EMAIL is created to broaden the scope of your business and also to give the best service to your customers. has Improved Deliverability, High open prate and High click rate cloud-based email marketing service, no SMTP required, nothing much to install no much stress, only send email campaign and they will take care of the rest of the things. Review – How Do You Use?

Unlimited Emails & High Converting Email In Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: First of all begin with Importing all Contacts 

However, you can simply import the contacts as well as validate emails to verify whether the email is active or not. Although you don’t have to pay for inactive emails, simultaneously you don’t even have to pay any extra fees for email validation.  

Moreover, you can just import and verify emails through Google Sheets immediately, without the necessity for third-party apps.

Step 2: Choose the Email Templates and Modify

Select dozens of high converting templates that we allow you. Improve the content in minutes depending upon your requirements. You don’t have to design an email from the starting because they already give you delightful template designs that are ready to use.

Step 3: Send Unlimited Email Campaign

Only select the list that you acquire or utilise tags to deliver it just to people with specific behaviors. Everyone who didn’t saw your email before is automatically tagged, and you can again send the email to those people with one click.

Who Should Use Kirim.Email Marketing Tool? can benefit anyone that is in search of creating and maintaining email subscriber list including

  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Influencer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Website Owner
  • eCommerce Website Owner
  • Freelancers
  • Local Business Owner
  • Online Business Owner

Features of Kirim Email Marketing Tools

  1. Built-in Email Validation: You do not want to hire additional email verification or guarantee service. Kirim possesses built-in email validation and automatic list clearer at no different price.
  2. Zombie Email Filter: It automatically eliminates bot, duplicates, spam, catches, inactive, invalid and bounced emails, to assure that actual people read your emails.
  3. Drag and Drop Editing: You can build professional-looking emails using an easy drag and drop editing option or choose from dozens of ready-to-use templates.
  4. Magic Opt-in: Reduce your subscriber’s job by avoiding email verification manually. Kirim automatically verifies subscribers once they click on the lead magnet.
  5. Google Sheet Integration: Drive email marketing campaign without any stress of third party integration. Kirim allows you sync subscribers to Google Sheets without any add-ons.
  6. Landing Page Building: Build a landing page even if you do not acquire a website or a blog. With the drag and drop option, you can earn new subscribers within minutes.
  7. Viral Forms & Viral Campaign: Building viral forms and viral campaigns were never this simples. Use your live audience to share your good task and campaigns on their social platforms.
  8. Email Automation: Let’s you automate the email marketing campaign process depend on the subscriber’s past behavior so that your email gets to the right people at the right time.
  9. Geo-Locations: Mark, your audience, depending on their location and time zone. Build an audience segment based on country, city, state, and more.
  10. Customer Support: Get all the assistance you need at ease. Get outstanding and quick customer service available via email and chat.

For sure, there are many more features available which you will see as you begin with using this best email marketing tool for your business.

How does it work?

KIRIM.EMAIL Reviews and Pricing - 2020

For sure, I can explain the working of this tool because I have personally experienced this for my business. So you will get an honest review from the person who has already used this product.

1. Dashboard 

In the dashboard of the you going to several panels on it. Let’s see what they are and what’s their functions.

On the top left panel, we have a few main features that are; broadcasts, autoresponders, automation, lists and forms.

One of the best things that I like about KIRIM.EMAIL that is it allows you to resend the email for that every unopened mail. This is a feature that automatically marks for the subscriber who hasn’t opened the previous email campaign, and then you can again send email to them such subscribers.

I am sure each of us has used multiple email platforms, so utilising email has become common. KIRIM.EMAIL is an optimal email platform and extremely simple to use, so for now, I will just go through the fantastic features of KIRIM.EMAIL.

So let’s begin with how to add new subscribers to our email list.

2. List

In this email list feature, you will be getting two types of list, I.e. Manage List and Inactive Subscribe to list. Let’s see in-depth about these two lists.

3. Manage lists

In this “List” tab, you just have to open “New list” to create a new one. Then add your list’s internal name and public name as well. Similarly, it will let the “email confirmation template” as the main template and tap on to “Submit”.

After submitting that now just click on the “Subscribers” button next to our list to add new subscribers as below. As moving ahead next tap on to the “Import subscribers” as below to go further.

KIRIM.EMAIL helps you to receive your contact list from Google Sheet or some different services such as Zapier, Facebook and many more or if you don’t wish to merge with anything then hardly click on “Continue importing contacts” as above.

And now you will have two ways to receive your contacts, I.e. copy-paste manually or upload a file from your PC. With the copy-paste manner, you can only add the contacts based on the example, which involves contact name and their email address, then select the list that you have hardly created.

If you have a contact file, then you can upload them straight from your PC. When you are done, now just tap onto the “Submit button”, and you have successfully added our new list.

4. Inactive subscriber

It’s quite a headache of getting into spam or bounced back. With the help of, you can simply get rid of your bounced emails, spam traps, and inactive emails from here which haven’t been done by any email platform before. 

Therefore you have an excellent opportunity to increase your list quality and get an additional responsive list and excellent email deliverability.

5. Forms

KIRIM.EMAIL built-in viral form will encourage you to build a viral campaign and similarly viral contest. Let me tell you how to engage new subscribers.

Into this “Forms” section just tap on “new form” to build a new one. From here, you only have to name your form, select the list you like then you will contain 2 options, I.e. create a form or create a landing page.  Let’s see how to create a landing page by clicking on it.

First of all, you need to put in a title and description for your new landing page, select which opt-in type you wish from 3 available opt-in alternatives as given in this Form section. When you are done with this just tap into “Done” to go to the landing page builder interface.

You can simply customize the landing page voluntarily with drag-and-drop features. Or KIRIM.EMAIL makes it easy for you to select from the available templates that available to use, so you don’t have to build a landing page from scratch. Just tap onto the “templates” then select one as per your want.

Just select dozens of high converting templates that are given. Improve the content in minutes depends on your wants.

6. Broadcasts

Well for sending email to your subscribers, just tap onto the  “Broadcasts” section. Then tap onto the “New broadcast”, and then you will have few following things.

Step 1: Recipients

Just add the sender and receiver data and then tap onto the “Next” to move on.

Step 2: Content

You just need to add the email subject then type your email content in the empty box with the support of “markdown supported email editor”, or you can simply tap onto the “email builder” as above to create a visually appealing email.

You can even add Drag and drop email builder which arrives with dozens of high converting email templates. After doing that just tap onto the “Publish” button.

Through here, you can put the time for KIRIM.EMAIL to mail your email. Allow the track open and track click button as well to give a piece of better knowledge about your email campaign performance.

7. Automation

Built-in email automation assists you to send an email campaign depending on your subscriber’s past attitude. Tap on “new automation” as above to move further.

If you wrote the mail and you forgot to deliver it, no problem just it should be fixed, and then it will automatically get delivered to the right person at the right time:


  • Improved Deliverability & Responsiveness
  • Built-in with email verification & automatic list cleaner
  • High Open Rate and High Click Rate
  • Cloud-Based Email Marketing Service: No SMTP Required, Nothing to Install
  • Drag and drop email builder with dozens of significant converting email templates
  • Drag and Drop Landing page builder with a custom domain
  • Beginner Friendly Email Autoresponder


  • No significant cons until now.

Get what you pay for

Every time when there’s a new email subscriber enroll into your email list, begun to run a background check with everything that it can about that email, to make it clear that there are actual people behind it.

If somehow, your subscribers stop recognising your email for months, they will automatically be eliminated, so that you didn’t need to pay for those inactive email addresses that didn’t wish to do business with you but didn’t unsubscribe either.

These consecutive checks are running in the background. You don’t need to maintain your email list again, and you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Get 100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. However, if for any issues you are not pleased with our product or service, simply within 30 days of your buying you will be get refunded 100% of your money, with no questions asked. Pricing

For purchasing the, there you will get only one plan for obtaining the product. However, you don’t have to worry about choosing from plenty of plans, as they only have one plan, I.e. Flat Email Credit. Let’s see what you get into this plan.

Flat Email Credit

In this plan, you can get up to 35,000 Email Credit on Your Account. For obtaining this plan, you will get at only $35. However, if your business is big and wants to have additional Email Credit, though you can simply pay for it additionally. 

  • Send UNLIMITED Emails to Your Contacts
  • Free Landing Page Builder with Custom Domain
  • Regular Update Landing Page Templates
  • Run Viral Campaign & Viral Contest Made Easier
  • Telegram Channel Integration to Reach Your Customer on Telegram
  • Setup Giveaways, Sweepstakes, and Product Launches In Minutes
  • 100% Completely Free Viral Form Features with No Hidden Cost

Is it worth buying?

After buying this product, do not need 2-3 people to run ads and manage your digital marketing. You can just hire one person and utilise proper integrated tools or apps to support the job.

It is like you merge Email Marketing with Facebook Ads or merging Email Marketing with Landing Page Builder. Even though merging the KIRIM.EMAIL with thousand premium apps with Zapier.

For sure, in business, speed matters a lot, as plenty of big business owners say that the speed of your effort specifies the growth of your business. Well, no doubt if you can move quicker than your competitor, then for sure they will never catch you up.

Everything is getting faster, and that’s what provides you to help your business grow faster.

Final Verdict

If you wish to get your business reaches to your actual customers, then I would say that this is going to be one of your best investments this year for sure. 

Although it’s because the price can rise surprisingly, do not hesitate to buy and enjoy this software. I feel that more wonderful things are waiting for you ahead.

So this was all about my KIRIM.EMAIL review though if you still have any queries or doubt regarding this post, you can ask us in the comment section below we will be happy to help you out.

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